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2021 the 21st Foshan Tea Expo
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Time: 2021/06/18 - 06/21 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Foshan · Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongFoshan 1 gongzhan Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Guangzhou Hongyang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Guangzhou Hongyang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Foshan Tea Expo has been successfully held for 20 times, and has become an influential brand exhibition in Foshan tea industry, which has greatly promoted the tea trade and tea culture communication in Foshan. The exhibition has always carried out the concept of "localization, specialization and branding". Last year, the Tea Expo reaped fruitful results, further realizing "exhibitors upgrading, audience upgrading and activity upgrading": the number of brand exhibitors doubled, and well-known brand tea enterprises accounted for 70% of the total; it cooperated with local tea industry associations and teahouses in major tea cities to accurately invite people from the tea industry, In line with the "Internet +", an electronic ticket system is added to improve the specialization of the audience.

The 21st Foshan Tea Expo will be held from June 18 to 21, 2021 in Tanzhou International Exhibition Center, Foshan, with an exhibition area of 20000 square meters and more than 800 booths. The exhibition of famous teas, ceramics, purple sand tea sets, etc. in Foshan will promote the development of Foshan tea culture and tea trade.


All kinds of tea and tea products;
? Yixing Zisha, Jingdezhen ceramics, tea sets, tea equipment and tea packaging;
Tea food, tea drinks, craft tea, tea therapeutic products, fruit tea, tea dishes, etc;
Tea art, tea ceremony performance, etc;
Painting and calligraphy, handicrafts, collectibles, etc;

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  • Telephone:020-81555006
  • E-mail:info@hongyangexpo.com
  • Address:Room 101, zhushuige, Hongxin Creative Park, 146 Fangcun Avenue East, Liwan District, Guangzhou


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