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2020 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2020/05/25 - 05/27 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Urumqi · Xinjiang Xinjiang International Exhibition Center ChinaXinjiangUrumqi No.3, hongguangshan Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi
Sponsor:China Agricultural machinery circulation association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association
Organizer:Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Agricultural machinery circulation association, Xinjiang National Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Huibang Hanwei Exhibition Co., Ltd


Focusing on "stabilizing grain, optimizing cotton, promoting livestock, strengthening fruit and promoting characteristics", adhere to green agriculture, quality agriculture, science and technology agriculture, introduce, demonstrate and promote advanced and applicable modern agricultural machinery and equipment to the world, accelerate the pace of "machine replacement" in the whole region, promote the whole process mechanization of grain and cotton, and fully mechanization of forestry, animal husbandry, facility agriculture and characteristic advantageous industries, and strive to build modern agriculture At the same time, the "three systems" (industrial system, production system, operation system) of agricultural machinery and technology support system, closely around the "one belt and one road" core area, the development of neighboring countries, and so on.


The exhibition products cover all aspects and production processes of agricultural machinery, and include Xinjiang featured machinery such as cotton machinery, red crop machinery (tomato, pepper, safflower, wolfberry, red dates, etc.), orchard machinery (apple, grape, pear, etc.), vegetable machinery, grape machinery, plant protection machinery, engineering machinery, irrigation and drainage equipment and technology, animal husbandry machinery, new rural construction and design Advanced and applicable machinery and equipment for primary processing of agricultural products. Set up corresponding exhibition areas according to different product categories.

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