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2021 China (Chengdu) Smart Home and Smart Building Exhibition
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/04/15 - 04/17 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Sichuan and Chengdu Western International Expo Center ChinaSichuanChengdu No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Sponsor:Informa markets, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Minerals and Chemicals, China Construction Material Circulation Association
Organizer:Yingfuman Tianyi Exhibition (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer:Sichuan Lock Industry Association Sichuan Forestry Industry Federation Sichuan Interior Decoration Association Sichuan Construction Waterproof Association Sichuan Construction Industry Chamber Chengdu...
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China (Chengdu) Building and Decoration Material Exposition and Smart Home Smart Building Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Chengdu Construction Exposition/CCBD) was founded in 2004, after 20 years of steady development, the scale has leaped to the top three of the same kind of exhibition in the country, the first in the central and Western regions. Chengdu Expo Bureau and Chengdu Bureau of Economy and Informatization focus on building Chengdu Brand Exhibition. In November 2019, Chengdu Construction Expo formally passed the international UFI certification and joined the ranks of international brand exhibitions.
Professional exhibition hosting background resources, Informa Marks Informa Furman Exhibition Group, is committed to building the world's leading B2B information service group, is the world's largest commercial exhibition hosting agency. More than 500 professional exhibitions are held around the world every year. In 2021, Informan Group will integrate the international superior resources and the resources of the group's building materials and household exhibition projects to strongly support the Chengdu Construction Expo. It will further promote the internationalization, branding and specialization of Chengdu Construction Expo, and provide a more comprehensive business platform for the most dynamic and potential building materials market in China.

Why did you participate in the exhibition?
Accumulation of 21 sessions, exhibition area of 15,000 square meters. The B2B trade exhibition in the large-scale residential construction and installation industry in the central and western regions has the largest scale, the most complete exhibits and the most new products.
The Pavilion exhibits its thematic products in a centralized manner, with 1600 + exhibitors, bringing together innovative technologies and high-end brand enterprises, and conducting business and industry exchanges in an efficient and orderly manner.
Professional team carefully select quality audience, call center, market promotion, professional group, core buyer team, escort the exhibition effect.
Audience groups gather high-quality purchasing partners such as smart home and smart building industry manufacturers and distributors, real estate developers, decoration companies, design institutes, engineering companies, Hotel bulk purchasers, hardcover house engineers, building materials markets, chain stores, e-commerce platforms and so on.
The 30 + Summit Forum feast gathers industry information, advanced design concepts and brand new products.
Super-strong media integration of publicity channels, 920 + industry media, mass media coverage, more than 50 similar exhibitions every year, comprehensive coverage and promotion. And in-depth cooperation with the industry media Jiuzheng Building Material Network and the building materials business community, to jointly promote the exhibition publicity and precise invitation of buyers.
Through online and offline continuous promotion and propaganda, professional market wall advertisement, gate advertisement, subway advertisement, TV advertisement, etc., and more new media and new forms of in-depth propaganda, exhibition advertisement can expose the exhibition, give the exhibitors the ability, and realize win-win situation of trade cooperation and brand promotion.
Supported by authoritative institutions, more than 180 large residential and construction industry associations work together to share the industry business platform.
Professional exhibition hosting background resources Informa markets international exhibitor resources and the group's building materials and household exhibition project audience resources to promote the internationalization, branding, professional development of Chengdu Construction Expo.
Chengdu has been ranked first in the new front-line cities for many years, and is also one of the core economic circles of Chengdu and Chongqing. With the support of the state's encouragement to expand domestic demand and promote the development of the western region, Chengdu has further promoted the sustained boom of the real estate industry in the western region, represented by Chengdu, and ushered in tremendous development space for the development of the residential construction and fittings industry.

Review of 2020.CCBD
The 20th Chengdu Construction Expo has an exhibition area of 120,000 square meters and 1510 exhibiting enterprises. During the same period, 25 forums on different themes and industries were held, with 102,321 professional visitors.
2020. CCBD - Audience
Total audiences: 102,321, the number of professional audiences increased by 52% compared with 19 years.
2020. CCBD - Exhibitor
Exhibitor size: exhibition area 120,000 square meters, 1510 exhibitors, an increase of 9% over 19 years.
2020. CCBD - On-site Forum Activities, This Exhibition has 25 Forum Activities
Grand Award Presentation Ceremony and Summit Forum of the 2020 Jingkuipeng International Design Competition
Exhibition of Excellent Works in the 2020 Jingkuipeng International Design Competition
2020 Interior Design Innovation into Multi-Forum
One-to-one Business Docking Meeting of Chengdu Construction Expo 2020
2020 Docking Meeting of Building Supply and Mining in Western China
2020 World Forum on Scientific Development of Human Settlements Environment and the 10th Academic Sharing Meeting of Aijing Award
2020 Aijing Award: Works Exhibition of International Landscape Planning and Design Conference
2020 West Intelligent Home Channel Innovation Forum
2020 Second Summit Forum on New Materials and New Technologies for Energy Conservation of Green Buildings in Western China
2020 First Summit Forum of Existing Building Renovation and Urban Renewal in Western China
Summit Forum on the Development of Architectural Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Industry in Sichuan Province in 2020
Waterproof Industry Summit Forum 2020
2020 China's Home Building Material Industry: Digital Live Marketing Upgrading Summit Forum
White Cement Summit in West China in 2020
2020 China (West) Talent-driven and Digital Economy Industry Revitalization Forum
Trend Analysis of Intelligent Electric Industry in 2020 and Hanjia System Press Conference
2020 West China Stainless Steel Products Application Forum
Sichuan Lock Industry Development Congress 2020 and "Universal Artisans Alliance" Profit Model Conference


Intelligent lock: password lock, fingerprint lock, face recognition lock, iris recognition lock, finger vein intelligent lock, electronic lock, induction lock, remote control lock, etc.
Clothes drying system: intelligent clothes drying system and single products, electric clothes drying machine, hand and floor drying machine, balcony appliances and household products, household ladder, motor and electric solutions, related accessories and software products, etc.
Intelligent bathroom: Intelligent toilet, toilet cover, projection shower, smart bathroom mirror, smart shower room, integral bathroom and hardware, etc.
Smart Ecosystem: Smart Home System, Platform and Hardware, Smart Switch and Electrical Products, Smart Central Control System and Photoelectric System, Home Air Purification and Fresh Air Equipment, Smart Audio and Home Video System, Home Intelligent Monitoring Equipment, etc.
Intelligent Building: Intelligent Monitoring Equipment, Access Control Interphone System, Intelligent Electrical Appliances, Intelligent Community, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Booth Category

Price (yuan)

Booth allocation

9m2Standard booth


One desk, two chairs, two lintel boards, two exhibition boards (three sides of a single opening booth), two spotlights,(220V/500W)Power supply socket.

Open space booth


Without any facilities, special management fees and electricity charges should be paid by oneself.36Start renting from square meters.

Note: Other advertising space and price information are requested separately.

the measure of area150000 square meters


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