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2019 world peace products and services Exhibition (World Islamic exhibition / a large comprehensive exhibition along the way)
Industry: Processing / Trade / Import and Export
Time: 2019/10/03 - 10/07 (Thur To Mon Total 5 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Saudi Arabia Jeddah International Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia AsiaSaudi Arabia P.O.Box - 40740, Jeddah - 21511, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Sponsor:Guangdong samaxingke International Trade Co., Ltd


2019 world peace products and services Exhibition

About world peace products and Services Expo

The exhibition is hosted by the world halal Center Exhibition in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is held once a year. During the exhibition, the Saudi food forum is held to attract a large number of international and domestic buyers as well as leaders from halal food, food safety department, food supply logistics chain and food marketing. With the increasing number of participants every year, halal has gradually become a platform for potential investors to develop business in the Middle East and North Africa markets.
With the full support of the Ministry of Commerce of the government of Saudi Arabia, more than 50.3% of the visitors to the exhibition are professionals from all walks of life. Participating in this exhibition will help us to know more about the development of Halal Products in Saudi Arabia and even the world and the specific needs of the market, improve the technical content of the products, adjust and improve the structure of the products, lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, and guide the direction for improving the export and ensuring the normal export.
The world halal fair is the only platform for halal certified products in Jeddah. Considering the business expectations of participating enterprises, marketing and promotion activities are actively carried out in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East and the United States of America. It is expected that in a few cities, there will be between 500 and 1500 companies and brands from various countries and many relevant departments.
As the largest economy in the Middle East, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Halal market worth more than $2.0 trillion is one of the most promising market segments in the world today. It is estimated that 1.8 billion Muslim consumers, a quarter of the world's population, demand for Halal Products and services is overwhelming.

=================================Industry scope=================================

Which industries can participate?

*Food and drink
*Halal ingredients meat and poultry
*Candy * refrigerated / canned food * beverage * organic products
1. Food and beverage: Biscuit bread, beverage, biscuit cake, candy, dairy products, eggs, frozen food, fresh cooked food, etc;
2. Raw materials: fruits and vegetables, groceries, health food, organic food, poultry meat, etc;
3. Equipment and hotel: food technology, food service, etc;
4. Healthy food, organic food, etc.

*Domestic and foreign tourism
*Hotel, family hotel * restaurant catering industry
*Islamic finance * commercial bank * Islamic insurance
*E-commerce platform * financial technology * Muslim fund
*Logistics warehousing service provider * label and packaging processing

* drugs
*Cosmetics and supplements * drugs and vaccine products * finished drugs * health care products

Fashion products
*Clothing and textiles
*Pilgrimage dress * accessories

*Education * hotel management * Technology * competition

Who should take part most?

*Distributors / wholesalers
*Supermarket / hypermarket
* ship operators
*Exporter / importer
* Hotel
*Retailers and chains
*Trade Association
* restaurants
*Halal certification body
*List of previous halal exhibitions by heads of public institutions (3)
*Banks / financial services
*Fund manager
*Founder of Islam
*Financing platform
*Small and medium enterprises
*Distributors / wholesalers
*Department store
*Supermarket / hypermarket
* Hotel
*International enterprises participating in the exhibition in retail drugstores
*Health products store
*Halal certification body
*Hospitals and clinics
*Drug manufacturer
*Halal manufacturer
*Ports and docks
*Halal production supplier
* Airport
* r & D
*Distributors / wholesalers
*Supermarket / hypermarket
*Professional tourism trade
* travel agency
*Railway operators


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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