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2021 the 19th Shanghai International Exhibition on thermal insulation materials and energy saving technology
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2021/09/16 - 09/18 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Sponsor:China Association of thermal insulation and energy saving materials
Organizer:Shanghai zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd
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In order to promote the development of China's thermal insulation, cold insulation, thermal insulation and energy-saving materials industry and build a bridge for communication and cooperation between thermal insulation, cold insulation, thermal insulation and energy-saving materials manufacturers and various application fields, the 19th Shanghai International thermal insulation materials and energy-saving technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 16 to 18, 2021.

The exhibition scale is expected to exceed 20000 m2, attracting 450 + exhibitors and 30000 + professional visitors at home and abroad. The exhibition focuses on the thermal insulation materials, equipment and excellent demonstration projects required by the main application fields of architecture and industry. In addition, a number of summit forums and industry conferences on related topics will be launched at the same time, with real three lines of terminals, channels and brands running in parallel.

In the normalized market environment of anti epidemic and anti epidemic, the organizer aims to promote the recovery and upgrading of the thermal insulation industry, and help the business communication and technical exchange between the brand and the industry market. This exhibition will present a comprehensive and all-round insulation event covering all application fields.

Simultaneous activities:
Shanghai International Summit Forum on thermal insulation system technology application
Special Conference on application and development direction of insulation and decoration integrated board
Shanghai International Symposium on design and application of thermal insulation materials for ships
Seminar on application status and development demand of thermal insulation materials in industry
Special meeting on application technology of aerogel insulation materials in petrochemical equipment
Shanghai International Symposium on existing building reconstruction and external wall insulation system detection and repair technology
(the event of the same period shall be subject to the announcement of the exhibition)

Concurrent Exhibition:
The first Asian metal architecture design and Industry Expo (MBE)
The 17th Asian architectural skin design and Materials Exhibition (DAF)
Three exhibitions jointly promote a new mode of industrial linkage
Together with the above simultaneous exhibitions, 50000 professional visitors will be attracted (expected)


Insulation material:
◙ inorganic thermal insulation materials: Rock (mineral) wool board, glass wool, ceramic fiber thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation mortar, aerogel, aluminum silicate fiberboard (felt), vitrified beads, aluminum foil, inorganic thermal insulation coating, expanded perlite, calcium silicate, etc;
◙ foamed insulation materials: foamed cement, foaming agent, foamed concrete block / lightweight wallboard, foamed insulation board, Portland cement, etc;
◙ organic insulation materials: melamine foam insulation materials, phenolic foam materials, polyurethane insulation materials, vacuum insulation board, polyethylene foam, flame retardant, foam urea formaldehyde resin, EPS raw materials (accessories), soft fiberboard, etc;
◙ cryogenic insulation materials: foam glass, low temperature insulation aluminum foil composite paper, glass microfiber, high (low) temperature insulation, composite cryogenic insulation materials, cryogenic binder, etc;
◙ integration of thermal insulation and decoration: rock wool board, phenolic board, metal facing, aluminum plastic (single) board, natural stone panel, imitation stone and other integrated boards, etc;
◙ production equipment: insulation material production equipment, building energy saving testing equipment, polyurethane spraying equipment, foam cement mixer, EPS equipment;
◙ wall / roof insulation: external (self / internal) insulation system of external wall, roof waterproof and insulation, heat insulation coating, heat reflection coating, stone paint, etc;
◙ fire isolation belt; pipe insulation; air conditioning and duct insulation; steel structure insulation; electric insulation, etc;
◙ sound insulation and sound-absorbing materials: sound-absorbing cotton, sound-absorbing wall, sound-absorbing board, sound-absorbing wallpaper, sound-absorbing (insulation) coating, etc;
◙ building energy-saving technology: new energy-saving doors and windows and curtain walls, gypsum building materials, thermal insulation blocks, hollow glass bricks, steel structure, prestressed and other new technologies and materials and equipment.

Waterproof material:
◙ building waterproof materials: asphalt based waterproof membrane, waterproof materials for infrastructure and municipal engineering, rigid waterproof and plugging materials, raw and auxiliary materials of various waterproof materials, complete sets of equipment and technology of waterproof materials, waterproof material testing instruments and equipment, etc;
Waterproof coating, solvent modified waterproof coating, water-proof coating, etc;
◙ building sealing materials: synthetic polymer sealing materials, polymer modified asphalt sealing materials, etc;
◙ roofing materials: all kinds of tile roofing materials, single-layer roofing system and polymer membrane, metal roofing materials and forming equipment, supporting materials for planting roofing system, all kinds of solar photovoltaic materials, roof photovoltaic power generation system, roofing waterproof cushion materials and roofing system matching materials, etc;
◙ waterproof and insulation integration: insulation and waterproof integration, membrane roof system, polyurethane insulation, etc;
◙ spray polyurea materials and related auxiliary materials, etc;
◙ others: waterproof engineering construction machinery, application technology, system accessories and auxiliary materials, relevant waterproof technology research achievements, management software and waterproof professional books and periodicals, etc;

Exterior wall decoration materials and bonding technology exhibition:
◙ new exterior wall decoration materials: ceramic board, ceramic sheet, exterior wall dry hanging board, fiber cement hanging board, curtain wall decorative board, exterior wall brick, dry hanging brick, PVC / wood plastic exterior wall hanging board, silica wall, GRC exterior wall, diatomite, etc;
◙ metal decorative board: aluminum plastic (single) board, aluminum alloy decorative board, aluminum zinc plated steel plate, aluminum honeycomb board, titanium zinc decorative board, copper decorative board, copper plastic board, metal composite insulation board, etc;
◙ color steel decorative plate: stainless steel decorative plate, magnesium aluminum decorative plate, magnesium aluminum curved plate, etc;
◙ exterior wall coatings: stone paint, latex paint, cement paint, thermal insulation paint, fluorocarbon paint, spraying equipment, etc;
◙ exterior wall stone: antique brick, culture and art stone, all kinds of granite, marble, mosaic, exterior wall tile, glazed brick, polished brick, slate, artificial stone products and landscape stone; stone processing machinery and tools, stone maintenance products, etc;
◙ integration of thermal insulation and decoration: fireproof and thermal insulation decorative board, phenolic board, integrated thermal insulation and decoration board, marble and imitation stone thermal insulation board, etc;
◙ building adhesive: dry hanging adhesive, dolomite adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, cement-based / epoxy adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, sealant, structural adhesive, seam beautifying agent, seam filling agent, etc;
◙ external wall dry hanging technology: wall bolt, anchor bolt series, embedded parts, connectors, stainless steel hangers, accessories dry hanging method, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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  • E-mail:info@zhanye-expo.com
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