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2021 8th China (Shenyang) Catering Industry & Hotpot Food Products Exhibition
Industry: Travel / Hotel / Catering
Time: 2021/04/15 - 04/17 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Liaoning Shenyang Shenyang International Exhibition Center ChinaLiaoning ProvinceShenyang No. 9 Convention and Exhibition Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Sponsor:Liaoning Provincial Hotel and Catering Association and Haiming International Convention and Exhibition Group
Organizer:Shenyang Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.


At the beginning of 2020, an outbreak of pneumonia made catering industry face unprecedented challenges. However, the outbreak of pneumonia brought not only challenges, but also opportunities. At present, China's catering industry is in a stable stage of development. I believe that the impact of pneumonia epidemic on China's catering industry is only short-term. How to seize the development opportunities in 2021 is a test for caterers.

In order to help the upstream and downstream enterprises of the catering chafing dish industry chain create an efficient and convenient communication platform, the 8th China (Shenyang) Catering Industry and Hotpot Food Supplies Exhibition 2021 (Northeast Hotpot Festival in the same period) came into being at the historic moment!

50,000 square meters of magnificent scale blossom to seize the first opportunity of Northeast catering chafing dish

The 8th China (Shenyang) Catering Industry & Hotpot Food Products Exhibition 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the 2021 Shenyang Food Exposition) is scheduled to be held in the Shenyang International Exhibition Center from April 15 to 17, 21st, and the Northeast Hotpot Festival will be held at the same time, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters.

This exhibition will provide an opportunity for participating enterprises to seize the share of the catering market in Northeast China, accelerate the recovery of the catering hot pot industry, and continuously consolidate the status of "the whole catering industry chain procurement platform of Heiji, Liaoning and Mongolia provinces and districts".

Shenyang Food Expo has been well-crafted for many years and has been unanimously recognized by the authoritative associations of catering industry in Northeast China. This exhibition will continue to co-organize with Liaoning Hotel and Catering Association, Jilin Hotel and Catering Association, Heilongjiang Food and Cooking Industry Association, Heilongjiang Hotel Association and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Catering and Hotel Industry Association, and many authoritative associations. It will take its members to visit the exhibition and create a feast for the catering hotpot industry in the three northeastern provinces.

In 2021, the exhibition will set up the exhibition area of food seasoning, hot pot barbecue materials and supplies, frozen food, fresh processing and distribution, and kitchen equipment. Each exhibition area will become a museum independently and be displayed in a centralized manner, so that the products of the whole industry chain can be fully displayed, so that the exhibition enterprises can more targeted butt professional buyers, reduce exhibition consumption and conservatively estimate that the exhibition efficiency can be increased by 30%.

In order to improve the experience of enterprises participating in the exhibition, this exhibition has launched a new mode of participation, equipped customers with refrigerators and electricity, so that exhibitors can avoid the suffering of many times and make it more convenient for customers to participate in the exhibition!


Food and beverage raw materials exhibition area: innovative dishes, new hotel ingredients, special ingredients
Frozen food: quick-frozen noodles, rice noodles, surimi products, livestock meat products
Conditioning ingredients: poultry eggs, frozen fresh meat, frozen vegetarian food
Condiments: Hot pot dipping base material, compound condiments, soup oils and fats, food additives
Catering equipment: central kitchen, cleaning equipment, food machinery, baking equipment, packaging machinery, kitchen equipment

Costs & Precautions

International standard booth: booth specifications 9„, booth price 7,800 yuan, booth configuration: a table and two chairs, two spotlights, lintel board production, 300 cm x 29 cm Chinese lintel board, 5AÜV power outlet

Luxury hardcover booth: booth specifications 9 …, booth price 8800 yuan, booth configuration: increase 3.5 meters booth, color lintel board, increase advertising screen, a table and two chairs, two spotlights, carpet, 5AÜV power outlet one.

Brand image booth: booth specifications 36…and above, booth price 800…, booth allocation: according to the needs of enterprises to design and build, highlight the strength of enterprises, enhance brand influence. (Only exhibition space is provided, if electricity, tables, chairs and other facilities are needed, they should be handled at their own expense).

Advertising expenses


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