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The 27th Shenzhen auto show ended successfully

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 9168 Editor: zixun2
The main theme of Shenzhen auto show is the gathering of famous cars and luxury cars, gathering many auto brands on site


For its two-day 27th Shenzhen auto show, which was successfully concluded in Bao'an gymnasium on January 13, in line with the exhibition concept of "fine exhibits, complete brands", the auto show with a full range of auto brands, cutting-edge new technology, thoughtful exhibition services, comprehensively demonstrated the outstanding achievements of auto development to the society, publicized and promoted the rapid development of auto industry in Shenzhen, and made the city Market economy brings prosperity.

The main theme of Shenzhen auto show is the gathering of famous cars and luxury cars, gathering many auto brands on site, including Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Lincoln, Honda, Toyota, trumpchi, linker, GAC new energy, Zhonghua, hanteng, mingjue, Mazda, Buick, Dongfeng Fengshen, Nissan, wey, haver, DS, Rongwei, Infiniti, BYD, etc And so on.

As the last auto show before the Spring Festival, all auto dealers and dealers are riveted. The most exciting thing for consumers is the cash discount at the exhibition site, 0 down payment and 0 interest rate, car shopping package, insurance delivery, free maintenance, vouchers, special cars and other relevant preferential policies. Not only that, the discount on auto show is bigger than usual.

The host's warm spot interactive gifts; the God of wealth's two-day auto show presents "money" all over the show. The most exciting is that the car owners who buy cars at the auto show can participate in the car booking lottery to win 100% of the prize package with the car purchase contract, deposit receipt and valid ID card, and get a free six-day tour of Yunnan worth 9360 yuan.

Shenzhen auto show, in the future, will continue to innovate and upgrade boldly, with stronger industry influence, appeal and more professional service level, towards a better exhibition journey, never forget the original intention, forge ahead!


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