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Zibo International Exhibition Center

Address:No. 88, Changguo West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Area:113000 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Zibo City-Zhangdian District


Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total construction area of 113000 square meters, is an international exhibition center on the first and second floors, a ceramic history museum on the third floor, an international conference center on the fourth and fifth floors. It can accommodate more than 3000 people to hold conferences and meetings at the same time, with 5000 standard parking spaces, and a large music fountain square with a cross glow can accommodate more than 50000 people. Its huge exhibition function provides an international standard business communication platform for the majority of merchants.

Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center is the core of the whole group of buildings in China Ceramic Science and technology city. The glass spherical atrium with a diameter of more than 40 meters and the magnificent two wings make the International Convention and exhibition center like a flying eagle and become a new landmark landscape of Zibo City.

Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center is one of the largest international convention and exhibition centers in Shandong Province and even in the north. It not only builds an "international exhibition platform" for Zibo ceramic enterprises, but also plays an important role in promoting the economic, trade, cultural and commercial exchanges in the whole northern region.

The operation of Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center will not only drive the development of Zibo ceramic exhibition industry, but also directly drive the rapid development of Zibo's Hotel, catering, tourism, trade and other tertiary industries, which will generate immeasurable economic impetus for the economic and trade, culture, business and other aspects of the whole Shandong and even the northern region.

Exhibition hall scale
The overall building of Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center is divided into six floors, one underground floor and five above ground floors, with a building area of 113000 square meters. It is the largest international convention and Exhibition Center in Shandong Province at present. The underground floor is a large parking lot with a building area of 14600 square meters. In May 2007, the exhibition center purchased 600 sets of new exhibition tools according to the needs of the exhibition. To provide convenience for partners, we also provide external leasing business.
Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center has a large square of more than 8000 square meters, which can hold large-scale opening ceremony activities. The square contains 2000 square meters of music fountains. On October 20, 2007, Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center and China Ceramic Science and technology city were appraised by the Organizing Committee of "industrial attractions" of Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau. Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center will become a permanent industrial attraction in Zibo.

Pavilion parameters
Load bearing area of exhibition hall: 3.5kn/m2
Pavilion floor: ceramic tile
Pavilion floor height: 6M
Booth building height standard height: 4.0m in the East and west areas, 3.5m in the middle hall, space can be used according to the actual situation of the booth site
Pavilion entrance: 4.7m (W) × 3.8m (H)
Power supply mode: 380V, 220V
Elevator: shaft Elevator 6, escalator 8, sightseeing elevator 4
Ventilation: central air conditioning

Conference Room
Four to five floors are International Conference Center, socialite club, theater and Exhibition apartment, all of which are five-star hardware standards. One 900 large-scale conference hall, two 400 large-scale conference halls, two 200 large-scale conference halls, two 150 large-scale conference halls (under improvement), 10 free combination conference rooms and business negotiation rooms; 15697.88 square meters of the underground floor, 5000 parking spaces, central air conditioning, A-level fire-fighting facilities, venue broadcast system, etc., with perfect facilities and international hardware standards!




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