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Kunming Hall

Address:Luozhou Street Convention Center, Luolong street, Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
Area:55435 M²
Location:China-Yunnan Province-Kunming City-Chenggong
Tel:0871-63164284 / 63168943 / 63168521


The hall of Kunming new area is a multi-functional building integrating conference, exhibition, performance, etc. it is a comprehensive entity invested, built and managed by Xindu company to serve the new area.

Building conditions: five floors (one underground floor), with a building area of 55435 square meters and a total height of 36.9 meters. The first underground floor is garage, power distribution room, diesel generator room, water pump room, information center, stage equipment room. The fourth floor above the ground is theater, large and medium-sized meeting room, exhibition hall, office room, etc. Large and medium-sized meeting rooms: 1500 person theater × 1, 700 person multi-functional hall × 1, 250 person meeting room × 2, 150 person meeting room × 3, 120 person meeting room × 2, 60 person meeting room × 9, VIP Hall × 1, meeting hall × 1, 20 in total. There are 6 exhibition halls with a total area of 4586 square meters. The conference room has the functions of image display, network transmission, conference camera, digital speech, conference extension and audio, light of the rostrum, centralized control of equipment, simultaneous interpretation, conference electronic sign in, conference management and other TV equipment systems supporting conference functions. The performance of the equipment has reached the international leading level, and it can hold multiple teleconferences and international conferences at the same time.

Exhibition hall scale
• first floor: lower floor of conference room 1, exhibition hall, etc.

• second floor: middle floor of conference room 1, lower floor of conference room 2, conference room 4, conference room 8, conference room 10, conference room 12, conference room 14, conference room 16, conference room 18.

• third floor: upper floor of conference room 1, upper floor of conference room 2, conference room 3, conference room 5, conference room 7, conference room 9, conference room 11, conference room 15 and conference room 17.

• fourth floor: VIP room, exhibition hall, etc.




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