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2021 21st Chengdu Construction Expo & Garden and Landscape Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/04/15 - 04/17 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Sichuan and Chengdu Western International Expo Center ChinaSichuanChengdu No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Sponsor:Informa markets China Building Material Circulation Association Sichuan Forestry Industry Federation
Organizer:Yingfuman Tianyi Exhibition (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
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CCBD Industry Chain: Sharing International Platform and Developing Midwest Market
With more and more attention paid to human settlements in all walks of life, the importance of gardens and landscapes has become an important part of cities and communities in the field of architecture. Natural harmony and human health are the core themes of landscape design. As the representative central city and the most livable city in Western China, Chengdu integrates the splendid elements of ancient Shu culture and modern art in the design and construction of gardens and landscapes. With the continuous implementation of the grand blueprint of Chengdu's construction of a national "pastoral city", a new upsurge of urban landscape and landscaping construction will surely come. The "2020 World Forum on the Scientific Development of Human Settlements Environment (Chengdu) held at the same time as the"Chengdu Construction Expo and Landscape Garden Exhibition 2020"will set up a vane for the better development of the industry by advocating new concepts in urban human settlements environment construction, architectural landscape and landscape design in the future.
Chengdu Construction Fair/CCBD was founded in 2004. After 19 sessions of steady development, its scale has leaped to the top three of similar exhibitions in China and the first in the central and Western regions. It is the Chengdu Brand Exhibition that Chengdu Expo Bureau and Chengdu Economic and Information Office focus on.
Chengdu Construction Expo is dedicated to the display layout of "whole industry chain" products in the large construction industry, and strives to provide complete solutions for the residential construction industry.
Professional exhibition hosting background resources, Informa Markets Tianyi Exhibition (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Informa Markets Informa Markets (Informa Group and UBM Group) and is committed to building the world's leading B2B information service group, as well as the world's largest business exhibition organizer.

Review of 2020.CCBD
The 20th Chengdu Construction Expo has an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters and 1510 exhibiting enterprises. During the same period, 25 forums on different themes and industries were held, with 102,321 professional visitors.
2020. CCBD - Audience
Total audiences: 102,321, the number of professional audiences increased by 52% compared with 19 years.

Value of 2021. CCBD Exhibition
Creating an "opening door to the West and south" is a science and technology, business and trade, financial center and transportation and communication hub in the southwest region determined by the State Council.
Traffic environment: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport has become the only passenger and cargo port in the central and Western regions, with annual inbound and outbound traffic exceeding 5 million. The number of Banquets in Central Europe has exceeded 1000. With the opening of Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway, Xicheng Special Line and Chongqing-Guizhou Railway, the time from Chengdu to Xi'an and Guiyang has been reduced to 3.5 hours and from Kunming to 6.5 hours.
Chengdu Planning and Construction Projects: Tianfu New Area Construction, Tianfu International Airport, International Airport New Town Construction, Free Trade Pilot Area Construction, North Reform Promotion, Old City Reconstruction, Park City, Metro Construction, Urban and Rural Construction, etc.
City Brand: Chengdu builds the city brand of "Three Cities and Three Capitals" to enhance the ability of city cultural communication and global communication. Three cities: world cultural city, world tourist city and world competition city; three cities: international food city, International Music City and international exhibition city.

Core Buyers Promote Cooperative Competitiveness
Starting from the 19th Chengdu Construction Expo in 2019, a new "CCBD Business Matching Fair" was launched. After learning about exhibitors'exhibition products and promotion needs, 8,000 high-quality buyers, real estate companies, decoration engineering companies and distributors in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces and municipalities had one-to-one invitations. The exhibition site was directly connected with the corresponding exhibitors. The 20th Chengdu Construction Expo in 2020 will launch CCBD Precision Matching Fair in a more comprehensive and in-depth manner on the exhibition site.
Call Center Improves Visitor Attendance Rate
The call center team with more than 50 fixed seats will invite professional buyers in 800,000 + databases accumulated over the past 20 years by telephone one-to-one.
Promoting the Market and Promoting the Infiltration of Exhibitions
More than 100 market promotion teams aimed at businesses in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, municipalities, districts and counties, adopted carpet-style promotion of the Chengdu Construction Expo, invited businessmen to visit the Expo, and made every effort to strengthen the industry penetration of the Chengdu Construction Expo.
Professional Groups Promote Speciality of Audiences
In the course of more than ten years'development of the Chengdu Construction Expo, we have formed partnerships with the professional markets of Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, municipalities, districts and counties, as well as more than 150 trade associations/chambers of Commerce and media units. Joint invitation to organize business and member organizations to visit the meeting.
Maximizing the coverage of in-depth promotion and propaganda
The 2021 Chengdu Construction Expo will use more new media and new forms of in-depth propaganda besides traditional propaganda channels, such as online, offline and professional audience interaction, to ensure the presence quality of professional buyers, and achieve win-win trade cooperation and brand promotion for exhibitors.
Promotion of Exhibition News: Direct Mail, Short Message, Mail, Exhibitor Customized H5

Promotion of New Media Platform: Weixin Subscription Number, Service Number, Weibo, LBS Precision Delivery (AD7), DSP Big Data Precision Delivery (Dual-End Delivery), Baidu SEM, 360SEM, Baidu, Ali, Tencent Network Alliance Precision Advertising Delivery
Media Communication: 500 + Industry Network Media Cooperation, 100 + Industry Professional Journals, 300 + Professional Public Media, 20 + Popular Newspapers and Television Stations
Industry media: China Garden Magazine, China Flower and Tree Network, China Garden Network, Landscape Gateway Network, Landscape Design Network, Landscape Garden Network, Landscape Engineering Network, China Landscape Garden Network, China Garden Network, etc.
Mass media propaganda: such as Sichuan Santai, Sichuan Sitai, Chengdu Yitai, Chengdu Santai, Chengdu Wutai, Sichuan Satellite TV, Chengdu Daily, Chengdu Business Daily, Chengdu Evening News, Sina, China Net, Sohu News, West China Metropolitan Network, Sichuan Economic Daily, Cover News, Sichuan News Network, Tencent, Today's Headlines, Netease News and other provincial and municipal TV stations. Advertising cooperation and exhibition news coverage.
Outdoor advertising: Outdoor advertising in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces and cities.

Excellent Forum Events of the Last Session
Grand Award Presentation Ceremony and Summit Forum of the 2020 Jingkuipeng International Design Competition
One-to-one Business Docking Meeting of Chengdu Construction Expo 2020
2020 Docking Meeting of Building Supply and Mining in Western China
2020 World Forum on Scientific Development of Human Settlements Environment and the 10th Academic Sharing Meeting of Aijing Award
Aijing Award: Works Exhibition of International Landscape Planning and Design Conference
2020 Second Summit Forum on New Materials and New Technologies for Energy Conservation of Green Buildings in Western China
2020 First Summit Forum of Existing Building Renovation and Urban Renewal in Western China


Planning and Design
General Urban Planning, Urban Greenway Construction, Urban Sculpture, Landscape Planning and Design, Tourism Development Planning and Design, Public Art Planning, Flower Border, Three-dimensional Greening, Roof Garden and Courtyard Design, etc.
Material and Matching
1. Structure and Materials
Bamboo Structural Material, Wood Structural Material, Metal Structural Material, Plastic, Wood-Plastic Mixed Material
2. Garden sketches and furnishings
Sculptures, public works of art, urban furniture, pavilions, bridges, chairs, corridors, greenhouses and sunshine houses, water fountains, rockeries, bonsai seedlings and flowers, etc.
3. Outdoor Landscape Lighting Products and Technology
Landscape Lighting Control System, Street Lighting, Grassland Lighting, Underwater Lighting, Horticultural Lighting Products, Art Lighting Exhibition, etc.
4. Outdoor Paving Material and Technology
Decorative floor tiles, artificial lawns, outdoor carpets, rubber runways, court coatings, splicing sports floors, cement-based self-leveling, epoxy floors, embossing art floors, floor paints, various tiles, natural stone and waste materials.
5. Urban outdoor furniture
Information facilities (guide signs, telephone booths, mailboxes), sanitary facilities (public toilets, garbage cans, water dispensers), safety facilities (railings, alarm systems), entertainment services (seating equipment, tables, amusement equipment, kiosks), transportation facilities (bus stops, car shed)
6. Horticultural Construction Products and Technology
Landscape machinery, tree maintenance, landscape greenhouse construction, horticultural tools, horticultural decoration, horticultural maintenance, horticultural seedlings, irrigation and drainage, forest protection, landscape water treatment technology and equipment, small-scale construction technology, shading system, roof greening, planting roof structure housing construction technology, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Booth price
Booth Category, Price (Yuan) Booth Configuration
9…Standard booth 9000 yuan per booth, one table, two chairs, two lintel boards, two exhibition boards (single opening booth, three sides), two spotlights and (220V/500W) power outlets.
Open space booth ¥900/ ԩ. Without any facilities, special installation management fee and electricity fee (36 square meters starting rent) should be paid by oneself.
Note: Other advertising space and price information are requested separately.
the measure of area150000 square meters


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