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2020 the 7th Beijing International Children's out of school education and product exhibition
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Time: 2020/11/14 - 11/16 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 16 East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Sponsor:China International Trade Center Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing North South Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing joy source culture Communication Co., Ltd
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With the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, the 7th Beijing International Children's out of school education and product exhibition, sponsored by China International Trade Center Co., Ltd. and organized by Beijing North South Education Union International Exhibition Co., Ltd., is to be held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall on November 44-16, 2020. In the same period of the exhibition, 2020 children's robot education forum, children's out of school education forum, National Youth maker Education Summit Forum (Autumn), children's camp Education Forum, children's skills education forum and other activities will be held. Invite Chinese and foreign education experts to discuss the cutting-edge theory of children's out of school education to boost the future development of the industry. We are looking forward to your participation!

Contemporaneous activities

2020 Beijing International Children's out of School Education Forum
2020 Beijing International Youth Robot Education Forum;
⊙ 2020 Beijing International Children's camp Education Forum
⊙ National Youth maker Education Summit Forum (Autumn);
2020 Beijing International Youth Skills Education Forum;


◆ children's characteristic education courses

⊙ robot education (robot course, robot training, etc.)

⊙ Art Education (piano, chess, book, painting, music and dance skills training, art courses and products);

⊙ intelligent education (English training, happy mathematics, thinking training, speech eloquence, EQ, financial quotient, inverse quotient, frustration education, etc.);

◆ maker Education

⊙ technology and exploration: stem (Science, technology, engineering, Mathematics); robot education;

⊙ maker education platform (maker education laboratory; maker space; 3D printing equipment and application; 3D design system and application; VR, AR and other application technologies);

⊙ maker education products (science courses, DIY products, electronic building blocks, handmade, etc.);

⊙ maker education achievements (children's maker education achievements, etc.);

◆ robot education

⊙ robot product display;

⊙ robot course and training;

⊙ robot programming and competition;

◆ camp Education

⊙ field expansion (competitive sports, rock climbing, hiking, adaptive training base, etc.);

⊙ moral education (patriotic base, red education, traditional culture education base, etc.);

⊙ culture and art (piano, chess, book, painting, music and dance, drama, animation education base, etc.);

⊙ traditional culture (Chinese culture, intangible cultural heritage education base, etc.);

⊙ popular science education (base education of aviation, navigation, scientific exploration, scientific popularization, etc.);

⊙ Theme Education (military education, meteorological education, handmade experience, agricultural cultivation and other education bases)

◆ new media education

⊙ Network Education (network distance education, digital classroom, home school interaction platform, digital campus, etc.);

⊙ film and television education (children's 3D films, children's Micro films, children's animation plays, cartoon plays, etc.);

⊙ electronic reading materials (educational electronic products, digital products, e-book packages, various e-learning products, etc.);

⊙ animation games (animation products, game products, digital entertainment products, game animation software, etc.).

⊙ other new media (children's mobile phone, children's learning software, children's public welfare publicity, etc.).

◆ popular science education

⊙ science courses (science courses, popular science picture books, scientific experimental equipment, handmade, etc.);

⊙ popular science products (popular science products, various animal and plant models (specimens), telescopes, microscopes and other scientific observation experimental products);

⊙ popular science books (astronomy geography popular science books, natural science popular science books, etc., popular science art, popular science education

Popular science knowledge website, popular science game software, popular science tourism, etc;

⊙ scientific and technological inventions (magic products, new environmental protection inventions, etc.)

◆ health education

⊙ physical health (various ball games, roller skating, boxing and other fitness training programs);

⊙ mental health (bad psychological correction, mental health consultation, etc.);

⊙ fitness products (fitness car, sports equipment, fitness products, etc.);

⊙ Crisis Education (escape education and equipment, emergency education and product, safety education and training, etc.);

⊙ children's Insurance Institutions (health growth insurance, education insurance, accident insurance, etc.);

◆ educational supplies

⊙ children's books and electronic publications;

⊙ learning supplies, anti myopia supplies, etc.

Costs & Precautions

⊙ standard booth: rmb8800 / standard booth (9 ㎡);

⊙ open space: 900 yuan / ㎡ (from 36m2);

Booth configuration

The booth is equipped with carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, two fluorescent lamps (or spotlights), one lintel and one power socket (220V / 5A);

Note: all the facilities in the open space shall be borne by themselves, and the booth decoration unit shall pay the construction management fee and power fee separately.


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