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The 8th Shanghai International bio fermentation products and technical equipment exhibition in 2020
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/08/26 - 08/28 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sponsor:China Biological Fermentation Industry Association
Organizer:Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Shanghai Food Association Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association Shanghai food additives and Ingredients Industry Association
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Establishment of China Biological Fermentation Industry AssociationThirtyAnniversary celebration

Two thousand and twentyThe 8th Shanghai International bio fermentation products and technical equipment exhibition


Location:Shanghai New International Expo Center(Longyang RoadTwo thousand three hundred and forty-fiveNumber)

Time:Two thousand and twentyyearEightmonth26-28day


FourExhibition linkage800+Brand,ShareSixty thousandBuyers,Forty thousandSquare display area

Focus on fermentation engineeringBioengineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biopharmaceutical, bio feed, bio pesticide, bio fertilizer

Biochemical industry, food fermentation engineering, biomass energy and other industries---New products, technologies, processes and equipment


Held in the same period:  Two thousand and twentyShanghai International Biotechnology Innovation Exhibition

            Two thousand and twentyShanghai International Biopharmaceutical Technology Exhibition

            2020Shanghai International fermented feed industry exhibition

            2020Shanghai International biochemical instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition


Organizer:  China Biological Fermentation Industry Association                              

Organizer:  Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Co organizer:  Shanghai Food Association

Shanghai Biomedical Industry Association

Shanghai food additives and Ingredients Industry Association

Media support:

Biological equipment network    American Chemical Network      Gaide Chemical Network      DruggistSixty-eightNetwork Huicong pharmaceutical industry network instrument network Pharmacystation 

China feed Online  Environmental protection online  Chinese Journal of animal health products   Chemical Instrument Network    Food partner network     Activated carbon network     

Journal of animal husbandry    Global Journal of ecology  HaoTu food net  Letter marketing technology  China API special                              

Exhibition Brief 

BIOCHINAExhibitionFounded inTwo thousand and thirteenYears, experiencedSevenThe industry development and resource accumulation in has become the most famous and authoritative exhibition in the field of bio fermentation industry and bio technology. It has become a one-stop communication platform for industry discussion, technology exchange, network expansion, brand promotion, customer service, etc, Main contents of the exhibitionAround fermentation engineering, bioengineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biopharmaceutical, biological feed, biological pesticide, biological fertilizer, biochemical industry, food fermentation, probiotic products, etcIndustryNew technology, new process, newEquipment is the display content,Create set"Exhibition, trade, learning, business" as one“Biological fermentation technology industry chain, various supporting meetings and activities,Involving academic discussion and business matchmaking meeting,Technology Forum,Business fair, special technical exchange meeting, scientific research achievement meeting, new product release conferenceSelection and awardetc.To create a highly international social biological fermentation ecosystem;



Last review

BIOCHINA2019InTwo thousand and nineteenyearNinemonth24-26Successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center,Total exhibition areaThirty thousandSquare meter,ExhibitorsFour hundred and eighty-sixHome,Visiting buyersInvolveUpstream and downstreamTwentyMultipleIndustry,Visiting timesThirty-eight thousand six hundred and fiftyPerson time, foreign purchasing guestsTwo thousandMore than one person time, the scale of visit is the most over the years,Held in the same periodOneSevenIndustry forums and events forAngel, Jiangsu Weikang, Panasonic refrigeration, Shanghai Quanxi, Shandong meiquan, lubrin, Hebei Morans, Sinopharm, Wuhan Haitai, Shanghai and huangbaimaoTianjin NoorLaique, Shenzhen Dehe, jienengke, East China University of science and technology, etcFiftyMore than enterprises provide personalized value-added services such as theme publicity, theme promotion and theme docking. Has obtained the exhibitor, the visit, the purchase, the media, the colleague and so on each other's consistent high praise! Shanghai bio fermentation exhibition has grown into a public platform to promote the comprehensive service of the industry and a "circle of friends" for people in the global fermentation industry!

FourBig advantageBIOCHINA

advantageOne: held by professional association

Sponsored by China biological fermentation industry association directly under SASAC and entrusted by relevant government departmentsPut forward suggestions on industrial development planning, technical and economic policies, economic legislation, etc.; participate in the formulation and revision of national standards, industrial standards and group standards for related products; help member enterprises improve product quality and management level,It is the most professional and authoritative in ChinaAndProduction enterprises and scientific research institutions, etcclose cooperation, member units account for the whole countryBiological fermentation productsProduction unit's95%。 To create a good ecological environment for the biological fermentation industry and promote the healthy, sustainable and stable development of the industry.

advantageTwo:Who will visit?

The fermentation exhibition has been successfully held for seven times, accumulating hundreds of thousands of precision enterprises from fermentation engineering, bioengineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biopharmaceutical, biological feed, biopesticide, biological fertilizer, biochemical industry, food fermentation, food processing of probiotic products, beer, functional beverage, health and nutrition products, food additives, functional food, brewing, cosmetics, etc Industry data, the exhibition gathers the technical director, scientific research, sales, managers, universities and scientific research institutions of production enterprises to visit and attend!


advantageThree:Biological industryFirst exhibition

BIOCHINA It is the largest exhibition of biological industry, integrating scientific research achievements and new technologies, processes and equipment in production and application of fermentation engineering, biological engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, biopharmaceutical, biological feed, biological pesticide, biological fertilizer, biochemical industry, food fermentation engineering, biomass energy and other industries, gathering industry contacts, technical exchanges and trade cooperation , scientific research achievements docking, cutting-edge information insight, brand display and other one-stop integrated service platform!

advantageFour: special forum and affiliated activities

Organize promotion meetings and new products of key projects of nutritional food, biopharmaceutical, biological feed, biological pesticide and biological fertilizer, biological fermentation/newTechnical conference, special forum on biological fermentation products/Procurement matchmaking meeting, etc., with othersThirtyApplications andTwenty-sixThematic forum linkage.


Newly addedTheme museum of biotechnology industry,Perfect combination of industrial chain

The theme museum of biotechnology industry will integrate Biopharmaceuticals/Biochemical instrument/Biotechnology/Bioengineering/Special exhibition on biological resources extraction.

OneAsia's leading professional exhibition:A large-scale international professional exhibition dedicated to the field of BiotechnologyUpstream and downstreamStrong industrial chainPerfect combinationTo show the innovation andnewBusiness opportunity;

TwoCentralized presentation of industrial features:Tandem administration,yield,learn,study,From gene cell research, new drug development, raw materials, terminal application, access to international investment and cooperation, we will build a large service platform for the whole industry chain of biotechnology;

ThreenewtechnologyNew equipmentExhibition:Grasp the latest pulse of the industry, witness the breakthrough R & D technology of the industry elites and let the world see the achievements of China's biotechnology through the theme of achievements publishing, investment opportunities, etc!

VIPBuyer/Industry users

ComprehensiveInvitation: biopharmaceutical, biological feed, biochemical instrument and laboratory equipment, fruit wine, beer beverage, natural extract, health products, dairy products, food and food additives, etcTwentyRepresentatives of production enterprises, engineers and technicians from various industries, experts and scholars from domestic and foreign trade organizations, research institutes, universities and scientific research institutions attended the exhibition.


Scope of exhibits

First,Exhibition area of biological fermentation products

1、 Amino acids and organic acids: glutamic acid, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, citric acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, itaconic acid, etc;

2、 Enzyme preparations: amylase, glucoamylase, protease, cellulase, isoamylase, isomeraseβ - glucoamylase, phytase, xylanase, etc.

3、 Yeast and its derivatives: high activity dry yeast, medicinal yeast, feed yeast, nutritional yeast, yeast extract, etc;

4、 Starch, starch sugar: all kinds of starch, modified starch, starch sugar, polyol and other products and their derivatives.

Two.Fermentation laboratory equipment:Laboratory fermentation tank, micro automatic fermentation tank, cell tank, vaccine (bacteria) fermentation tank, glass fermentation tank, cell culture system (instrument), cell reactor, air flow/Magnetic stirring, on-line detector, cell incubator, shaker, incubator, fermentation system control software, cell engineering monitoring system, tail gas/Biochemical analyzer, animal and plant culture, centrifuge, electrochemical analysis instrument, bioreactor, carbon dioxide incubator, autoclave, circulating cooling water machine, air compressor, cell breaker, high pressure homogenizer, freeze dryer, spray dryer, centrifugal concentrator, etc.

3、 Fermentation equipment and automatic control system:

One,Fermentation production and processing equipment exhibition area:Fermentation tank, saccharification equipment, evaporation equipment, crystallization equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment, heat exchange equipment, mixing equipment

Compressed air system, industrial refrigeration equipment, each effect separator, condenser, purification distillation equipment, plasma exchange resin, homogenization machinery and other production equipment

Distilled water machine, evaporation station system, crystallization agitation device, extraction equipment;

Two,Automation control system exhibition area:Chromatograph, spectrometer, various reducersPHElectrode, sensor, liquid level meter, mixer, electrochemical analyzer and other detection equipment; packaging equipment, transmission equipment, peristaltic pump, sealing and labeling machine, etc.

Three. fluid equipment exhibition area:Sanitary pump, sanitary valve, sanitary pipe fitting, sanitary hose, sanitary connector and integrated service provider, emulsification, homogenization

Mixing, sorting, thickening, reactor, distillation, filter, filtration and purification equipment, deionization equipment, air conditioning equipment, dust collection equipment, clean room equipment, vacuum and other production and processing equipment;

4、 Separate and extract equipment:Membrane separation equipment, centrifugal separation equipment, distillation and evaporative crystallization separation equipment, decolorization equipment, extraction equipment, filtration equipment, others

Extraction equipment, etc.

5、 Environmental protection equipment and technology:MVREnvironmental monitoring and laboratory equipment such as evaporation system, sewage monitoring system, measuring instrument / instrument, analytical instrument, etc;Waste water,

Waste gas, solid waste and other environmental protection treatment equipment.

6、 Biotechnology Industry Museum:

One,Biopharmaceutical: antibody, bioinformation, biological preparation, biological manufacturing, biological process, cell biology, clinical trial, new drug research and development, genomics/Genetics, intellectual property, nanotechnology, vaccines, biotechnology equipment, laboratory fermentation tanks, shakers, incubators, fermentation system control software, etc;

Two,Biochemical instruments:Chromatography, gas phase, spectrum, spectrum, mass spectrum, optics, spectrum, spectroscope, bioengineering instruments, bacterial analyzer, microbial analyzer, general equipment, reagents, consumables, general reagents, experimental consumables

Three,Biotechnology: biotechnology application, biotechnology equipment and services, life science laboratory technology and equipment, regenerative medicine/Stem cell research, contract services, drug R & D support equipment, reagents, services, measurement and analysis, fine processing, biomedical R & D, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc;

Four,Extraction of biological resources:Plant, Chinese herbal extract, vegetable, fruit extract, animal extract, fungus extract, marine biological extract, separation and extraction equipment, extraction and concentration equipment, extraction equipment, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Company:Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:021-67602212
  • Truename:Wang Cheng
  • Mobile:18516018928
  • QQ:2479672464
  • Address:Building e, 5F, Shenxin business, No. 2888, Jiuxin Road, Shanghai


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