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The 15th (2020) Asia solar photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition in 2020
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/09/03 - 09/04 (Thur To Fri Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Hangzhou · Zhejiang Hangzhou International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangHangzhou 353 Benjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Sponsor:China solar power tracking system alliance, photovoltaic green ecological cooperation organization, China industry and Commerce and household photovoltaic brand alliance
Organizer:Shanghai ailing Exhibition Co., Ltd


Asiasolar is a famous high-end Photovoltaic Exhibition and conference brand in the world. Its full name is Asia solar photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition and cooperation forum. During the two-day exhibition, the two-day forum, an Asia photovoltaic innovation figures and innovation enterprises award ceremony. Under the operation and management of Shanghai aizhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Asiasolar has experienced 14 sessions, and has successfully invited 1000 heads of government and industry organizations and executives of well-known enterprises around the world to give speeches. It has attracted nearly 14000 professionals from both domestic and foreign industries, more than 3500 photovoltaic enterprises around the world, and nearly 300000 visitors.


AsiaSolar takes the theme of "innovation and cooperation" as the theme, building photovoltaic and energy storage power stations to build healthy eco industrial chain, developing intelligent manufacturing and advanced manufacturing, and actively promoting the combined development of business and household photovoltaic, micro grid, intelligent tracking system, photovoltaic and energy storage, photovoltaic hydrogen production, and promoting the "one belt and one road" and photovoltaic and energy storage enterprises to go out.


Asiasolar will attract a large number of advanced photovoltaic equipment manufacturing enterprises, photovoltaic advanced product manufacturing enterprises, EPC, testing and certification, operation and maintenance, Internet, investment, banks, insurance companies, etc. to display innovative technologies, innovative products and innovative models every year. Leading experts and entrepreneurs from relevant national departments, domestic and foreign industry organizations will attend the forum to discuss the innovation and development of photovoltaic industry Cooperation.


Asiasolar has always been committed to continuously discovering and mining photovoltaic enterprises with innovative vitality, and point-to-point precise docking of social capital and integration of resources, so as to promote its rapid development and even leading industry. During the past 14 years, asiasolar has accumulated more than 20GW of photovoltaic project cooperation, covering photovoltaic product manufacturing, photovoltaic power plant investment and financing, design and construction, operation and maintenance and other aspects of the photovoltaic industry chain. No matter when the industry is developing, or in the boom and bust stage, asiasolar is consistent. It has 365 days to serve the industry and enterprises, and practically promote practical cooperation between enterprises.

Both industry giants and start-ups regard the Asia solar photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition and cooperation forum as an important stage to open up new channels, establish a benchmark image and communicate with good partners.


a. Photovoltaic product manufacturing equipment

b. Innovative photovoltaic technology products such as crystalline silicon, thin film, glass and backplane

c. Inverter, bracket, tracking system and other innovative technology products

d. Innovative technology of design, construction and management of photovoltaic system and photovoltaic power station

e. Innovative technology products of energy storage and micro grid

f. Photovoltaic hydrogen production technology equipment

g. Investment and financing institution of photovoltaic power station with innovative mode

h. Distributed industry and Commerce and household photovoltaic brand enterprises

Costs & Precautions

① Standard share (9m2): member price: 9800 yuan; non member price: 10800 yuan

② Guangdi: member price: 980 yuan / m2; non member price: 1080 yuan / m2

(Note: the organizing committee can provide long-term, reliable and high-quality strategic cooperation companies for exhibitors at each stop, and the cost is about 20% cheaper than the market price. )


  • Telephone:0512-5398 6898
  • E-mail:info@aiexpo.com.cn
  • Address:Room 1506, Huijin building, No. 168, Shanghai East Road, Taicang, Suzhou, Jiangsu
  • Zipcode:215400


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