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The 16th Guangzhou Annual Expo 2021
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/01/23 - 02/07 (Sat To Sun Total 16 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou · Guangdong Guangzhou Pauli World Trade Expo ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Guangdong Federation of Commerce
Organizer:Guangdong Bohao Exhibition Development Co., Ltd.
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Guangzhou Annual Merchandise Fair is a large-scale consumer exhibition sponsored by Guangdong Commercial Federation. After 15 successful sessions, it has become a large-scale annual merchandise shopping festival in Guangzhou, and has been highly recognized and supported by relevant departments at all levels, enterprises and businessmen, and the general public. The super-high popularity and delightful trading volume on the spot have continuously expanded the influence and reputation of Guangzhou Annual Merchandise Fair. Big. The 16th Guangzhou Annual Goods Fair will be held from January 23 to February 7, 2021 at Pazhou Pauli World Trade Expo Hall. The purpose of this annual Goods Fair is to expand domestic demand, promote consumption and benefit people's livelihood. It will provide more enterprises with channels for product promotion and sales, and also provide a convenient, affordable and rich shopping platform for consumers. We sincerely invite major enterprises and businesses to join us!

Highlights of the Exhibition
1. With the successful holding of Guangzhou Annual Goods every year, it has attracted businessmen from Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, India and other countries to participate in the exhibition. More Ali New Year's Festival, Guangzhou Restaurant, Guangzhou Brewery, Shoutao, Natural School, Fujin New Year's Goods, EDO, Golden Crown, Maotai, Gardobao, Judith, Sunflower, Macao Yonghui, Blue Moon, Shi Le's, Le Jier, and other brands are joining us.
2. The exhibition includes: Southeast Asia exhibition area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition area, old-fashioned exhibition area, Guangdong famous goods annual exhibition area, household appliances exhibition area, baby products exhibition area, etc. The rich product types and one-stop purchase platform not only meet the sales needs of more enterprises, but also attract more consumers to shop.
3. In order to promote the exchange and cooperation between Guangdong and Qinghai provinces, and to increase the sales of agricultural products in mountainous areas of Guangdong Province, the Qinghai Commercial Department and the Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Office, as the support units of the 13th Guangzhou Annual Trade Fair, invited more than 40 enterprises of agricultural and sideline products from Qinghai and Guangdong to participate in the exhibition, forming a special product exhibition area, so that consumers can purchase Heyuan from Guangdong at the Guangzhou Annual Trade Fair. Agricultural households in Meizhou, Qingyuan, Jieyang and Yangjiang can also buy authentic Qinghai specialty products.
4. Convenient transportation: fourteen bus lines pass through the exhibition hall and the CD exit of Pazhou Station of Metro arrives immediately.


Special annual products: various local specialties, imported food, special food, leisure food, nutritional and health food, drinks, meat products, grain and oil, seafood, agricultural products, etc.
Gift box: nutrients, health care products, meat products, dairy products, tobacco and alcohol, local specialties, household necessities, etc.
Drinks: all kinds of middle and high-grade wine, liquor, beer, yellow wine, health wine, health drink, carbonated drink, lactic acid bacteria drink, coffee, tea, tea sets, etc.
Food: Green food, cereal and oil food, health food, meat and poultry food, baked food, seafood, aquatic products, condiments, dairy products, candy, dried fruits, local products, agricultural products, etc.
Household daily use: craft gifts, Festival supplies, household goods, jewelry, small household appliances, kitchen appliances, entertainment and leisure supplies, etc.
Infant and child articles: intellectual toys, child lathes, baby clothing, school supplies, nutritional supplies, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer before the exhibition.


  • Telephone:020-66830276
  • Fax:020-66830278
  • Address:Fuli Yingzun Plaza A1-3301, 28 Machang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


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