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23rd British Industrial Fair in April 2020
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/04/21 - 04/23 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Britain Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Center EuropeBritain National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


23rd British Industrial Fair in April 2020

1、 Exhibition time: April 21-23, 2020
2、 Venue: NEC, Birmingham, UK

The exhibition is the most professional and largest industrial exposition in the UK with strong professionalism. The organizers of the exhibition subdivided the theme of the exhibition according to the professional fields. The exhibition was divided into five themes, including:

1. Smart industry - Smart industry 4.0;
2. Drives & controls;
3. Fluid power and system;
4. (air) gas machinery and technology - Airtech;
5. Plant & asset management.
This more fully reflects the professionalism of the exhibition, to ensure the trade of the exhibition.
1、 Contents:
1. Smart industry - Smart industry 4.0;
(1) Industrial automation and industrial robot: industrial robot, robot development platform and software, robot parts, manipulator, integrated solution of industrial 4.0 intelligent factory, industrial electrical system, industrial control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, human-machine interface, connector, low-voltage switch device, human-machine interface Device, micro system technology, laser technology, mechanical parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communication, industrial automation information technology and software, factory integrated management software, Industrial IT software, industrial basic system and development tools, factory production software, industrial Internet, non-standard automation equipment, cam divider, FA factory automation parts, transmission, machine Mechanical drive system and parts, mechanical and electrical parts and auxiliary equipment, etc;
(2) 3C automation exhibition area: 3C automation, SMT technology and equipment, machinery manufacturing and automation, welding equipment and materials, testing and measurement, electronic manufacturing automation equipment, electronic manufacturing services, etc;
(3) . AGV trolley exhibition area: AGV automatic logistics equipment and system, AGV automatic carrier, AGV unmanned carrier, omnidirectional mobile AGV trolley, intelligent AGV trolley, magnetic navigation AGV trolley, trackless navigation AGV trolley, magnetic navigation forklift AGV, AGV unmanned carrier, all kinds of AGV trolley, automatic navigation vehicle, AGV trolley accessories, etc;
(4) Machine vision technology exhibition area: core components of machine vision, smart cameras: black and white smart cameras, line scan smart cameras, color smart cameras, CMOS smart cameras, ID readers, image processing software, machine vision tool software, industrial lens, FA lens, high-resolution lens, image scanning lens, light source, LED light source, UV lighting system, infrared light source Image processing system: optical character, recognition system, automation / robot technology, machine vision integration: character processing and recognition system, intelligent vision, surface detection, etc;

2. Electrical (Mechanical) control, drive (transmission) and industrial automation - Drives & controls;

(1) Electrical control, drive and drive:
General industrial motor, special industrial motor, high, medium and low voltage inverter, servo motor, general small motor (below 750W), special design small motor (below 750W), motor, electric motor components, and other related electrical control and transmission equipment;
Industrial relay, other relay, DC electric drive, converter device and components, frequency converter, voltage regulator, electric drive control system, electric drive governor, electromagnetic equipment, magnet, etc;
(2) Mechanical transmission, gear, parts and manufacturing equipment:
Reducer: various industrial reducer, special field reducer, series reducer, cylindrical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, harmonic drive reducer, worm reducer, motor reducer assembly, electric roller; gear drive: automobile, motorcycle gear, construction machinery gear, agricultural machinery gear, aviation, ship, railway locomotive , gears for metallurgy, high-speed heavy-duty gearbox, gear machine tools; chain drive: short pitch precision roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission and transmission, bent roller chain for heavy-duty transmission, tooth chain, dish chain, special special special-shaped conveyor chain, sprocket; belt drive: step belt, V-belt, flat belt, multi wedge belt, transmission belt, pulley, belt tensioner; transmission coupling : coupling (rigid, flexible, safe), universal joint, universal shaft, cam intermittent device, hydraulic coupling, hydraulic torque converter, clutch (electromagnetic, friction, magnetic powder), brake and brake system, expansion joint, tightening sleeve, tensioning sleeve, guide sleeve;
(3) Industrial automation and robot equipment:
Industrial automation system: industrial automation UPS power supply, industrial automation and industrial robot, assembly and handling system, linear positioning system, control system, assembly system, robot parts, manipulator, industrial 4.0 intelligent factory overall solution, industrial electrical system, industrial control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, connection Device, low voltage switch device, human-machine interface device, industrial image process processing system, inductor and actuator, industrial computer, embedded system, measurement and detection system, industrial automation data analysis and acquisition system, automation service, industrial pieces automation system, safety and security system, industrial automation information technology and software, industrial information technology service system , connection and transmission equipment, fastening and connection equipment, storage equipment, automatic packaging system, printing system, laser marking system, labeling system, automatic testing system, weighing system, measuring system, manual operation system, connection and transmission system, classification and feeding system, assembly tools, worktable accessories, 3D laser polishing and printing technology, etc
(4) Bearing:
Bearing and its bearing parts: deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, self-aligning roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, needle bearing, angular contact ball bearing, thrust ball bearing, thrust roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, outer spherical ball bearing, all kinds of special standard bearings, all kinds of special purpose bearings, all kinds of special material bearings, all kinds of special requirements bearings, shafts Bearing parts such as bearing rings, steel balls, dust covers, sealing rings, cages, all kinds of shafts, sleeves, wheels and other bearing related parts, all kinds of types, all kinds of materials, all kinds of technical requirements of standard and non-standard industrial parts and components

3. Fluid power and system:
(1) Hydraulic technology: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic drive device, hydraulic pipe fitting, electric actuator (electrical installation)
Actuator), valve, hydraulic cylinder, supercharger, transducer, solenoid valve, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic accumulator, pressure relay, hydraulic hardware, hose and pipe joint, hydraulic system and complete equipment, hydraulic test bench, water and water-based hydraulic transmission, special hydraulic equipment, sealing device and auxiliary equipment, hydraulic filter and oil lubrication system, heat exchanger (heat exchanger) Hydraulic gear pump, hydraulic gear motor, control valve and power unit;
Hydraulic pneumatic hose, pump (water pump, oil pump, chemical pump, etc.), valve, pipe fitting, hose;
(2) Pneumatic technology:
Pneumatic motor, pneumatic working element, sensor, pneumatic valve, pneumatic element, pneumatic and jet control system, pneumatic hardware, hose and connector, pneumatic device and others, seal device and auxiliary equipment, pneumatic execution;
(3) Flow measuring instrument, pressure measuring instrument, temperature measuring instrument, liquid level measuring instrument;
(4) Electronic components: sensors, industrial automation components.
(5) Sealing technology: extrusion rubber and plastic seal ("O" ring), rotary shaft seal, reciprocating seal (piston and rod
Seal), stem guide seal, mechanical seal, flexible graphite seal, flexible graphite sheet, other gasket seal and materials, seal test bench and measuring instrument, and special sealing production equipment;

4. Gas (air) machinery and technology Airtech
Gas (air) compressor, gas valve, air purification and filtration system, air dryer, cylinder, vacuum pump
Supercharger and air-liquid actuator, sensor, air delivery system, gas cylinder, heat exchanger (heat exchanger), gas hose, compressed air treatment, air pump, vacuum equipment, etc;

5. Plant & Asset Management;

(1) Industrial equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, NDT technology and equipment, industrial endoscope, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, penetrant testing, leakage testing, industrial machine vision testing, mass spectrometer, spectral instrument:, chromatographic instrument, spectral instrument, etc;
(2) Hydraulic system maintenance and fault diagnosis;
(3) Modern equipment lubrication management, oil analysis, oil particle counter, oil quality sensor, etc;
(4) Maintenance of pumps, valves, seals and other general machinery;
(5) Industrial equipment calibration equipment and technology, industrial measurement technology and equipment;
(6) Thermal spectrum and industrial temperature measuring instruments;
(7) Industrial vibration analysis equipment and instruments;
(8) Combustion engineering and combustion furnace management technology and equipment;
(9) Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance;
(10) Industrial level factory equipment maintenance tools and workshop equipment;
(11) Industrial operation environment management and contract maintenance system;
(12) Occupational safety and health (HSE) and equipment inventory management and maintenance.

4、 Exhibition data: (every two years) 2018
Number of exhibitors: 456 (from more than 30 countries in the world)
Exhibition area: 24690 square meters
Professional visitors: 24680 people from more than 30 countries (the exhibition is only open to professional visitors)
(March, one of the largest machine tool exhibitions in Europe, will be held at the same time)
5、 Exhibition introduction:
The exhibition was held by the famous DFA exhibition company in the UK, with the full support and participation of the British Machinery Association (BFPA). It is the largest and only international industrial exposition in the UK. For this comprehensive industrial exhibition, the Organizing Committee further subdivided it into five major theme exhibition areas: smart industry 4.0 exhibition area and industrial area Industrial transmission and control exhibition area, fluid power system exhibition area, (air) gas machinery and technology exhibition area, and plant asset maintenance and management exhibition area. This exhibition is held every two years. It radiates the whole Europe. The British industry is very important in Europe, so this exhibition ranks the top in the professional influence of the whole Europe. This professional exhibition is just for Chinese enterprises In depth development of the UK and European markets, the best platform for export. The exhibition gathers excellent suppliers from more than 30 countries in the world, and professional visitors also come from the UK and all countries in Europe. The exhibition is only open to professionals in the field.
World famous intelligent industrial enterprises participated in the exhibition, including: Schneider Electric, Siemens electric, Mitsubishi, abb, universal robots in Denmark, Elmo motion, Phoenix Contact, Balluff in Germany, sigmatek in Germany, stobil industry in Switzerland, RS components in the UK, German machinery Zimmergroup, riello, Germany, procentec, Panduit, Nidec, radwell, Rittal, Beckhoff, Eaton electric, HARTING, EXOR, Leuze electronic, Omron, SMC, Weidmuller, IFM, FESTO, Zhejiang Shenle electric, etc;

★ our company is the exclusive promotion organization in China recognized by the exhibition organizers, and is fully responsible for the domestic recruitment of this exhibition.

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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