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Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

Address:104 zhaojiatiao, Jiang'an District, Wuhan
Area:8600 M²
Location:China-Hubei province-Wuhan City-Jiang'an District
Tel:027-82281188 / 82281077


The construction of Wuhan Science and Technology Museum is one of the 20 good things that the municipal government implemented the strategy of "building the city through science and education" during the Seventh Five Year Plan period for the city's people. When it was completed, the scale of Wuhan Science and Technology Museum ranked first among the provincial capital cities in China.

Since Wuhan Science and Technology Museum was officially opened to the public in March 1990, it has received more than 5.7 million visitors, making a useful contribution to improving the quality of public science and culture. It has won the following honorary titles successively: the first batch of "national popular science education base", "Wuhan off campus education base for students", "Wuhan Youth Science and technology education base", "Wuhan patriotism education base", "national advanced science and Technology Museum", "national 4A level tourist attraction", "national advanced collective of science and technology work", and won Mao Yisheng Science and technology of China Science and technology development foundation Education Fund "excellent education exhibition design award of science and Technology Museum", the first national science and technology exhibition Bronze Award, etc.

In 2005, Wuhan Science and Technology Museum renovated the main building and reopened it to the outside world after the renovation in December 2006. After the renovation, the exhibition area has expanded from 1600 square meters to 6400 square meters, and the number of exhibits has increased from more than 60 to more than 300 (sets). The exhibition contents include: number, physics, chemistry, life science, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, etc.; using multimedia and other advanced equipment and means, display and introduce the applied science and technology and scientific knowledge in daily life, such as industry, agriculture, medical and health care, meteorology, etc , environmental protection, etc.; display and introduce modern scientific knowledge, especially high-tech and its industries, such as satellite and aerospace technology, computer and information technology, bioengineering, genetic engineering, new materials and new energy, laser, etc. Wuhan Science and Technology Museum, with its fashionable and modern appearance and complete exhibition, training and education functions, has become a science and technology venue with high scientific and technological content, strong popular science knowledge, and full functions of teaching, publicity and popularization.  

Wuhan Science and Technology Museum is a "big forest" full of various natural phenomena. When you walk, you can not only get entertainment and leisure for sightseeing, but also get scientific knowledge, which is not available for general tourist attractions. It can stimulate people's curiosity and curiosity, and will affect the future development direction of life. Therefore, the science and Technology Museum is the palace of science and the shaking blue of scientists.  

We are studying how to further play the role of science and Technology Museum. There is a long way ahead. I sincerely hope to get your advice!  

Exhibition hall scale
The science and Technology Museum covers a total area of 8600m2, including:
① the area of popular science exhibition is 6400 ㎡;
(2) scientific and technological training: 540 ㎡;
(3) 150 ㎡ youth science production laboratory;
④ 4D dynamic popular science film (60 seats) 320 ㎡;
⑤ lecture hall for science popularization, 600 ㎡;
⑥ astronomical hall 320 ㎡;
⑦ the conference room is 270 ㎡.




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