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2020 (Shenzhen) coating die cutting industry exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/08/19 - 08/21 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Intersection of Fuhua third road and Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Shanghai Licheng Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Licheng Exhibition Co., Ltd
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2020 Shenzhen tape exhibition, 2020 Shenzhen protective film exhibition, 2020 Shenzhen Coating Exhibition, 2020 Shenzhen Die Cutting Exhibition

TwentyTwentyShenzhen International Coating Technology and die cutting industry exhibition

2020 ShenzhenInternational tapeAnd thin filmExhibition


Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

main do Party: Shanghai Licheng Exhibition Co., Ltd



[Asia's representative adhesive new materials and high-function film industry event]


The 3rd Shenzhen International adhesive tape and high function film exhibition in 2020 / the 3rd Shenzhen International Coating Technology and die cutting industry exhibition in 2020, referred to as "ICD China", is a grand gathering of adhesive tape and film industry chain in fields such as printing, packaging, die-cutting, photoelectric display, touch screen, mobile phone, automobile, medical treatment, new energy for environmental protection, intelligent equipment, etc.


"The exhibition area of ICD China is expected to be 20000 square meters, with nearly 1000 international standard booths, and it is expected to gather 500 Chinese and foreign brand exhibitors. "ICD China" takes adhesive film technology and coating die-cutting industry as the link, with the rapid development of the fifth generation wireless network and technology, the continuous upgrading of mobile phone internal materials, the rapid updating of materials and parts in all aspects, and the continuous updating demand of product technology and equipment, which has brought prosperity and development to adhesive film and coating die-cutting industry, and the continuous popularization and expansion of application fields After years of international promotion and brand building, it has been recognized as the representative exhibition of adhesive film industry in Asia.


 "ICD China will make an important contribution to promote the rapid development of China's adhesive film and coating die-cutting industry and international exchange. The material industry includes adhesive tape and protective film materials, optical film and functional film, new energy film, raw materials and chemical industry, etc., providing a high-quality shopping, inspection and exchange platform for end users.  


[Highlights of exhibition] 

1. "ICD China has attracted many well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad to participate. It is a powerful gathering place for the release and discussion of "new technology, new product, new concept and new market" in the industry. It has many forum activities on site and shares industry cutting-edge information.

2. Before exhibitionThe establishment of ICD China Advisory Committee has better enhanced the friendship of entrepreneurs in China's coating die-cutting industry, given full play to group advantages, and promoted close cooperation between China's coating die-cutting industry and new material enterprises in various regions of the world.

3. "ICD China" is a high-quality business and trade platform for expanding domestic and foreign markets. International buyers such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc. gather here, attracting tens of thousands of professionals from coating and die-cutting industries to visit the meeting, which will expand your market space and brand power infinitely..



cloth Exhibition:August 17-18, 2020

exhibition See:August 19-21, 2020

Withdraw Exhibition:August 21, 2020


target audience

1. The representative annual conference of coating technology and die cutting industry in Asia has attracted many well-known brand enterprises from home and abroad, supported and participated by more than 500 multinational companies in the industry


2. Expand the best business and trade platform in domestic and foreign markets, and gather international buyers from Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, etc., which is the best business opportunity for industry publicity and market development


3. Attracted tens of thousands of people from electronics, optoelectronics, mobile phones, automobiles, home appliances, machinery manufacturing, packaging, printing and other industries to attend the meeting, which will expand your market space and brand power infinitely


4. It's the industry."New technology, new product, new concept, new market" is a powerful gathering place for the release and discussion, which brings together the most advanced die-cutting materials, technology and the latest information industry event.


Famous enterprises

"ICD China Shenzhen International adhesive tape and high function film & coating technology and die cutting industry exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in August 2020. Leading manufacturers of the industry will appear one after another. Some representative enterprises are: Fuyin, Kecheng, Gaoren, Lixin, green kaisimao, haoze, Zhibo, zhitianyu, Haowei, Jiashida, Yuhong, nidi, dinglisen Lidawei, Dingli, baodijia, jinhongsheng, nakoda, qiangmeng industry, Jinzhang technology, Rongmao electronics, Lianguan, Huangguan, Lekai, maker, huizhixing, Boyi Xincheng, Mingxun, Jucheng, 3M, Desa, sidik, Hualibao, Dongyang textile, Dongshan, Sumitomo, Dow, Wacker chemical, Ridong electric, Dongli, Shuangxing, kaixinsen, Xinke optoelectronics, Shengtong Guangke, Tongli, Hechang, Haotian, Yuxi, Heshun, Huigu, Dami, Xuguang, Ruitai, Fengzhao, Qiaowei, TEDES, Tailun, Chigang, beiren, Hongwen, huazi, Newt, Xinyuan, Yuchang, Enwei, Yicheng, Kejian, Hairui purification

Songde, Maowei, youshunfa, Chongyuan, maisheng Youte, Dayang Electromechanical, Hongtai, Xinwang, JinweiTechno smart, pnt, amo, co-tech, Hagi original industry, Jingyang, Haode, xinjiatuo, Maolong machinery, feixinda, HUD mold, Zhongding high tech, fengri machinery and other professional exhibitions in various functional film and adhesive products fields have been built.


Scope of exhibits

Resist film:PE, pet, OPP and other process protective films; anti scratch / explosion-proof / anti glare protective films, anti voyeurism protective films and other functional protective films; optical grade release film / release paper & amp; coated paper and other auxiliary & amp; substrate;

Optical film:Backlight of brightening film, diffusion film, reflection film, polarized film, quantum dot film, light guide film, etc/Optical film for display;

Functional film(for industrial use):BOPET, PET / CPP film, release base film, adhesive tape base film, IMD decorative film, reflective film, highlight film, insulation film, antistatic film, etc;

New energy film: solar photovoltaic back plate adhesive film, lithium battery membrane, water treatment membrane, automobile membrane/Special film such as window film / heat insulation film;

Adhesive products and die-cutting materials for film, paper, cloth, foil, foam and other base materials

Adhesive: double sided tape, electronic tape (polyimide tape, etc.)PE, pet, OPP protective film / protective tape, label, metal foil (copper, aluminum) tape, foam, etc. and release film & amp; paper;

Shielding class:Conductive foam, conductive cloth, copper foil, aluminum foil, copper foil Mylar, aluminum foil Mylar, etcEMI materials;

Insulation class:PET / PC / PVC film, fireproof paper, green shell paper, kraft paper, mica sheet, etc

Thermal conductivity class:Heat conduction and heat dissipation graphite film, heat conduction silica gel sheet, heat conduction double-sided adhesive, heat conduction insulation silica gel, heat conduction phase change material, etc;

Dustproof and shockproof:High density sponge, filter cotton, dust screen, cosmetic cotton, camera cotton, non-woven fabric; foam, sponge, foam rubberPORON, EVA, recoil adhesive, absorbing wave, sound insulation and other electronic die-cutting materials, etc;

 Raw materials and chemical products: raw materials and chemical products for production of various films and tapes, including adhesives, release agents, resins, silica gel Glue, solvent, wax, hot melt adhesive, additives, ink and various auxiliary materials, etc;

 Precision coating and processing: precision coating machinery, Slitter, Slitter, rewinder, laminating machine, automatic cutting table, cutting machine/Die cutting machine, laminating equipment, coiling equipment;

Testing and accessories:Film online defect detection, coating online thickness measuring equipmentUV curing device, coating drying equipment, corona machine equipment / optical film dust removal treatment, tension control / deviation correction controller device, blade, filter device, coating rubber roller, electrostatic eliminator, ion fan, clutch, coating machine waste gas treatment equipment, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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