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2020 Guangzhou International connector and cable harness processing equipment exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/08/06 - 08/08 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
Sponsor:China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. SINOMACH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd. China Electrical Research Institute Co., Ltd
Organizer:Leo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Guangzhou industrial robot manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance Guangzhou robot and intelligent manufacturing technology innovation alliance Guangdong Additive Manufacturing Association Fuj...
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2020 Guangzhou International connector and cable harness processing equipment exhibition

Time: August 6-8, 2020

Exhibition hall: China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall

Organizational unit:

Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology


China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd

Guoji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

China Machinery International Cooperation Co., Ltd

China Electric Appliance Research Institute Co., Ltd

Co organizer:

Guangzhou industrial robot manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance

Guangzhou robot and intelligent manufacturing technology innovation alliance

Guangdong Additive Manufacturing Association

Fujian Machinery Industry Federation

Fujian intelligent equipment and robot industry alliance

Economic and Information Bureau of Guangzhou Development Zone

Guangzhou Municipal Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Guangdong Industrial Park Association

Guangzhou Industrial Park Chamber of Commerce

Supported by:

China Electronic Equipment Corporation

China Automobile Industry Association

China wire and Cable Association

Guangdong Electronic Industry Association


Leo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


[exhibition overview]

World class Bay area full of innovation and vitality

It covers two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, nine cities of Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, etc., with a total area of 56000 square kilometers and a total population of about 70 million at the end of 2017. There are 20 world top 500 enterprises and more than 30000 high-tech enterprises in the region, of which the economic scale of manufacturing enterprises accounts for as high as 71.53 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × percent__ __The industrial system in the region is complete, with a strong manufacturing industry chain and a new Internet economy represented by Shenzhen. This is one of the regions with the highest degree of openness and the strongest economic vitality in China

According to the outline of development plan of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area issued by the State Council, by 2035, the Great Bay area will form an economic system and development mode with innovation as the main support, build a "Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao" science and technology innovation corridor construction, explore policies and measures conducive to cross-border flow and regional accommodation of innovative elements such as talents, capital, information, technology, etc Build big data center and international innovation platform in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Thanks to the practical application of a series of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g and edge computing, the future industry is steadily moving towards large-scale flexible production, full process transparent production, distributed production and intelligent automatic production. From product design, manufacturing to transportation and service, the global industrial chain will be reshaped.

Thanks to the huge development prospect of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District, we will focus on China's intelligent manufacturing precisely, and present the latest technologies and solutions in the intelligent industrial chain by displaying industrial automation, connectors, cable harnesses, machine vision and industrial robot technology, digital factory solutions, CNC machine tools, metal processing and laser manufacturing technology, etc Effective integration of innovative technologies and products.

Connector, cable harness is one of the fastest growing products in the electronic and information age, with the largest market demand and the most convenient installation. Connectors and harnesses are widely used in everything from household appliances to communication equipment, computers and external equipment, as well as security, solar energy, automobile and military equipment. Industry insiders predict that, especially driven by China's 5g, home appliances, automobile going to the countryside, industrial informatization and other policies and markets, the market demand for automobile wire harness in China will be about 38.5 billion yuan in 2012; by 2017, the market demand for automobile wire harness will have increased to 57.8 billion yuan. Under the development trend of vehicle electrification, intelligent driving and Internet of vehicles, the demand for automotive wiring harness in China will continue to grow, which is expected to exceed 72 billion yuan in 2020, and the market demand will continue to rise, which will strongly drive the demand for connectors and wire harness processing equipment, and urge a batch of connector and wire harness equipment manufacturing enterprises with great market competitiveness.

"ICC hp2020 Guangzhou International connector and cable harness processing equipment exhibition" will focus on displaying the latest products and technologies of connector and cable harness industry, establish brand image for enterprises, promote trade cooperation and market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen production, research and development and marketing interaction, deeply understand the future development trend of connector and cable harness Market at home and abroad, so as to develop Our vision is to tap the new needs of the connector and cable harness Market in the future, innovate the connotation of the exhibition, and organize professional visitors in all directions and at multiple levels, providing the best platform for technical exchange, product display and trade negotiation for exhibitors and participants.

2020 Guangzhou International connector and cable harness processing equipment exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair from August 6 to August 8, 2020. At the same time, a number of technical seminars and activities will be held, and domestic and foreign experts and representatives will be invited to interact and exchange, discuss the development trend of the industry, and share their experience and achievements. At that time, warmly welcome domestic and foreign connector, cable and harness enterprises and related industry to visit and exchange!


Highlight 1: joint efforts of central enterprises and the government

With the key support of Guangdong provincial government and Guangzhou municipal government, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., one of the world's top 500 large central enterprises, made a grand appearance together with China XD Group, aerospace science and industry group and other central enterprises. Meanwhile, it was supported by Hebei Province, Heilongjiang Province, Foshan City, Fuyang City, Baotou City, Luoyang City and other government units.  

Highlight 2: large brand enterprises gather, gathering top technology and technology

Many well-known robot brands and intelligent equipment manufacturers all over the world gathered at the exhibition site to display the latest technologies and equipment in robot, intelligent equipment, industrial automation, connector, cable harness and equipment. At present, the enterprises to be invited by the Organizing Committee include Siemens, FANUC, Anchuan, abb, KUKA, Sinomach, XD, Mismi, aerospace science and technology group Siemens, Mingsen technology, Ruisong, xiehong, dayelon, hexcon, Guangzhou CNC, Shenyang Xinsong, te Tyco Electronics, xinminghe, kumaisi, Jiamu, Sonberg, leting, jianhexing, raymore, Deluo cable, XINHONGYE, Dechang cable, Guanju automation, etc. ?

Highlight 3: the gathering of heavyweight guests to create an industry brand event

All previous guests have a strong lineup, including Gu Xiulian, former president of the all China Women's Federation, Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology and President of China Federation of industrial economics, leaders of all levels of Guangdong provincial government, leaders of all levels of Guangzhou municipal government, academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering and many other guests, industry experts and scholars.  

Highlight 4: strong connection between supply and demand, professional buyers' quality improved year by year

With the goal of building a high-level platform for intelligent manufacturing industry, ICCHP constantly adjusts the exhibition content and form according to the changes of market demand every year, which is widely recognized by many exhibitors and purchasers. Local associations, societies and chambers of commerce also actively organize groups to participate. Some enterprises include Gree, Midea, icolor electronic components company, aorong group, Oriental wheat field industrial design company, Dongfeng Nissan , Yueping General Chamber of Commerce, Sanshui District, Foshan City, advanced technology research institute of Guangzhou Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hanwei Guangyuan Machinery and equipment company, Huimei industry, Jabil electronics, Nanhai navigation support center, Wuyang Honda Motor Company, hardware and Electrical Association, Xinbao electric, etc.  

Highlight 5: many exhibitors have participated in the exhibition year after year, and their enthusiasm for participation continues to rise

ICCHP has always been committed to building a multi-dimensional platform, integrating the industry wide chain display platform, the resource full element matching and docking platform and the industry's annual event jointly participated by the whole society. It has built a platform for exhibitors and purchasers to interact and exchange technical problems in the factory, and display the automation upgrading and reconstruction scheme, which has been widely recognized by the industry.  

Highlight 6: foreign businessmen gather and organize large procurement matchmaking meeting on site

Hundreds of foreign procurement supply and demand matchmaking meetings will be organized on site. In the early stage, the matchmaking will be customized for the enterprises that have participated in the exhibition.

[audience organization plan]

1. Invitation: general manager and purchaser of automobile, new energy, photovoltaic, communication, intelligent wear, rail transit, computer and peripherals, industrial automation, military aerospace and consumer electronics industries;

2. Key participants: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lincoln, Honda, Toyota, BYD, Geely, Alto, Buick, Mitsubishi, Rena, Chevrolet, Citroen, Pontiac, Lexus, Bentley, Cadillac, Mazda, Aston Martin, Dodge, Rolls Royce, red flag, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Subaru, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, Fuji Kang, Flextronics, Heshuo, yaxu, TCL, vivo, oppo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo, hammer, Siemens, general electric, Bosch group, Schneider Electric, Panasonic electric, Sanyo, China nuclear industry, China aerospace, China Aviation and other general managers and purchasers.


[scope of exhibits]

★ connector and connector: terminal connector, waterproof connector, explosion-proof connector, wire connector, circular connector, cable connector, RF coaxial connector, rectangular connector, electrical connector, automobile connector, new energy connector, electronic connector, electric force connector, special connector, industrial connector, printed circuit connector, heavy load connector; Connector, plug, socket, switch, terminal, connector contactor, IC round hole socket, pin, row pin, connector assembly and non-standard automation equipment, type-C welding / detection / assembly equipment, pin equipment, testing machine, silver point riveting machine, welding machine, injection molding machine, etc.

★ cable: wire and cable, optical fiber cable, electronic wire, cable accessories, optical cable accessories, wire production and refining machinery and cable processing equipment, cable forming machine and strander, fastener and spring manufacturing and finishing machinery, processing equipment, auxiliary processing materials, wire and cable / optical fiber cable materials, measurement and control technology, detection engineering related fields.

★ wiring harness and wiring equipment: wiring terminal, insulating sheath, wire and insulating binding material, etc.; electronic wire: power line, audio and video line, digital line, computer peripheral line, automobile wiring harness, wire, telephone line, wiring harness, binding line, electromagnetic line, sheath line, sight line, high temperature and heat-resistant wire, etc.; wiring equipment: nylon cable tie, wiring slot, wiring mark, wiring head, connection Wire terminal, wire buckle, wire fixed head, fixed base and other wiring equipment.

★ wire harness processing equipment: wire cutting and twisting machine, tangent, punch, integrated wire harness manufacturing system, crimping mold base, terminal mold, length detector, wire terminal processing equipment, pipe cutting machine, terminal machine, tin staining machine, injection molding machine, computer peeling machine, wire equipment testing machine, end crimping machine, wire stripping and terminal crimping machine, ultrasonic welding machine, wire processor, terminal hardware Product testing instrument, automatic harness processing equipment, harness tester, plug tester, wire riveting press, terminal section tester, peel strength tester, inkjet printer and other plug / data / electronic line / home appliance / new energy / automobile harness processing equipment, and other related equipment and accessories.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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