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Shanxi science and Technology Museum

Address:17 Guangjing Road, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan
Area:300000 M²
Location:China-Shanxi Province-Taiyuan City-Jinyuan District


The new building of Shanxi science and Technology Museum is located on the cultural island of Changfeng business district, Taiyuan city. The architectural form embodies the meaning of "time slice". The whole building is organized in the form of slice, forming a unique architectural language. The form processing of slice is also seeking change in the whole, forming a gradual rhythmic sense from both sides to the middle, which makes the architecture have different effects from different perspectives. At the same time, this change is combined with the internal exhibition and teaching functions of the science and Technology Museum, so that the form and function are perfectly unified.

Covering an area of 70 mu, the science and Technology Museum is divided into one floor underground and three floors above the ground, with a total construction area of 30000 square meters.

The functions of the new museum mainly include: permanent exhibition, short-term special exhibition, special effects popular science film and television (including dome cinema, XD dynamic cinema, etc.), astronomical observation, popular science lecture, scientific experiment, scientific and technological training and popular science leisure, etc.

The permanent exhibition of the new museum is divided into five theme exhibition halls, with 282 exhibition items in total:

The theme of the exhibition hall on the first floor is "mathematics exhibition hall", which has 28 exhibition items in total. It is characterized by highlighting the socialized function of mathematics, including the history of mathematics, mathematicians, mathematics and human activities, and the interactive exhibition items that embody mathematical ideas and mathematical methods, to guide the audience to understand mathematics and inspire the public to use mathematical methods and mathematical thinking to solve problems encountered in learning and work Problem, make the public feel the charm of mathematics, edify people's rational spirit and logical thinking habits imperceptibly.

The theme of the exhibition hall on the second floor is "universe and life". There are 87 exhibition items in total. With the sub themes of "exploring the universe", "loess homeland", "life story" and "mystery of human body", the exhibition hall displays human's exploration of nature and the wisdom embodied in the process.

The theme of the East Exhibition Hall on the third floor is "machine and power". There are 59 exhibition items in total. With "machine", "energy" and "materials" as sub themes, it shows that the development of science and technology has brought great changes to human society.

The theme of the exhibition hall on the west side of the third floor is "children's Science Park". There are 24 exhibitions in total, with "wisdom of life", "wisdom of life" and "wisdom of survival" as three sub themes. For children aged 3-7 years old, it aims to teach and enjoy, provide them with the pleasure of experiencing the development of science and technology, and open the interest to the door of science.

The theme of the exhibition hall on the fourth floor is "towards the future". There are 80 exhibition items in total. The theme of the exhibition hall is "communication", "water - the source of life", "carbon footprint" and "exploring the universe". It shows the wisdom embodied in the harmonious development of human beings and the environment and the aerospace technology developed in the exploration of the universe.

There are four exhibitions in public space, namely: "seven birthplaces of civilization with independent source", "who holds the color screen to dance in the air" mechanical arm Exhibition "," dynamic two-dimensional code of wall "exhibition and" intelligent building display screen "exhibition.

Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Museum officially opened on October 1, 2013.

Exhibition hall scale
Covering an area of 300000 m2, the museum is located at the first section of Jinci Road, Taiyuan City, on the west side of Fenhe River, 3km from Yingze street, 17km from Jinci tourist attraction, 8km from Taiyuan railway station and 18km from Taiyuan airport. There is a new exhibition place with complete functions, complete facilities, covering an area of 50000 m2 and a building area of 26000 m2. The indoor exhibition hall and the basement are divided into three floors and 18 pavilions, which can accommodate 700 international standard booths of 3 × 3M2. The outdoor exhibition hall has an area of 15000 M2, which can provide exhibition of large-scale mechanical equipment. There are 55 staff with professional and technical titles of process design, economic management, engineering technology, etc., accounting for 40 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × percent × of the total number of on-the-job staff.




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