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2020 South Africa building materials exhibition generator equipment exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/06/23 - 06/25 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa · South Africa Johannesburg Convention and Exhibition Center AfricaSouth Africa Cnr Nasrec & Rand Show, Johannesburg, 2000
Sponsor:Beijing meisbate International Exhibition Co., Ltd. - Xi'an company


Exhibition Name: South Africa building materials exhibition 2020
SAITEX&CTW South Africa 2019
Exhibition time: June 23, 2020 June 25, 2020
Venue: Johannesburg International Exhibition Center
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Reasons for exhibiting
1. Located in the center of the world's gold mining area and South Africa's economic center, the city of the Republic of South Africa
2. Johannesburg, the world's gold producing center, is known as the "city of gold".
3. The comprehensive economic strength of Johannesburg, a global economic competitiveness City, is located in Africa.
4. Faster access to African markets: Johannesburg's economic strength lies in Africa..
5. Unique regional advantages: Johannesburg's unique location advantages, convenient transportation conditions and rich mineral resources
6. Complete types of exhibits: manufacturers have the opportunity to choose industries suitable for their own needs, and all buyers have trading places suitable for their needs, especially to meet the needs of international manufacturers and professionals.
7. High international and professional: all participants in this trade week are professional buyers and market decision makers in the industry.
8. important points of intersection
9. Responding to the new strategies of China Africa cooperation partners
10. Increase the publicity of customers' products and better trade between China and Africa.

Exhibition hall introduction
As one of the world's advanced conference centers, the Durban Conference Center (ICC) was awarded the top 20 conference centers in the world by the International Conference Center, making Durban the venue of international conferences and important African conferences. A series of important conferences have been held, including the fifth summit of the states in 2013, the South African economic summit, the Ministerial Conference of the non aligned movement, the 123rd session of the International Olympic Committee, etc. The African Union was established at the African Union summit held here in July 2002.

Scope of exhibits:
Wood, plastic and composite materials: rough wood, fine wood, building wood, plywood, solid wood, bamboo wood products, fence, density board, plastic structure, plastic products, structural composite materials, composite materials structure
Electromechanical equipment: electric drive; AC and DC generators; power transformers; batteries, rechargeable batteries and batteries; CAPACITORS; uninterruptible power supply, high and low voltage distribution
Electrical appliances: refrigeration appliances: including household refrigerators, cold drinking machines, etc. Air conditioner: including room air conditioner, electric fan, ventilator, hot air cooler, air dehumidifier,
Cleaning appliances: including washing machines, clothes dryers, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machine security materials: commercial security and information security, access control equipment, locks, alarms, monitoring equipment, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, health and personal protection equipment, signal lights, etc.
Air conditioning and refrigeration: (residential, industrial) air conditioning system, cooler, compressor, condenser, refrigeration management system, ventilation system;
Building materials: building hardware, steel strand, hardware tools, waterproof materials, building aluminum, cement, lamps and lanterns, switchgear, lighting equipment, building stainless steel, shelves, coatings, building metal materials, building cementing products, adhesives, floors, glass plates, bricks and tiles, building machinery and equipment;
Ceramics and kitchen, bathroom: shower accessories; bathroom accessories and devices, kitchen and bathroom, electrical appliances, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, pipes, drainage, sewage pipes, prefabricated modules, sanitary wares and devices, etc.; ceramic tiles mosaic, ceramic tiles, decorative drills, acoustic tiles, general tiles;
Stone and stone technology equipment: marble, granite, natural stone, stone cutting machine, polishing machine, stone cleaning and maintenance technology, microcrystalline stone, stone plate, casting stone, recycled stone, cemented products; fountain pool and stone machinery;
Construction steel: stainless steel, H-shaped steel, threaded steel, bearing steel, channel steel, color steel plate, galvanized steel plate, steel pipe, steel plate, wire rod, steel furnace charge, other steel products
Water heating and water treatment technology: water heating pipeline and pump, pipeline device, swimming pool and fountain pipeline system, isolation and thermal insulation sealing material, gas and vacuum system;
Heat preservation, moisture-proof and fire-proof: fire-proof material, heat preservation material, gypsum board, sound insulation material, ceiling, ceiling material, high inclined roof, roof and exterior wall board, aluminum alloy
Aluminum talents, aluminum-plastic plates, building templates, decorative curtain walls, fire and smoke prevention, joint protection;
Cleaning and maintenance equipment: industrial cleaning equipment, household cleaning equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, sanitation equipment maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies, security and protection system, fire safety equipment;
Glass and metal: solar paint & solar panel; metal grinding; roof and roof system; glass system window, door frame, roof, UPVC, hollow glass; architectural mirror; steel; glass machinery; iron and metal products; aluminum alloy combination system;

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Mie group of Dubai - Xi'an Office of South Africa Building Materials Exhibition
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South Africa building materials exhibition address: 8 / F, block a, Ronghua international, latte City, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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