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2021 the 4th Guangxi building materials new products and whole house customization Expo, doors and windows and supporting products Expo
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2021/12/10 - 12/12 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Nanning · Guangxi Nanning International Exhibition Center ChinaGuangxiNanning 106 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi
Sponsor:China Haisi economic and Trade Commission, Guangxi Wall Materials Association door, window and curtain wall branch, Guangxi door, window and customized home Information Center
Organizer:Guangxi doors and windows and customized home information center, Guangxi Hongwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangxi yizhihong Exhibition Co., Ltd
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After three years of precipitation, Guangxi Construction Expo has achieved good economic value and social benefits, and has become one of the key projects of Guangxi exhibition industry. Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. will take over the fourth Guangxi Construction Expo in 2021 and build a new aircraft carrier of Guangxi Construction Expo.
Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongwei International Exhibition) is a platform technology group providing multi-dimensional visual digital interactive marketing solutions for exhibition. With the concept of "focus, profession and concentration", it focuses on the organization and implementation of exhibition and the R & D and application of exhibition technology. Founded in October 2002, Hongwei international exhibition has more than 500 employees. It holds more than 100 exhibitions at home and abroad every year, with an exhibition area of more than 700000 square meters, serves more than 6000 exhibitors, receives 700000 buyers and more than 1 million professional visitors.
Since 2017, the group has cooperated with the world's outstanding scientific and technological teams, combined with multi-dimensional visual digital technology, steadily entered the online exhibition platform, provided online and offline multi-dimensional visual digital interactive exhibition solutions for global enterprises, and is committed to building a high-tech exhibition company with global influence.

In order to implement the national "the Belt and Road Initiative" policy, promote the implementation of building materials and home furnishing industry, and fully integrate into the vision of the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. With Guangxi's superior geographical position: one is the bridgehead of ASEAN market; the other is the inseparable economic, political and cultural ties between Guangdong and Guangdong. It is an inevitable choice to fully integrate into the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. The master plan for the new land sea channel in Western China has been approved by the State Council, with Nanning as the main channel, and the city area as the pilot free trade zone; it is one of the first batch of national logistics hub construction cities. "Guangxi building materials new products and whole house customization Expo" (hereinafter referred to as: Guangxi Construction Expo / cgbd) "has been developing steadily for three consecutive years. It is committed to the" whole industry chain "layout of new building materials and home furnishing products, and strives to provide complete solutions for the upstream, middle and downstream of the construction and decoration industry.
The two cities are linked and United
Sponsored by Guangdong Hongwei International Convention and Exhibition Group, Chongqing Construction Fair has become another comprehensive grand meeting of large-scale architectural decoration furniture industry with a breakthrough of 100000 square meters after Guangzhou Construction Fair, Shanghai Construction Fair, Beijing Construction Fair and Chengdu Construction Fair. It is also a grand meeting of Chinese architectural decoration experts in autumn and winter. It provides real estate developers, design and engineering units and distribution agents with new products of the industry , insight into industry trends, looking for an efficient platform for partners
In 2021, Hongwei's Guangxi Construction Expo and Hongwei's Chongqing Construction Expo will be linked with the two cities to create a unique event for the construction, decoration and home furnishing industry in Southwest China

Activities held in the same period of the exhibition:
1) China Pan home industry summit - Guangxi station.
2) "ASEAN doors and windows and customized home furnishing Industrial Park" project supply and demand docking meeting.
3) New retail, new thinking, new change and new tool application sharing meeting of doors and windows and customized home Internet.
4) On site meeting and signing ceremony of China Vietnam building materials trade system.
5) 5g era smart home development trend forum.
6) Real estate purchasing alliance business salon.
7) Guangxi door and window industry gathering development thousand people conference.
8) Enterprise new product investment promotion conference (several)


Door and window exhibition area:
System doors and windows and aluminum profiles: aluminum alloy doors and windows, energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, sunlight room, intelligent doors and windows, anti-theft screen windows, protective doors and windows, color doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, glass steel doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, aluminum plastic profiles, plastic steel profiles, etc
Intelligent doors and windows: automatic door, garage door, side entry door, induction door, sliding door, revolving door, mobile door, remote control door, industrial door, glass door, revolving automatic door, side entry automatic door, arc automatic door, electric telescopic door, access control system, etc
Indoor and outdoor door industry: anti prying safety door, anti-theft door, fire door, insulation door, fire shutter door, copper door, courtyard door, European art door and fence, all kinds of solid wood door, suit door, art glass door, shutter door, mosaic glass wood door, etc
Intelligent sunshade and guardrail: sunshade system, sunshade system, canopy sunshade system, manual, electric opening and closing curtain, vertical curtain, sunshade cloth, electric motor series, electric rail series and accessory window, inclined roof window, door and window cover, guardrail, iron art, balcony guardrail, indoor and outdoor stainless steel decorative products, aluminum alloy products, copper decorative products, steel flower Tieyi series products, etc
Curtain wall and glue: glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall, curtain wall board, sunlight board, aluminum plastic board, aluminum veneer, aluminum ceiling, color coated board, all kinds of structural glue, sealant, weather resistant glue, glass glue, nail free glue, foam sealant, marble glue, sealing paste, etc
Glass: architectural glass, heat reflective glass, low radiation glass, dimming glass, safety glass, insulating glass, float glass, coated glass, flat glass, Low-E glass, U-shaped glass, three-dimensional glass and glass machinery, etc
Building decoration door and window hardware and accessories: building hardware, decoration hardware, all kinds of automatic doors, door control hardware system and accessories, access control electronic system, fingerprint lock, hardware accessories, door and window professional accessories and curtain wall, glass industry production, processing technology equipment and installation machine, complete set of wooden door production and processing equipment, door auxiliary materials, etc.
Custom home exhibition area:
Customized home: all room customized / all aluminum customized / whole wood customized (wardrobe, cabinet, doors and windows, bookcase, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, porch cabinet, bedside cabinet, shoe cabinet, tatami, cloakroom)
Wardrobe: integrated wardrobe, wall cabinet, wall cabinet door, folding door, wardrobe sliding door, partition sliding door, folding sliding door, swing door, sliding door, etc;
Cabinet: integrated cabinet, wall cabinet, cabinet door, quartz stone table, artificial stone table, stainless steel table, microcrystalline stone board, etc;
Smart home: lighting system, curtain control, air conditioning control, security system, digital cinema system, video server, video cabinet system, network appliances;
Smart lock: remote control lock, password lock, induction card lock, fingerprint lock, voiceprint lock, face recognition lock;
Intelligent clothes rack: intelligent clothes rack;
Bathroom: shower room, bathroom cabinet, shower, faucet, bathtub, toilet, bathroom pendant;
Soft clothing: sofa, mattress, bedding (pillow, quilt, quilt cover, bedding), curtain, fabric, carpet, wallpaper;
Cabinet accessories: storage basket and multifunctional pendant, slide rail, hinge, handle, movable rail, latch lock, sink, hardware accessories, etc;
Wardrobe accessories: sliding rail, movable rail, sliding door latch lock, sliding door handle lock, direct plug electric control lock, hinge, hardware accessories, etc;
Mechanical equipment: production and processing equipment (such as: cutting machine, edge sealing machine, row drill, engraving machine, laminating machine, door lock machine, saw drill, tenon machine, hinge machine, packaging machine, sorting machine, sanding machine, cleaning machine, dust removal equipment), cutting tools, etc;
Decorative materials: jewelry, edge banding, sealing strip, wood line, coating, glue, hot melt adhesive, melamine paper, PVC, wardrobe induction lamp, rotating mirror, rotating hanger, decorative glass, decorative leather, sliding door waist line, furniture repair materials;
Kitchen and bathroom appliances exhibition area:
Kitchen and bathroom appliances, integrated kitchen, intelligent kitchen, integrated stove, gas stove, kitchen range hood, washing equipment, disinfection cabinet, hanging cabinet, kitchen accessories, etc.; toilet lighting system, heating system, ventilation system, water heater, dryer, etc.
Exhibition area for new building materials products: (wall, floor, ceiling, etc.)
Coating Customization: diatom mud, liquid wallpaper, wall coat, latex paint, texture paint, art paint, water-based paint, etc
Top wall integrated Customization: integrated ceiling, integrated wall, integrated top wall, decorative panel, background wall, screen partition, etc
Floor materials: wood plastic floor, stone plastic floor, bamboo floor, etc
Ceiling: aluminum plastic board, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb board, glass magnesium board, gypsum board, ceiling sound absorption (isolation) materials, PVC board, fireproof board, plastic steel board, glass board, solid wood composite board, soft film and ceiling materials, etc
Smart home and smart building exhibition area:
Lighting: interior decoration lighting (decorative lighting, lamps); architectural and commercial lighting; LED lighting; lighting sources and accessories; lighting technology / design / services; smart home applications. Smart home: whole house system solution, intelligent switch panel, electric curtain, lighting control, video entertainment, security monitoring, intelligent household appliances, wireless network, generic cabling, HVAC fresh air, fire sensor, intelligent hardware, module, sensor, AI voice control
Smart city: smart city system, smart government system, smart education system, smart medical system, smart environment system, smart hotel, public service system, smart fire protection system, anti-theft alarm system, fire water pressure monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system
Intelligent building: building equipment management system, building intercom system, generic cabling system, intelligent meter reading system, power supply and distribution system, electrical lighting system, power control system, fire fighting system, building communication system, wired network system, broadcast conference system, energy saving and environmental protection system
Intelligent door lock: fingerprint code lock, magnetic card intelligent lock, TM card intelligent lock, RF card intelligent lock, hotel apartment intelligent lock, engineering intelligent door lock, fingerprint chip module, automatic intelligent lock, iris recognition intelligent lock, biological identification intelligent lock, lock cylinder lock body mold hardware
Smart security: security integrated management platform, video monitoring, road network monitoring, face recognition, ticket management, access control, digital camera, hdcvi products, display and control products, transmission access products, thermal imaging codec products, temperature and humidity sensors, smoke and gas fire sensors
Home audio and video: invisible audio equipment, intelligent speaker equipment, background music system, audio and video playback equipment, display and control products, public AV Amplifier, sound reinforcement system products, large screen display system, intelligent conference system, central control integrated system, cinema sofa acoustic materials
Intelligent household appliances: intelligent clothes drying system and products, electric clothes dryer, intelligent sweeper, intelligent remote control, intelligent TV, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, home purifier, intelligent lamp, intelligent projector, intelligent toilet, intelligent massage chair
Intelligent comprehensive application of Internet of things: intelligent communication network system, intelligent health care, intelligent digital home life, intelligent equipment industry, Internet of things industrial products

Costs & Precautions

Booth category

Price (yuan)

Booth configuration

9 square meter standard booth

7800 yuan / piece

One table with two chairs, three side panel, lintel, two spotlights, power socket (220V / 500W), double opening booth will be charged 1000 yuan

Open space booth

780 yuan / m2

No facilities, special installation management fee and power consumption fee (from 36 square meters)


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