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Automobile world is coming to an end with continuous innovation of car coupling technology

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 11219 Editor: zixun2
In addition to the local manufacturers in Japan, the proportion of new start-ups is also increasing. For example, more t


The 2019 Japan automotive world, electronic components exhibition Nepcon Japan, robot exhibition and other joint exhibitions were held in big sight, Tokyo from January 16 to 18, 2019. According to the director general of Reed Exhibitions automotive world, in 2019, the exhibition focuses on networking, self driving, shared services and electrification, leading the world trend in providing advanced technology of automobile industry, and has become the best place for technology exchange among automobile manufacturers.

Among the exhibitors of automotive world, in addition to the local manufacturers in Japan, the proportion of new enterprises is also increasing. For example, there are more than 10 enterprises in Israel that display new technologies, which impress the senior executives of many large automobile factories and are willing to cooperate with them. According to Mr. Kada Kuang Xi, the IT industry is characterized by rapid changes. He hopes to apply the sense of speed in the IT industry to the automobile industry.

Qian Xiongfei, director of Nepcon Japan affairs, said that the number of electronic component manufacturers participating in the exhibition has been increasing year by year, from 2460 in 2018 to 2640 in 2019. From the perspective of upstream components, the industry with growth potential in the future, apart from automobiles, will improve the application demand of sensors in the coming era of the Internet of things. In addition, the exhibition has a large number of overseas operators from 37 countries, seeking overseas partners for Japanese enterprises, and even seeking suppliers from other countries to provide the best opportunity for matchmaking.

In the 2019 exhibition, international large factories also display new products and technologies.

The vehicle AI deep learning module published by sarinx is a technology jointly developed with NEC and deephi, which can accurately identify various object categories, positions and current driving areas. Among them, sarinx's 16nm zynq ultrascale + MPSoC chip is used to perform high-speed operation at the edge end of the vehicle, which can support 8-12 camera modules, or the corresponding camera module plus optical access Combination of sensors.

In recent years, NVIDIA, an American business, has taken the development of supercomputers for self driving as its main strategy. The drive AgX Xavier development kit displayed by NVIDIA can correspond to 2-5 self driving grades, which can be driven in the situation of lane reduction, or in the road sections such as curves and slopes; another feature is that the angle range detected by its corresponding image sensors is larger, for example, the intersection has It can be detected in dangerous situations such as people running a red light or other vehicles approaching their own vehicles without deceleration. The development kit is expected to import trucks, buses, general cars, etc.

In response to the advent of 5g Internet of vehicles era, valens, an Israeli businessman, demonstrated the high-speed transmission of hdbaset Internet of vehicles technology, which was originally used in the field of video and audio, but now also introduced into the field of automobile application. Its product features are: length of up to 15m, light weight, low cost, point-to-point transmission without passing through the gate, transmission speed of more than 4gbps, etc., and low delay transmission of ADAS And car entertainment. At present, the company cooperates with Qualcomm and a number of companies, with more than 200 alliance partners.

From the observation of this auto mobile world joint exhibition, networking, self driving, shared services and electrification have become the core of the automobile industry, especially the continuous innovation of self driving and Internet of vehicles technologies. Under the cooperation of the industry, the introduction of practical stage in the future can be expected.


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