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The 3rd Shanghai international automobile chassis system and manufacturing engineering technology exhibition in 2020
Industry: Car / Vehicle
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/10/26 - 10/28 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center 1099 Guozhan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sponsor:AEE Automobile Engineering Conference platform | ACS automobile chassis industry alliance | micron Bolong Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Organizer:Micron Bolong Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Time: October 26-28, 2020
Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall (No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)
Contact: Wu Yunhui (Mr.) 15900551473 business QQ: 196207889
Organizer: micron Bolong Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Organization: AEE Automotive Engineering Conference platform
ACS automobile chassis industry alliance
Exhibition introduction - AEE & amee2020
The automobile chassis is composed of four major systems: power transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system. The four major systems of automobile chassis affect the power performance, safety performance, driving performance and comfort performance of the whole vehicle. With the improvement and transformation of the automobile consumption market and concept, the manufacturer of the whole vehicle designs and develops the chassis system, applies new materials, manufacturing process and quality Higher requirements are put forward for the quantity, which will also bring higher requirements to the manufacturers of materials, processes and equipment in the chassis system industry chain. The improvement of the comprehensive performance of the chassis is the improvement of the comprehensive competitiveness of the main engine plant. Therefore, the development and improvement of the automobile chassis technology is the future development trend.
AEE Automotive Engineering Conference platform has held the first domestic automobile chassis system manufacturing engineering conference since 2018. After the successful holding of the two sessions of the conference, it has been recognized by the industry in terms of technology, authority and influence, and has accumulated a lot of high-quality capital. Under the new situation and market demand of the development of automobile industry, the automobile industry needs a platform dedicated to serving the industrial chain of chassis system. Therefore, AEE Automotive Engineering Conference platform will hold the first professional exhibition in the field of automobile chassis system engineering amee2020 in Shanghai from 2020.
Amee2020 Shanghai international automobile chassis system and manufacturing engineering technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall on October 26-28, 2020, which is the first professional technology exhibition in the automotive industry dedicated to the field of chassis system industry chain. AMEE will build a new energy vehicle chassis system intelligent, electric, electronic, lightweight, as well as passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, special vehicle chassis design and development engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering, chassis trend engineering, lean product engineering and other industry chain cutting-edge technology and solution display platform.
Exhibition features:
The only line in the industry: the first exhibition platform dedicated to the field of automobile chassis system and manufacturing engineering technology in the global automobile industry!
Manufacturing industry chain: a one-stop platform from front-end design and development to advanced manufacturing engineering, from future trend to lean product landing!
Chassis ecosystem: 3000 + complete vehicles, chassis systems, research institutes, universities, suppliers will be integrated into ACS automotive chassis industry alliance!
Exhibition high quality: 350 + exhibitors from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to create a grand event and wind vane of global chassis industry chain!  
Conference high specification: 6 + major theme conference, involving chassis industry chain, exhibition + conference + activity, involving more than 15000 buyers!  
--The industry's only professional exhibition focusing on automobile chassis system and manufacturing engineering technology
More than 350 high-quality suppliers from the world and more than 15000 high-quality buyers from the automobile industry came to the site to build a one-stop technology, business and trade industry chain platform of automobile chassis design, development, materials, lightweight, manufacturing, quality, assembly and products!
--Looking for business opportunities after the turning point of China's automobile industry
After the great waves of the automobile industry, the whole industry chain of automobile manufacturing will eventually change and continue to develop, and suppliers will face a large number of transformation and upgrading, which will bring new business opportunities in new forms and new changes!
--Face to face communication with decision makers
The exhibition is an efficient platform for meeting and communicating with tens of thousands of vehicle manufacturing and chassis parts manufacturers in terms of technology, process, R & D, planning, management and purchasing personnel.
--Promote brand and new products / technologies
Through exhibition, forum speech and publicity, show your company's technical advantages and solutions, which is a great opportunity for you to get timely feedback from professional buyers on site.  
--Building new opportunities for cooperation
Conduct on-site communication with peers, find new business opportunities, establish a global strategic alliance, and lead your competitors in the local customer group.
Concurrent activities:
1. Acs2020 the third Shanghai International Automobile Chassis System Manufacturing Engineering Conference
Involving: chassis welding, assembly, machining, stamping, coating and other processes
2. Acl2020 Shanghai international automobile chassis lightweight Engineering Forum
Involving: chassis lightweight design, lightweight materials, lightweight technology
3. Acs2020 China Automotive Chassis Technical Director Summit
Involving: 100 + chassis technical director in-depth Summit (special invitation system)
4. Ats2020 Shanghai International Automobile Transmission System Engineering Conference
Involved in: research and development, process and product of automobile transmission system design
5. Abs2020 Shanghai International Automobile Brake System Engineering Conference
Involved in: design and development, process and product of automobile brake system
6. Ass2020 Shanghai International Automobile Steering System Engineering Conference
Involved in: design and development, process and product of automobile steering system
7. Aecc2020 Shanghai International Commercial Vehicle self driving engineering conference
Involving: commercial vehicle automatic driving engineering and scene landing application


Design and development engineering:
Display the development of vehicle chassis system and vehicle performance, overall layout design, structural design, as well as electrification design, suspension system, steering system, braking system, transmission system design, development engineering, trial production engineering, etc
Advanced manufacturing engineering:
Display the advanced manufacturing engineering of four system parts of automobile chassis, including: die casting technology, machining technology, stamping technology, lightweight engineering, welding technology, coating technology, assembly engineering, detection and testing technology, general assembly engineering, etc
Chassis trend Engineering:
Display the future development trend of chassis technology, including: chassis by wire control system, automatic steering technology, adaptive cruise control system, ABS / ASR / ESP integrated control system, adaptive cruise control system (ACC), park assist system (PLA), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), adjustable damping control system (ADC), lane departure and driving warning system, etc
Lean Product Engineering:
Display the parts and components products of automobile chassis transmission system, steering system, braking system, driving system and other fields, including: engine, transmission, transmission shaft, clutch, drive axle, reducer, differential, brake, brake master cylinder, vacuum booster, steering gear, steering wheel, steering shaft, shock absorber, frame, axle, suspension, tire, wheel; and new energy Source vehicle chassis, car chassis, bus chassis, truck chassis, special vehicle chassis;

Costs & Precautions

Booth price

Standard booth:Fifteen thousand and eight hundredelement/individual

Space only:One thousand six hundred and fiftyelement/Square meter

Note: additional charge for corner feeOne thousandelement/individual

favoured policy:

2019TwelvemonthThirty-oneDay ahead application and payment, enjoy10%Early bird discount

2020ThreemonthFifteenDay ahead application and payment, enjoy8%Early bird discount

2020SixmonthFifteenDay ahead application and payment, enjoy5%Early bird discount

Advertising expenses
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The measure of area: 11000M2scale: the exhibition area is planned to be 11000 square meters. It is expected that 350 enterprises from all over the world will participate in the exhibition and more than 15000 professional visitors from the automobile industry will visit!   


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