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2021 Seventh China International Aromatic Industry Exhibition
Industry: Jewellery / Jewelry / Beauty
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/04/09 - 04/11 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai Putuo District Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center ChinaShanghaiPutuo District No. 35 Jiangjiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Yihe Yongbang (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Organizer:Yihe Yongbang (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd.
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According to the latest research report of Market Research Future (MRFR), it is expected that the global essential oil market will grow at a compound annual rate of 7.5% in the forecast period from 2019 to 2024. According to MRFR, the market is expected to be valued at $12.74 billion by 2024. Essential oils have been widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, aromatherapy and many other industries. The global aromatherapy market grew at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%, from $3.8 billion to $8.58 billion by 2024. In the forecast period, the growing demand for natural essential oils in the food and beverage and personal care products industries will become the main driving force of the global essential oil market. The growing organic food industry has also driven the demand of essential oil market. Some essential oils also show such characteristics as anti-inflammation, bactericidal, antifungal, healing and anti-aging. The use of natural ingredients instead of traditional synthetic chemicals is promoted by laws and regulations. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental protection, which also provides more driving force for the global application of essential oils. China's aromatic industry market is 70 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 20-30%. From planting to marketing, there are 7,000 directly related enterprises. Under the premise of the new crown epidemic sweeping the world, Chinese aromatic enterprises have developed a large number of application products in the fields of killing products, respiratory system, immune system and health, which fully reflects the vitality of the development of domestic aromatic industry and leads the new growth point of aromatic industry in China.
The 7th Aromatherapy Exhibition will be held in Shanghai International Purchasing Exhibition Center from April 9 to 11, 221, with the theme of "Creating a New Form of Aromatherapy and Winning a Healthy and Beautiful New Future" and "Integrating Aromatherapy into Life and Leading Life by Aromatherapy". Aromatic exhibition has always been around the whole aromatic industry ecological chain, such as aromatic plant planting, extraction equipment and technology, application of essential oil dew and cultural heritage and innovation. The exhibitors have concentrated on the most comprehensive, innovative and cutting-edge technology products for exhibition. At present, it has grown into the most influential exhibition and exchange platform in China, and has been praised as "the first exhibition of aromatic industry".
Looking back to 2020, under the premise of epidemic situation, sailing against the wind and breaking waves.
Under the premise of the new crown epidemic sweeping the whole world, the sixth fragrance exhibition was successfully held. The exhibition covers an area of 10,000 square meters, involving 260 enterprises in the fields of aromatic plant cultivation, extraction equipment, essential oil, pure dew, space fragrance, pure plant washing and nursing, health management, aromatherapy education and training, and Xiangdao culture. The exhibition is conducted with more than 260 enterprises from daily chemical enterprises, professional hospitals, aromatherapy therapists, hotels, high-end clubs, food and beverage processing enterprises, etc. More than 14,000 professional audiences gathered and exchanged with enterprises and institutions of health products, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, scientific research institutes, tobacco processing enterprises, health management institutions, sports and fitness institutions, cultural dissemination agencies, households, mother and child centers, pet centers, elderly care centers, zero-resistance agriculture, automobile 4S stores, e-commerce, raw material dealers, media and business associations. More than 2,000 ordinary people participated, which further accelerated the pace of fragrance integration into daily life.
At the same time, the exhibition held industry forums and interviews on the application of aromatherapy in the fields of chronic disease management, anti-virus, space environment aromatherapy, SPA hydrotherapy, clinical aromatherapy of traditional Chinese medicine, etc. The Summit on the commercialization process of aromatherapy industry provided investment, law and products for the aromatherapy industry. Information in more fields such as brand and e-commerce. At the same time, the sharing and transformation of four major themes, twelve research topics, more than 30 new products and new products are jointly joined by Qinghai Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University Aromatic Plant Research Center, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other universities. Technology promulgation activities are more extensive in direction and rich in content, including core technologies and representative products of leading enterprises in aromatic industry. The content includes intelligent fragrance equipment, fragrance Internet APP, integration of traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy, mature mode output, etc. We provide platforms and services for enterprises, in order to win more aromatherapy market awareness. It provides a positive impetus for the early realization of guiding aromatic multi-channel application, promoting technology maturity and transformation, promoting the development of traditional Chinese medicine essential oil, speeding up the commercialization process of aromatic industry, promoting the application and investment of aromatic products in health management and home environment, and realizing the important objectives of reserving talents in the industry.
Looking forward to 2021, we will build and share with each other.
The 7th Aromatherapy Exhibition will highlight the characteristics of promoting product trade by exhibition, guiding industry development trend by conference forum, promoting transformation of scientific research achievements by platform effect, combining technology application with brand research and development, expanding market education by aromatherapy training and so on. At the same time, it covers more participatory, interactive and experiential activities, guides the integration of aromatic and health care industries, speeds up the realization of the development goal of "aromatic integration into life and aromatic leading life", promotes the early realization of China's grand health strategy, and provides an effective impetus for the overall promotion of China's aromatic industry development.
We sincerely invite you to join us in the celebration.
Here, we sincerely invite enterprises and practitioners of the aromatic industry to participate actively, and join us in condensing the essence of aromatic plants, creating a beautiful and healthy blue sea, leading the technological trend of the industry, and jointly promoting the aromatic industry.


(1) Aromatic Planting and Tourism: Aromatic Grass Industrial Park/Aromatic Theme Real Estate/Seedling Cultivation/Planting Tools/Technical Support and Services/Organic Fertilizer/Plant Factory Equipment/Creative Aromatic Bonsai, etc.
(2) Equipment and package materials: drying equipment/sterilization equipment/distillation equipment/storage equipment/packaging equipment and materials/testing and analysis equipment/supercritical extraction equipment/subcritical extraction equipment/aromatherapy equipment and appliances/hotel perfuming equipment/packing equipment, essential oil bottles, etc.
(3) Essential oils and aromatherapy: single essential oil/compound essential oil/vegetable oil/traditional Chinese medicine oil/blending oil/pure oil/flower essence/dew/essential oil ornaments/aromatherapy products, etc.
(5) Pure plant care: Pure plant care and peripheral products/natural perfume/essential oil soap and tools/personalized customization/DIY hand work, etc.
(6) Health care and equipment: herbal tea/products/health management institutions/beauty salons/SPA health clubs/aromatherapy practice/experience areas/beauty aids/health care appliances, etc.
(7) Aromatherapy and education: training schools/research institutes/aromatherapy studios/aromatherapy mothers and babies/pets/geriatric care/hospice care, etc.
(8) Xiangdao Culture: Natural Fragrances and Fragrances/Fragrance Ornaments/Ancient and Fragrant Products/Line Fragrance, Panxiang, Taxiang/Fragrance Apparatus/Creative Fragrance Cultural Products/Perfume Performance, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Domestic Exhibitor Cost Standard International Exhibitor Cost Standard

Bare land cost (minimum 18 sq m) bare land cost (minimum 18 sq m)

RMB 1200 yuan/m2 USD 200/„

Standard booth cost (minimum 9 sq m) Standard booth cost (minimum 9 sq m)

Single-opening booth: RMB 12800 yuan/9 square meters USD 2130ԩ/9㎞

Double-opening booth: RMB 14080 yuan/9 square meters USD 2340ԩ/9ԩ

Standard booth: lintel board, two spotlights, one negotiating table, two chairs and one power outlet;

Special booth: Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of booth layout (see Exhibitor's Manual for details).


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