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CBS Canterbury arena, New Zealand

Address:CBS Canterbury Arena 75 Riccarton Road Riccarton 8011 Christchurch
Area:30000 M²
Location:New Zealand


CBS Canterbury arena in New ZealandChristchurchIt has 30000 square meters of exhibition space and 20000 square meters of exhibition area.

CBS Canterbury arena in New Zealand is located on killmore street in the city center. At the back door of Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Center on the streets of Petersburg, an extruded concrete box with glass hair ç ade is designed to face the Christchurch government hall on the street of Kilmer. The glass bridge connects the two and the Crown Hotel adjacent to the city hall. The conference center can accommodate 2500 people. There are seven lounges and three halls, which can be employed to hold large-scale conferences, including a theater with 2200 people. It has two main works featured by architecture: "blue" neon sculpture of bill Cuthbert, in FA ç ade, and 84 meter mural "new millennium" on the front, Philippe tulastum runs the length of comprehensive construction in circulation space.
CBS Canterbury arena, New Zealand, has hosted many international conferences, including APEC SME economic conference, Shiseido Japan, New Zealand law society, France Asia, conferences and exhibitions with the 11th largest retailer in Asia, as well as many charity dinners. Christchurch exhibition was demolished in April 2012.



Bus Line

Christchurch railway station →CBS Canterbury arena, New Zealand

From Christchurch New Zealand to horncastle arena, 55 Jack Hinton drive, Addington, Christchurch 8024 New Zealand
9 minutes (4.1 km)
(36884;)32463;Moorhouse Ave Lincoln Rd
8 minutes (if the road is clear)
The route includes restricted sections or special access.


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