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Hainan New Year Shopping Festival 2021 (Hainan New Year Shopping Fair 2021)
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Time: 2021/01/22 - 01/26 (Fri To Tues Total 5 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Hainan Haikou Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHainanHaikou 258 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province
Sponsor:Haikou Business Bureau
Organizer:Hainan Gonghao International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.
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The Hainan New Year Shopping Festival 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the Hainan New Year Shopping Fair) was held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 22 to 26, 2021, in order to further implement the strategic plan of the central government on expanding domestic demand, promoting consumption and benefiting people's livelihood. The purpose of the fair is to meet the needs of Hainan local residents, migratory birds and other people around the construction of the Consumption Center of the International Tourism Island. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the consumer demand caters to the theme of the New Year, purchasing New Year's goods, family reunion and celebrating the New Year. At the same time, combined with the consumption characteristics of local customs and New Year culture, we strive to make it a necessary shopping place for the majority of citizens to buy New Year's Goods.

The theme of Hainan New Year's Shopping Festival 2021 is "stimulating consumption, promoting production and marketing, serving people's livelihood and helping people out of poverty", to meet the consumption needs of citizens and tourists in the New Year.

Based on the operation mode and experience of the first exhibition, this exhibition adheres to the concept of stimulating consumption and benefiting people's livelihood, focuses on two major areas of consumption and livelihood, strengthens cooperation with relevant institutions, gathers all exhibition forces, and strives to make the 2021 Hainan New Year's Shopping Festival the first large-scale shopping platform and festival activities in Hainan.

The Hainan New Year Shopping Festival is expected to exhibit an area of 20,000 square meters, divided into five major exhibition areas: international commodity exhibition area, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exhibition area, provincial and municipal exhibition area, Hainan city and county exhibition area, Festival gift exhibition area.


International commodity exhibition area: imported commodities such as various kinds of food, cosmetics, clothing, household goods, crafts, decorations, health care appliances, etc.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Exhibition Zone: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan's special food and drink, accompanying gifts, cultural products, handicrafts, daily consumer goods, etc.

Provinces, municipalities and Exhibition areas: pollution-free, green food, organic food, pure natural food, famous and excellent specialties, candy, various local specialties, special food, leisure food, nutritional food, health food, various baby products, grain, oil food, condiments, clothing, etc.

Hainan cities and counties exhibition area: Hainan local cities and counties characteristic food, poverty alleviation products, agricultural by-products, fresh, fruits, local products, etc.

Festival gift exhibition area: gifts, artworks, ornaments, root carvings, flowers, spring couplets, window flowers, calendar, New Year pictures and other festival supplies.

Costs & Precautions

Economic booth 6 square meters, single opening 5200 yuan, double opening 5800 yuan
Standard booth 9 square meters, single opening 6800 yuan, double opening 7800 yuan


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