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The 15th China (Shenzhen) international logistics and supply chain Expo 2020
Industry: Transportation / Logistics / Warehousing
Time: 2020/09/23 - 09/25 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongShenzhen 8 Jianguo Road, Fuhua Third Road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen
Sponsor:Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association
Organizer:Shenzhen hezhongyuan Exhibition Co., Ltd


China (Shenzhen) international logistics and supply chain Expo has been successfully held for 14 times, ranking first in Asia and second in the world. After 14 years of honing and growth, the fair has become the vane for the development of the global modern logistics and supply chain industry, and an international professional platform for exchanges and cooperation between the leaders of Chinese and foreign industries. It is of great significance for Chinese logistics and supply chain enterprises to deeply participate in the international division of labor, actively integrate into the global supply chain, and occupy an important position in the global supply chain system. By giving full play to the leading role of the brand exhibition, gathering the wisdom and strength of all parties, realizing resource integration, process optimization and collaborative development, improving China's competitiveness in the global supply chain, the global supply chain security level and the right to participate in the formulation of global supply chain rules, and creating new competitive advantages. The fair is not only China's, but also the world's.

Review of 2019 World Expo:

With the theme of "reform and optimization of supply chain, opening and upgrading of value chain";

The exhibition area is 65000 ㎡, and 14 exhibition areas have been set up;

More than 1900 brand enterprises from 53 countries participated in the exhibition;

The number of international exhibitors and institutions accounts for up to 30%;

141000 visitors from 83 countries around the world;

Over 70 high-end forums and activities were held in the same period;


Strong platform -- Exhibition absorbing five continents, logistics connecting the world -- vision and highlights in 2020

15% increase in exhibition area and number of exhibitors;

The number of international exhibitors and institutions will increase by 15%;

The number of professional visitors at home and abroad will exceed 150000;

Shenzhen construction 40 years logistics and Supply Chain Management Service Excellence Award selection;

China logistics "Golden COW Award" selection;

We should deepen the industrial supply chain and divide the theme sections into specific sections;

Effectiveness first - a series of simultaneous activity forums, with various highlights, sharing a global thought feast

High end forums and activities will be held at the same time of the 2020 Expo:

1. 2020 global value chain innovation and Development Summit (GVC)

2. The 6th 21st century Maritime Silk Road International Cooperation port forum and the 9th Shenzhen International Port Chain Strategic Forum

3. The 7th cross border e-commerce supply chain service Development Summit Forum

4. The 5th rail water intermodal transport and cross border transport Summit Forum

5. The 4th intelligent logistics equipment and logistics informatization development forum

6. 2020 Chinese and foreign enterprises docking Conference

7. The 5th Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle Development Forum

8. The fifth supply chain innovation and development summit in 2020

9. Award ceremony of the 40 year logistics and Supply Chain Management Service Excellence Award in Shenzhen;

10. The third new retail and big data AI application conference in 2020

11. The 5th juzhizao cross border e-commerce selection Conference

12. The third consumer electronics industry supply chain innovation and Development Forum

The 13 and sixth Internet + logistics innovation and Development Forum

14. 2020 2nd e-cigarette Supply Chain Forum


1. Logistics and supply chain management service exhibition area

2. Smart logistics and smart storage exhibition area

3. Logistics equipment exhibition area

4. Hong Kong air show area

5. International Exhibition Area

6. Aviation exhibition area

7. Express Express Zone

8. Road and railway transportation exhibition area

9. New energy vehicle / forklift / special vehicle exhibition area

10. 5g and cloud industry exhibition area

11. E-commerce logistics packaging exhibition area

12. Internet and e-commerce exhibition area

13. Cross border e-commerce exhibition area

14. Industrial Supply Chain exhibition area

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Telephone:0755-83581352、83581276
  • Fax:0755-83581307
  • Address:6 / F, Internet finance industrial park, No.1, Taohua Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen


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