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2020 China (Wuhan) automobile manufacturing and industrial assembly Exhibition
Industry: Car / Vehicle
Time: 2020/11/18 - 11/20 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wuhan · Hubei Wuhan International Expo Center No.619 Parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Sponsor:Hubei Machinery Industry Federation, China Auto Parts Industry Association, Hubei laser industry association, Wuhan Automobile Industry Circulation Association
Organizer:Beijing Asia Pacific Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Automobile industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy, and it is also a symbol industry reflecting the national competitiveness. As an important automobile industry base in China, Hubei Province plays an important role in the development of national economy. Focusing on the grand goal of building an important strategic fulcrum to promote the rise of the central region and the major strategic deployment of "two circles and one belt" and "industrial rejuvenation of the province", Hubei auto industry has created development advantages in the fierce competition, cultivated development potential in seizing opportunities, and has a solid industrial foundation, showing a strong momentum of development. Wuhan, known as "China's capital of cars", is the intersection point of the two national strategies of China's "one belt and one road" and the Yangtze River economic belt development. It is the pivot city of the rise of central China, the central economic center of China's comprehensive construction, and the commercial center and modern industrial center of central China.
The automobile industry has become the largest pillar industry in Wuhan for seven consecutive years. The automobile industry in Wuhan has made "catch-up" development and maintained the first contribution rate for three consecutive years. At present, the scale of Wuhan Automobile industry is the first in the central region and the output value ranks the sixth in China. 2018 is the first year for the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the key year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan. Relying on Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xiangyang high tech Development Zone, Xiaogan high tech Development Zone and Xiangyang auto parts industry cluster, Shiyan commercial auto industry cluster, Suizhou special auto and parts industry cluster, Zaoyang auto friction sealing material industry cluster, Macheng auto parts industry cluster, Yichang (Yiting) power system integration and new energy The carriers of yuanauto Industrial Park, Gucheng auto parts industrial cluster, Jingzhou (Public Security) auto parts industrial cluster and Danjiangkou auto parts industrial cluster focus on accelerating the manufacturing of passenger vehicles, special vehicles, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles, the development of key parts, vehicle networking and new energy vehicle supporting facilities. By 2020, the scale of automobile and new energy automobile industry will reach 800 billion yuan. We will improve the automobile manufacturing and industrial assembly industries, constantly adopt and promote new technologies, processes, equipment and materials, and transform the production facilities, equipment and processes of the enterprises.
[review of the last session]
The three-day 2019 Wuhan International Automobile Expo was successfully concluded in Wuhan International Expo Center on August 30. More than 460 leading enterprises at home and abroad, together with a large number of first-class and top-notch products, competed in the event. The top manufacturers at home and abroad gathered in the event. On the first day, more than 20000 professional visitors visited and purchased, and the on-site audience was enthusiastic. The exhibitors' firepower was fully opened and concentrated in the exhibition It shows the new achievements of the global automobile industry in scientific and technological research and development.

[looking forward to the future]
The exhibition will build a one-stop vehicle engineering platform of design, R & D, production and manufacturing with new technology and new ideas such as electrification, lightweight, automatic driving, intelligent Internet connection, and sharing travel. The new technology and new products in all links of the whole automobile manufacturing industry chain enable every professional audience to have a one-stop understanding of more, more complete and better new products and information in the automobile manufacturing industry. We will take the opportunity of "2020 China (Wuhan) international automobile manufacturing and Intelligent Equipment Expo" to promote the rapid development and growth of Hubei automobile industry. Relying on the location advantages of Wuhan, we will give full play to the automobile industry cluster and driving role, effectively serve as the engine for Wuhan to build a National Central City, and help Wuhan to steadily move towards "China automobile capital". Make it to the whole country, to the world!  


◆ display of image and new achievements of large domestic and foreign automobile groups and new energy automobile groups; display of latest achievements of automobile manufacturing development;
◆ technical equipment for manufacturing passenger cars and mini cars; ◆ technical equipment for manufacturing freight cars, special cars and buses
◆ pure electric vehicles and three electric, hydrogen energy vehicles and parts
◆ exhibition area for CNC machine tools, machining, stamping and laser welding; ◆ exhibition area for automobile design and development and trial production engineering
◆ exhibition area for wheels, tires and wheels; ◆ exhibition area for automobile materials and lightweight;
◆ special area for wiring harness assembly engineering; ◆ exhibition area for coating engineering and labor protection;
◆ exhibition area for automobile and parts moving and placing; ◆ exhibition area for automobile mould, cutter and 3D printing;
◆ exhibition area of power assembly engineering ◆ exhibition area of intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation and robot
◆ exhibition area of automobile fastener and tightening technical equipment; ◆ exhibition area of machine vision, automatic driving, electronic appliances and Internet of vehicles
◆ auto test technology and test equipment exhibition area; ◆ intelligent factory equipment and factory environment exhibition area;
◆ exhibition area of automobile interior and exterior trim and processing equipment; ◆ exhibition area of industrial cleaning and component cleaning technology equipment
◆ exhibition area for auto parts and processing technology equipment; ◆ exhibition area for auto refitting, equipment maintenance and lubricating oil
◆ exhibition area of new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and equipment; ◆ industrial assembly and intelligent assembly production line;

Costs & Precautions

1. The standard booth is 9m ² (3m × 3M); configuration: exhibition site, three display boards (2.5m high), one Chinese and English lintel board, one negotiation table, two chairs, carpet, 220V power supply, two spotlights. Additional 10% of the exhibition fee will be charged for the double opening location.

Domestic Pavilion
Standard booth

RMB 9800 / 9 ㎡
Hardcover booth area: RMB 10800 / 9 ㎡

Standard booth for foreign-funded enterprises:
RMB 20000 / 9 ㎡

Domestic museum land (36 ㎡ from rent): ¥ 1000 yuan / ㎡

International Pavilion light land (36 ㎡ from rent): ¥ 2000 yuan / ㎡

Note: this exhibition provides a variety of sponsorship programs, which provides more opportunities for operators and suppliers to participate. If you want to choose sponsorship, please ask the Organizing Committee for participation details. Conference fee: 1000 yuan per representative.
Advertising expenses


Back cover

Feng ER / Qian Fei

Feng San / Hou Fei

Inner color page

Cross color pages

Black and white pages

Twenty thousand

Sixteen thousand

Ten thousand

Eight thousand

Five thousand

Eight thousand

Three thousand

Visiting volume:
10000 / 30000

Chest cards: 60000 / 30000

60000 / 30000

60000 / 10000

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Matters needing attention
Registration and exhibition arrangement: November 16-17, 2020 (8:30-17:00); opening: November 18, 2020 (9:30)
Exhibition: November 18-20, 2020 (9:00-16:30) closing: November 20, 2020 (14:00)


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