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Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition Hall (next to Municipal Administration)

Address:2-9 / F, zone B, civic center, Fuzhong Third Road, Futian District
Area:13000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Shenzhen City-Futian District
Tel:0755-88121155 / 0755-88121362


Shenzhen industrial exhibition hall is an institution fully funded by the municipal finance, which is subordinate to Shenzhen Science, technology, industry, trade and Information Technology Commission. It is a public welfare exhibition organization to display and promote the achievements of industrial economic development, investment environment and industrial achievements in Shenzhen, and also a first-class foreign affairs reception and visit unit in Shenzhen. Founded in 1985, the city industrial exhibition hall was the only window for industrial policy publicity in our city at that time. It was also an important place for industrial project negotiation and industrial product exhibition. It also became a patriotism education base for cadres, citizens and students in Shenzhen. In 1987, chairman Peng Zhen of the National People's Congress Committee personally wrote the name of the museum. Over the past 20 years, the city's industrial exhibition hall has always adhered to its responsibilities, has received important guests from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, is one of the important visiting points for Chinese party and state leaders and foreign politicians to make in-depth investigation and visit, and has made positive contributions to the display of industrial economic image and promotion of industrial achievements in Shenzhen. The city industrial exhibition hall gives full play to its advantages in exhibition planning, organization and design. It has organized and planned various exhibition activities at home and abroad for many times, including: organizing a group to participate in the "introduction of investment environment of Guangdong Province" and "exhibition of reform and opening up achievements of Guangdong Province", organizing a Shenzhen group to participate in the 22nd "Guangzhong Expo" held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and In recent years, the "international industrial exposition" held in Shanghai, organized the "national electronic products exhibition and China (Shenzhen) International Electronic Exhibition" and "China international high tech achievements fair" Shenzhen Exhibition Group's organization, exhibition area design and exhibition arrangement, etc., have been fully recognized by the municipal Party committee, municipal government and all sectors of society. In 1998, the Shenzhen municipal government decided to build a new pavilion in the round tower of "Shenzhen Citizen Center", covering 13000 square meters. The new pavilion mainly highlights four functions: 1. Promotion of the overall image of Shenzhen industry; 2. Promotion of export products of small and medium-sized enterprises; 3. Periodic promotion of new products and technologies; 4. Establishment of online virtual exhibition hall to provide enterprises with convenient product and business information exchange platform. The new industrial exhibition hall will be opened in August 2010. After the opening of the new hall, it will make new contributions to the establishment of a harmonious Shenzhen benefit based on the goal of building "three bases" (exhibition base of industrial economic achievements, industrial product promotion base and industrial economic information exchange base).




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