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2020 Beijing big data exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/06/30 - 07/02 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Beijing Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition Center ChinaBeijing CityTongzhou District 6 Rongchang East st, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing Ming World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing Ming World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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  The new ICT wave represented by cloud computing, big data, high-speed broadband, Internet of things and smart city has further promoted the expansion of data center market. According to Gartner's latest global IT Spending Forecast, data center system spending is expected to reach $143bn in 2018, an increase of 2.3% compared with 2017.

Exhibition introduction

  Beijing international big data exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Smart Expo") is a well-known brand exhibition under Ming World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, Beijing Smart Expo is one of the top high-tech products and solutions exhibition platforms in Asia.

  As the wind vane of China's big data exhibition, the 2019 Beijing international big data exhibition (2019 Beijing Smart Expo) attracted more than 60000 professional visitors and purchasing teams from all over the world to experience various high-tech products at the exhibition site. 800 + participating companies from 36 countries and regions showed 26 product categories, with an exhibition area of more than 35000 ㎡ and a number of buyers New high.

  2019Beijing Smart Expo has attracted international well-known exhibitors: IOT China, China Aerospace Science and engineering, Hikvision, Jingdong cloud, qiankeduo, Jiehe technology, tea safety control, Yidao erudite, Shide technology, tianjianhu Industrial Park, toplong, Langtong technology, xirenma, aibaowo, saiwa technology, Yitong intelligence, four letter communication, Mentu technology, Yike communication, Golden Pigeon technology Technology, avatar, pinecone electronics, grapefruit technology, Juxin Internet of things, xinshida, Samsung, Lenovo Group, CITIC, saiwa software and other well-known enterprises presented a professional and participatory industry exchange feast for exhibitors and professional audiences.

  Beijing Smart Expo has hundreds of media reports at home and abroad, such as CCTV 4 news channel, Beijing TVB, China Daily, people's daily, first financial daily, Wall Street Journal and Xinhua net, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, Netease, Phoenix, China net and people's net.

  2020The Beijing international big data industry exhibition (2020 Beijing wisdom Expo) will continue to be held in Beijing in June 2020. The exhibition will be combined with the "Internet plus" action plan made in China by 2025. It will promote the comprehensive development of smart city by combining the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and smart city. You are welcome to visit the exhibition!


Big data application:Smart city, intelligent transportation, big data finance, big data marketing and business application, Internet of vehicles, Internet of things, big data health and medical, retail big data application, etc

Big data intelligent manufacturing and equipment:Industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, data storage and server, network communication equipment, data center equipment, wearable equipment, smart home equipment, telecommunication operators, etc

Big data software and services:Server, router, switch, storage / flash memory, data management, data protection, data backup, network security, firewall, database, optical transceiver, big data information security, data processing and preparation, big data transaction, etc

Electronic Commerce:Mobile e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade export, e-commerce platform, modern logistics, etc

Internet innovation application:O2OApplication and product, enterprise digital management solution, mobile Internet application, animation and game technology and application, intelligent robot, maker team, etc

Cloud technology zone:It mainly shows the construction technology of cloud computing platform, the development of applicable chips and software platform for cloud computing, cloud computing service solutions, data center construction and operation, cloud computing communication network equipment and services, data storage, service outsourcing, data and network security, cloud computing standards, etc.

Cloud application area:Including various industry applications and featured applications based on Cloud Architecture and cloud services. Such as: Transportation cloud, health cloud, peace cloud, business cloud, education cloud, entertainment cloud, social cloud, tourism cloud, geographic information cloud, etc.

Cloud terminal area:It mainly includes cloud computing information terminals such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, printers, cloud TVs, network computers, vehicle navigation devices, sensors, reading and writing devices based on cloud computing services and solutions.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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