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The 18th Eurasia China Zhengzhou International Early Childhood Education Expo 2020
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Cycle: Twice A Year
Time: 2020/07/03 - 07/05 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Zhengzhou · Henan Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center ChinaHenanZhengzhou No.1 Central Park, business inner ring road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China
Sponsor:Zhengzhou Eurasia International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Zhengzhou Eurasia International Exhibition Co., Ltd


——Eurasia early childhood education fair (Eurasia Early Childhood Education Exhibition for short), which is held twice a year, is an important activity for China's early childhood education industry in summer and early winter. It is a key exhibition project supported by government policies, an annual regular meeting strongly supported by preschool education authorities, and the largest professional exhibition in China. Since its establishment in 2008, in order to promote the wide application of new concepts, products, technologies and models of preschool education, it has held 36 public forums and trainings, and enjoyed more than 200000 free kindergartens Person time, donated more than 2 million yuan of preschool education supplies to more than 40 kindergartens, successively provided convenience for 20000 dealers and more than 50000 kindergartens to study, exchange, discuss and cooperate, played an important role in the project of kindergarten conditions up to standard and preschool teacher training, and made great contribution to promoting the upgrading of preschool education facilities and equipment in China and the development of public and private preschool education institutions in various regions The contribution has been widely recognized by the government and the majority of preschool educators.

■ 2020 CIPE Europe Asia Preschool Education Exhibition - move to the new museum, upgrade the exhibition scale in an all-round way, and build a Flagship Exhibition of China's preschool education industry!

——40000 square meters 8 + 1 + 1 layout, preset 8 product exhibition areas, 1 provincial demonstration kindergarten achievement exhibition area, and 1 large forum activity area for thousands of people. It is estimated that 900 exhibitors + 100 local and municipal purchasing groups + 50000 professional buyers. Display the technical innovation and product development trend in the whole field of preschool education, so that buyers can quickly find the right brand according to their own needs, and help exhibitors to connect accurately.

■ 2020 CIPE Europe Asia Preschool Education Exhibition - a comprehensive upgrade of the buyer's invitation and a necessary Exhibition for the development of China's preschool education industry!

——As the leader of China's preschool education industry, most of the participating enterprises are well-known enterprises and new star enterprises, with strong industry appeal and brand influence. The number of buyers of the exhibition has reached a new high year after year. The exhibition will expand the area and scope of buyers' invitation, increase the investment in publicity and buyers' invitation, base on Henan, radiate to Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places, and is expected to attract government departments, industry organizations, education investors, children's education groups, kindergartens, early education institutions, nursery institutions, training institutions, curriculum providers, equipment enterprises And 50000 visitors from dealers, agents and other fields came to the conference. Let the exhibition return with full load, and let the visit be pleasant and happy.

——Thousand people forum, ten thousand business conference, great influence, wide radiation and brilliant——

■ 2020 CIPE Europe Asia Preschool Education Exhibition - thousand people forum, ten thousand business conference, great influence, wide radiation and brilliant!

——During the exhibition, thousands of people forum, many sub forums, dealers conference and other activities will be held, and direct bus will be opened to promote more exchanges and cooperation.

——2020 (spring and summer) Henan Province preschool education development large-scale public welfare forum and director training meeting 2 times a day on March 4; 1000 people each;

——2020 China (Zhengzhou) preschool education supplies dealer conference and preschool education equipment development trend forum 3 days, with a scale of 500 people;

——Sub forum and contemporaneous activities: China infant care policy and service development forum; featured curriculum performance; welcome dinner of "China Europe" preschool education exhibition; 2020 award ceremony for outstanding distributors of China preschool education industry; tender information conference of kindergarten reconstruction and expansion project; visit and study of demonstration park and featured kindergarten; action of "love for students and children"; love for enterprises Industry award ceremony and so on; the event will invite domestic and international well-known preschool education experts and relevant government leaders to give lectures, check the development trend of the industry, and solve the demands and pain points of kindergarten development. It will become a new bright spot for the innovation and development of kindergartens.

"Public forum + public education + exhibition and exchange + featured course Exhibition + award ceremony + observation and learning" reflect each other brilliantly!


——Characteristic courses: kindergarten interest class, kindergarten activity, intelligent game course, scientific experiment course, literacy course, music course, ceramic art classroom, nature classroom, handicraft workshop, EQ financial intelligence course, etc;

——Educational institutions: kindergarten trusteeship, children programming, characteristic kindergartens, kindergartens, early education centers, training and guidance of early education institutions, etc;

——Teaching materials and teaching aids: comprehensive teaching materials, single subject teaching materials, English teaching materials, picture books, emotive teaching aids, Montessori teaching aids, music equipment, art supplies, multimedia interactive products, DIY materials, special education resources classroom preparation, etc;

——Preschool education equipment: outdoor recreation facilities, furniture, beds, desks and chairs cabinets, school buses, etc;

——Children's toys: Enlightenment toys, educational toys, teaching toys, desktop toys, learning toys, environmental protection theme toys, etc;

——Preschool education supplies: Garden clothes, schoolbags, stationery, bedding, tableware, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, baby and children's supplies, etc

——Education software: Companion robot, arvr, electronic whiteboard, integrated machine, early education electronic products, management software, home interaction software, transfer system, multimedia teaching, tablet computer, animation products, story machine, point reading products, online teaching, etc;

——Kindergarten decoration: kindergarten design, children lighting, environment creation, environmental protection floor, floor mat, environmental protection lawn, safety facilities, environmental protection decoration materials, environmental protection decoration coating, air purification equipment, direct drinking water equipment, etc;

——Online education application and service: Construction of online education institutions and platforms, recording and broadcasting system, APP software, interactive platform, training system, payment technology service provider, education cloud technology and application, big data application and service, curriculum Software CD, online TV, voice recognition system;

——Preschool education service institutions: Children's photography, parent-child community, outdoor experience base, financial, financial, insurance, legal and other institutions.

Costs & Precautions

Charging standard

Booth charge

Standard exhibition

Double opening

Domestic enterprises

Standard booth / 9mTwo

RMB 8800

RMB 9800

Upgrade standard booth / 9mTwo

RMB 9800

RMB 10800

Open space /MTwo

RMB 880


Foreign enterprises

Standard booth / 9mTwo

USD 2000

USD 2200

Upgrade standard booth / 9mTwo

USD 2200

USD 2400

Open space /MTwo

USD 200



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