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The 29th Osaka environmental protection exhibition in 2020
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/04/22 - 04/24 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan AsiaJapan Intex Osaka International Exhibition Center, Osaka, Japan
Sponsor:China Chemical Information Center


The 29th Japan Osaka Environmental Protection Exhibition (New Environmental Protection Exhibition) in 2020
(The 29th New Environmental Exposition 2020)

1、 Exhibition time: April 22-24, 2020

2、 Place of exhibition: International Exhibition Hall in Osaka, INTEX, Osaka, Japan

3、 Exhibition cycle: once a year

4、 Organization
Organizer: daily business Co., Ltd
China organizing exhibition unit: China Chemical Industry Information Center

5、 Exhibition content
*Water treatment and water quality purification: water treatment, drainage (waste) water treatment, sludge treatment technology and equipment; flocculant, adsorbent and other water treatment related agents; membrane, filtration technology; ultra pure water manufacturing device; water purifier; water purifier; seawater conversion fresh water technology and device; water separator, washing machine; module; soil and groundwater pollution investigation consulting; waste liquid treatment Keywords technology and equipment; water purification related equipment; equipment manufacturer; oil-water separation system; measuring instrument;
*Resource regeneration, waste treatment and disassembly: crushing, crushing, bag breaking and granulation; cutting, cutting, stripping and mixing; sorting and separation; volume reduction, compression and baling; charging machine; additional accessories and devices; dismantling machine; current breaker; cutter; shredder; molding machine; crusher; molding machine; baling machine; breaker; oil pressure cutter; Cutting knife; mixer; color, material and specific gravity separation equipment; magnetic separator; separator; stripper; metal removal device; rotary separator; final disposal site related; medical waste; hazardous and special control waste (PCB waste treatment related, waste water and silver treatment related, slag and coal ash treatment related); consultant; mixer; asbestos related; gypsum board Treatment; fluoride treatment; metal recycling; waste wire recycling; construction sludge or residual soil recycling technology; rare metal recycling; dioxin related; waste paper recycling; oil pressure motor; hose (soft delivery pipe), joint, valve, coupler; construction machinery parts; safety countermeasures (various technologies to prevent accidents); construction waste treatment; General waste treatment; dismantling (demolition) technology; environmental countermeasures (noise, vibration, dust); improvement of working environment (dust, heatstroke prevention); asbestos countermeasures (removal technology, harmless technology, corresponding products at all levels, investigation and inspection institutions); soil pollution related (purification technology); dismantling, construction and recovery related technologies, systems, services;
*Soil, air and working environment improvement: sludge carrier; sludge soil; water, soil and air purification technology; purifier; software; measurement, analysis and detection instruments; soil investigation related instruments; safety protection equipment; risk management, assessment and information; dust, noise and vibration countermeasures; dust collection and waste treatment; sweeper and sweeper; deodorization and deodorization device (agent), biological technology preparation, operation safety protection appliance, protective symbol, protective clothing, sprayer, sorbent, agglutinant, absorbent, spray cooling system, bag filter, gas cleaner, washing machine; filter; organic solvent; land improvement; waste soil (residual soil) recycling; bird and beast solution;
*Biomass and organic waste treatment: organic waste treatment; compost manufacturing (unit); fertilizer manufacturing (unit); granulation; microbial materials; food recycling; biological resource recycling;
*Environmental protection software, measuring instrument, measurement, analysis and environmental protection solution: environmental management system; waste management software; information processing; construction waste management system; waste measurement system; logistics management system; environmental protection retrieval website; position sensing system; truck weighbridge; forklift weighbridge; weighbridge; certification support related; environmental protection consultant consultation, solution; supervision Illegal disposal of cameras; assistance in obtaining ISO certification; measurement and analysis of industrial wastes, hazardous substances and working environment; measurement and analysis of noise, vibration, odor and other prevention and control laws and regulations;
*Collection, transportation, transportation, storage and logistics: collection and transportation vehicles; cranes; conveyors; pallets; transporters; box collection containers and container bags; logistics systems; waste logistics transportation systems; mobile recycling cars; garbage bags; medical waste treatment containers; garbage collection vehicles; welding trucks; Gullwing trucks; vacuum suction vehicles; high-pressure cleaning vehicles; suction operations Vehicle; refrigerated vehicle; spray (sprinkle) water vehicle; stainless steel body (carrier); lifting body (carrier); fuel efficiency improvement system; additive; alternative fuel; energy saving driving system; safe driving, driving management system; reversing monitor; driving recorder; logistics management system; dispatching system; logistics affairs software; DPF; noise reduction system; vibration reduction system ; collection and transportation of vehicles; logistics company; car washing technology; automobile insurance; automobile servicing; Finance (financing)
*Thermal energy: technologies related to the utilization of waste incineration thermal energy; incineration; melting; gasification; thermal decomposition device; carbonization, drying and boiling; boiler; oilization and fueling; firing and rotary furnace; exhaust gas, burner and nozzle; solid fueling; cooling, smoke washing and condensation; waste heat utilization; waste treatment; waste power generation
*Civil engineering, construction and disaster countermeasures: construction company; dismantling (demolition); leasing company; renewable resources; land improvement materials (roads, sewers); river, harbor and bridge building materials; general civil engineering, gardening, greening; steel, non-ferrous metals; cement, premixed concrete; concrete mix materials; bone materials, concrete secondary products; successor, structure repair Technology, materials; architectural coatings; civil engineering technology; gas and electric equipment; mechanical equipment; unmanned construction technology; information construction technology; tools; pollution prevention related; architectural design, architectural design supplies; construction consulting; netis technology construction; disaster waste related (disaster waste removal, collection, recovery, treatment); recovery, reconstruction related (improved soil Recycled bone materials, recycled materials, harmless, radiation); shelter life related; first aid, BCP related
*Bio plastics · packaging · green products: bio plastics related products, bio degradable plastics, environmental protection new materials; water free printing, environmental protection printing machines and materials; plastic sheets and alternative packaging containers, plastic containers (plastic bottles and plates); paper containers and packaging materials; pulp plastic containers, slow weighing materials; wooden containers; environmental protection buckles and tapes; environmental protection signs ; environmental protection pallet; environmental protection sheet; corrugated pallet; reusable container; resin and sheet container for recycling paper mixed plastic; solvent-free adhesives and adhesives; plastic corrugated board and thin corrugated board; triple honeycomb board; environmental sanitation machine, material and inspection system; packaging line pipe machinery and equipment; plastic recycling; green goods; environmental protection package materials and materials ; organic cotton; recycled products; environmental protection bag
*Hazardous waste treatment: PCB waste treatment, waste water silver treatment; waste asbestos treatment; contaminated soil treatment; slag, coal ash treatment; waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali treatment; analysis, investigation, service

6、 Target audience
In 2019, n-expo attracted 115976 professional visitors, including water / wastewater contractors, water / wastewater consulting companies, distilleries / breweries, water authorities of government agencies, agencies / NGOs / OEMs, engineering companies, environmental consultants, project financing companies, research and technology institutes, real estate developers, agricultural bureaus, automobile manufacturers , cement and glass industry, chemical plant, distillery / Brewery unit, educational institution, fertilizer manufacturer, food and beverage industry unit, food processing unit, hospital / hotel / club, industrial park authority, leather industry enterprise, electrical / electronic manufacturer, municipal company, medical institution, paint industry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plant, plastic industry, pollution control board , power plants, Ministry of public works, pulp and paper mills, oil and gas / oil refineries, rubber industry, steel mills, sugar and textile industries, trade publications and research. Among them, 21% are senior cadres or directors of the company, 16% are ministers, 14% are section chiefs, 6% are department leaders, 3% are directors, 24% are general audiences and 18% are others.

7、 Exhibition introduction
In 2020, the 29th Japan Osaka Environmental Protection Exhibition (New Environmental Protection Exhibition) will be held in Osaka under the influence of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Since the first new environmental protection exhibition was held in 1995, it has been successfully held for 28 times and is the largest environmental protection exhibition in Japan. The exhibition consists of four venues: water treatment, waste recycling, bioenergy and ecological protection. The exhibition has been greatly supported by government agencies and organizations such as the Ministry of environment, the Ministry of economy and industry, the Ministry of land and transportation, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and industry, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and industry, the Japan Trade Promotion Agency, and the Beijing urban environmental protection activity center. In 2019, Japan's Osaka environmental protection exhibition attracted more than 640 enterprises from all over the world, and more than 115976 professional visitors visited the exhibition site.
The 29th environmental protection exhibition in Osaka, Japan in 2020 will be held in Osaka, Japan from April 22 to 24. In the same period, the exhibition will hold a number of activities such as technical seminar, trade cooperation forum, etc. As the host country of the 2020 Olympic Games, new environmental protection exhibition will show the latest environmental protection technology and products to the world, aiming at the current hot issues of environmental protection, provide a trade cooperation platform and develop business opportunities for environmental protection industry practitioners from around the world.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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