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2020 Shanghai international urban public space and environmental art exhibition
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/11/25 - 11/27 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qingpu District · Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)
Sponsor:UN Habitat, Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and urban development, China Urban Planning Society, China Architecture Society
Organizer:Donghaolansheng Group Shanghai Modern Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Shanghai Lvbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


1、 Project background
According to the new urban agenda released by UN-Habitat, "public space as a core element of urban planning". The 2030 agenda for sustainable development also takes the provision of safe and inclusive urban public space as an important part of future urban planning and construction, and emphasizes the composite function of urban public space.
The planning and construction of urban public space is mainly the responsibility of the government. From the social point of view, public space can provide a place for interaction, cultivate the sense of belonging and honor of citizens; from the economic point of view, urban public space can provide a place for trade, enhance the vitality of the city; from the environmental point of view, it can help to improve the urban ecology, improve the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation.
In the new era of "urban renewal", public space emphasizes the development and utilization of urban sporadic plots and idle areas in planning and design, as well as the coordination with surrounding buildings, green landscape and other environmental arts. After the World Expo 2010, Shanghai municipal government focuses on building "a city of innovation, a city of humanity, and a city of ecology", a socialist modern international metropolis with world influence. The renewal of urban public space has become an important way to transform and improve the quality of urban space, and to enhance urban comprehensive services and cultural tourism.
II. On world city day "Shanghai international city and architecture Expo"
World city day is the first international day promoted by the Chinese government in the United Nations. It comes from the spiritual heritage of Shanghai World Expo and takes the theme of Shanghai World Expo "Better City, better life" as the overall theme.
As the theme exhibition activity of world city day, UN Habitat and Shanghai Municipal Commission of housing and Urban Rural Development Co hosted "Shanghai International Urban and Construction Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "the Expo"), which is positioned as the theme exhibition of comprehensive large-scale international urban construction (urban renewal) and management (Urban operation), benchmarking the highest international standard and best level The combination of forums, exhibitions, awards and social activities will enhance China's voice and international influence in the field of global urban sustainable development. With the strong support of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the municipal government, all committees, offices and relevant units, the exhibition scale will be nearly 100000 square meters in 2019, with more than 400 exhibitors and 86032 visitors.
The 2020 City Expo will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 21 to 23, with the theme of "innovative city, beautiful home". Focusing on "innovation and technology", the exhibition will focus on three urban functional areas, namely, beautiful block, beautiful home and beautiful countryside, so as to provide a place for people to think about the possibility of "urban innovation" and imagine "beautiful home" in the future.
It is planned to invite more than 400 domestic and foreign industry leaders and well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with the participation of enterprises, government officials, industry experts, architects, engineers, designers, technicians, and the public. It has set up a number of thematic plates, such as smart city, municipal facilities, old house reconstruction, public space, smart road lamp post, garden landscape, public toilet revolution, etc., with main forum and dozens of series forums held at the same time.
3、 Goal concept
The public space of a city is regarded as the living room of the city, the representative of the city image and the embodiment of the city spirit.
With the rapid development of the city and the improvement of the multiple needs of the citizens. There are many complex problems in the existing urban public space, such as serious waste of space resources, decline of overall environmental quality, lack of humanized space and disorder of development. Therefore, the construction and optimization of urban public space has become an important issue in urban renewal.  
Based on the concept of people-oriented and sustainable development, we will implement the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the new urban agenda of the United Nations, and comprehensively implement the spirit of the central urban work conference. "Shanghai urban public space and environmental art exhibition" will rely on "world city day", under the framework of the United Nations, gather various forces. In combination with the current priorities of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the integration development requirements of the Yangtze River Delta. From the perspective of planning and design, this paper comprehensively interprets the renewal methods and successful cases of urban industrial sites, riverside areas, cultural and tourism real estate, leisure squares, theme parks, characteristic towns, subway spaces, street communities, the fifth space and other public spaces, focusing on "Rural Revitalization", "old area reconstruction", "urban governance", "underground space" and other construction hotspots, forming a conducive to We will promote the technological innovation, transformation and development of related supporting products, build an international high-end platform to demonstrate China's new urbanization construction, radiate all areas of the Yangtze River Delta municipal facilities construction, and provide urban managers with systematic overall solutions for the future urban public space.
4、 Exhibition advantages
The transformation and development of Shanghai city has a demonstration and leading role in the sustainable development of domestic cities. The individuation and diversity of Shanghai city are the characteristics and highlights of urban development in the context of globalization.
1. Shanghai's advantages in resource allocation as a metropolis with international influence
The development law of global cities is the process of improving the level of resource allocation in all aspects. The ultimate goal of building a global city in Shanghai is to target the most advanced global city and continue to promote the level improvement in a comprehensive and global direction. Therefore, holding an exhibition in Shanghai is easy to attract global attention, connect with domestic and foreign urban innovation cases, provide services for the industrialization of innovation results, and more countries and enterprises will participate in the exhibition.
2. Advantages of site selection and supporting facilities
The National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) has 400000 square meters of indoor exhibition hall and 100000 square meters of outdoor exhibition hall, 150000 square meters of commercial center and 60000 square meters of five-star hotel. Located in Hongqiao Business District, as the traffic network center and economic geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta city group, it has formed a "big traffic" function integrating business travel, city commuting, past transfer and other functions. It is convenient to expand the influence of the exhibition in the Yangtze River Delta and surrounding areas and to organize and receive professional visitors from other provinces and cities.
5、 Function orientation
How can urban public space become a natural laboratory of innovative environmental art and science and technology?
The exhibition should not only reflect the planning, design and management level of urban public space at home and abroad, but also integrate the functions of policy interpretation, case display, foreign exchange and public participation. Fully consider the combination of case display and product innovation, the combination of forward-looking academic research, and the combination of Humanities and art.
According to the needs of exhibitors and professional visitors, lead the development of relevant industries and cultivate emerging markets. Build four platforms, including brand display, engineering procurement, industry communication and policy guidance. Strengthen the communication between municipal investment and development units, planning and design institutes and supporting product enterprises.
Social benefits: wide awareness, public participation and cohesion.
Realize the education and publicity oriented to the value and development trend of social popularization of public space, and promote the renewal and transformation of ideas. Provide social activities places for citizens to expand the scope and level of space and create more beautiful and happy urban life.
Economic benefits: reflect the demands of enterprises and improve the business environment.
We will improve the upstream and downstream industrial chains related to urban public space and environmental art, and enhance the industrial relevance between planning and design units and supporting product enterprises. Consolidate the cultural and economic value of the city and promote the sustainable and powerful development of related industries.

7、 Audience composition
-Audiences organized by government departments, trade associations, societies and scientific research institutes related to urban construction and management;
-Representatives of the owners of the proposed and unfinished projects in the Yangtze River Delta
-Product supplier, technology integrator, consulting service provider, etc
-Representative of international business office, representative of international project contractor, representative of overseas project owner
-Key major projects, infrastructure investors, bidding and construction contractors
-Chief engineer, chief architect, chief planner and researcher of Architecture College
-Landscape design unit, landscape engineering, maintenance unit, building decoration unit
-Well known community and property service, management company, supporting service provider
-Registered engineering construction practitioners
-Professional media units, etc
8、 Audience source
-The municipal, construction, environmental protection, housing and other government construction and management departments in the areas with relatively developed economic development and urban construction around Shanghai, such as Nantong, Jiaxing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, etc;
-Each district government organizes the construction and Communications Commission, streets and other grid management departments;
-Large scale municipal investment, design and construction units such as Municipal General Institute, Construction Research Institute, survey and Design Institute, urban investment, Shentong, Huajian, tunnel, construction engineering, etc;
-Real estate group, Hongqiao Business District, international tourism resort, suhewan, Pudong Development Group, Lujiazui Group, Yangpu Binjiang, West Bank Group, Qingpu Dianshan Lake New City Development Company and other large-scale government investment developers organized personnel from relevant engineering design and procurement departments to visit;
-Through the form of Forum meeting, invite the organizers and speakers of the forum to help organize the audience to visit;
-Trade promotion organizations such as Consulates General of all countries in Shanghai, trade association, etc;
-Communities and streets organize visits by ordinary citizens, parents, children, families and other social groups.
9、 Relevant partners
Shanghai Municipal Transportation Committee, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of planning and resources, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of ecological environment, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of water affairs, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of greening and city appearance, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of communication, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of urban management, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of housing management, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of road and political affairs, urban comprehensive affairs management center and other relevant committees and bureaus actively mobilized relevant units to participate in the exhibition.
10、 On site activities
An independent conference area is set up at the exhibition hall site, and multiple design seminars and technical exchanges are held to attract the participation of enterprises and media. With its own resources, professional sub forums will be set up on the exhibition site around the themes of "city image publicity film", "Metro public space and city culture communication", "hospital public space art and rehabilitation function transformation", "reshaping city landscape", "three-dimensional green future innovation technology", "ecological Shanghai and public art". Arrange special personnel to fully cooperate with the audience organization and reception of the forum.
During the activity, CCTV, Shanghai TV, radio, Jiefang Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Wenhui, dongfang.com, pengbai.com, China daily.com, construction times and other major media were invited to participate on site. In depth report on the excellent projects, technologies and products of this activity and exhibition.


Demonstration case exhibition area: cultural and tourism real estate project, museum, temple, urban waterfront, transportation hub space (subway, bus station, airport, high-speed rail, wharf, etc.), urban square, bronze sculpture art museum, Ditan, Park (Landscape Architecture), hospital, school, library, gym and other public cultural facilities indoor space, community street, public service facilities (public toilet Changing room, ticket office, etc;
Design consultation exhibition area: planning and Design Institute, foundation, art institution, social organization, etc;
Exhibition area of supporting products: Waterscape fountain, sculpture, building roof facade material, curtain wall, ground pavement material, copper building decoration, art device, power box, street lamp pole, identification system, electronic billboard, flower bed and border, hanging greening, three-dimensional greening, flower box fence, landscape soft decoration, lighting, flood prevention wall, dike, revetment, "urban (street) furniture" , bamboo and wood structure houses, outdoor furniture, intelligent commercial retail equipment, barrier free facilities, outdoor toilets, dustbins, sound barriers, anti glare boards, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth(From 18 ㎡ to 1696 yuan / m2, from 36 ㎡ to 1590 yuan / m2

Standard booth: three coamings, full carpet, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one220V / 500W socket.

Space only: no exhibition equipment. Water, electricity, gas and optical land management fees shall be calculated separately.

The measure of area: 100000 square meters


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