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Tokyo International Footwear Fair 2020
Industry: Clothing / Leather / Textile
Time: 2020/04/01 - 04/01 (Wed To Wed Total 1 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan AsiaJapan Tokyo Big Sight
Sponsor:Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Tokyo International Footwear Fair 2020
      SHOES EXPO 2019
Autumn time: October 2-04, 2019
Spring time: April 1-03, 2020
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Sponsor: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd
General agent in China: Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Recommended index: the only largest footwear exhibition in Japan, the best choice to explore the Japanese market
Exhibition area: 50000 square meters, 1050
Chinese exhibitors: more than 300
Contact: Wang Zhanlin 176216 74 561 QQ 3081 85 3237
● for those who do not participate in the exhibition, our company can provide group observation service, visa, air ticket, hotel, admission card processing and other services
In addition, our company can handle Japanese visa (business, tourism, more than three years, more than five years) with simple materials and fast signing

Exhibition introduction:
Tokyo shoes Expo is the only large-scale professional international footwear exhibition in Japan. Since its inception, Tokyo International Footwear Exhibition has been developing continuously. The number of exhibitors and visitors keeps a steady growth of more than 50% every year. As one of the series exhibitions of Tokyo International Clothing and footwear exhibition, the exhibition is in line with Tokyo Fashion Wear Expo, Tokyo bag Expo, Tokyo Fashion Jewelry Expo, Tokyo men's Fashion Expo, Tokyo OEM / sou Rcing Expo and Tokyo Textile Expo are on display at the same time. At that time, seven exhibitions will be linked and buyers will gather together, with remarkable exhibition effect.

Market analysis:
Japan, an island group in the east of the Pacific Ocean, is a large country with a population of 120 million and an area of 378000 square kilometers. It is the world's most populous country with four pairs of shoes per capita per year. As the leading shoe consumer in East Asia, Japan has a long history of trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan. For the current Japanese market, enterprises in East China, such as Jiangsu, have always been interested in it Our landing time is earlier. Most of the light industrial commodities circulating in the Japanese market are made in Jiangsu
As an island country, Japan has the same climate and weather characteristics as most other islands, such as humid and rainy climate, and unique four seasons. After a century and a half of development, Japan has become one of the most important economies in the world. It plays an important role in the world's economic life. A rich life improves the taste of Japanese life, so the market is extremely In order to be active, it is worth mentioning that the special geographical environment and unique cultural background and living habits make Japanese people have an innate passion and demand for slippers and rain shoes. It is in this economic background that the fashion world Tokyo came into being.
Considering the change of local seasons and the different needs of people in different regions, the exhibition period is divided into spring and autumn. After many years of cold and summer, every Japanese shoe exhibition has been held in Youming exhibition hall in Tokyo, and every exhibition has attracted exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions, including China, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, etc With the help of Fashion World Tokyo, we have demonstrated and sold our products, and achieved satisfactory results. Over the years, good reputation and on-site signed turnover have made Japan fashion world shoe exhibition one of the few world-class brand shoe exhibitions in the world
Exhibitor introduction:
Those who have participated in OEM exhibitions of Japanese shoe exhibitions for many times and received good results include Nanjing tianlihe, Nanjing Kaifeng, Nanjing Kaiyuan Group, Nanjing xuzhan, Nantong Mengsheng, Nantong Yongchuang, Wenzhou Oriental Jimei, Wenzhou Haitai, Wenzhou Pinzhong, Wenzhou Rixiang, Wenzhou Shibu, Wenzhou Yuhao, Wenzhou Dehua, Wenzhou paster, Wenzhou Mingyang, Wenzhou Yibang, Wenzhou Maiwei, Wenzhou Taitai Pole, Fuzhou Jiaming, Wenzhou Luoji, Wenzhou Jingdeng, Zhejiang Baili, Fuzhou Sansi, Xiamen Zhongyu, Fujian furongtai, Fujian Yuanhang, Xiamen jiayixing, Fujian Huamin, Fuzhou Tiannuo, Fuzhou Yaofeng, Fuzhou nashida, Fujian Tiandi, Fujian Feilu, Fujian kangdeng, Jieyang Zhiyuan, Jieyang Jiayi, Chaohu xinguangyuan, Anhui technology import and export, Hangzhou Huiyuan, Shenzhen Shenzhen Dihai, Jinhu Qiangli, Jinhua Xinhua, Jinhua peak, Dandong Shuangsheng, Tongxiang Huacheng, Shanghai Lanhua, Shanghai Dizhou, Dalian auskin, Dalian Ruihua, Qingdao Meiji, Qingdao yihejia, Qingdao obetta, Huai'an Qingjiang, Shantou huazhidi, Taizhou baolite, Taizhou Meili Bao, Taizhou zhongdiao, Taizhou Xidebao, Shenzhen Dihai, Henan Chuangshi, Jiaozuo Longfeng Hangzhou Qinghong, Ningbo Zhongke, Yiwu Tianxiu, etc

Last review:
Tokyo Fashion Show 2019, 1000 exhibitors, 38501 participants. It was held in Youming International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan, to provide exhibitors from all over the world with opportunities and platforms to display new products, to develop business and business opportunities for exhibitors, to maximize channel efficiency, and to speed up the sales process of buyers, importers, wholesalers and agents. The 2019 exhibition will be expanded to be held in Tokyo Big sight from October 2 to 4. It is estimated that there will be 1000 exhibitors from 25 countries, and 43000 international professional visitors will be attracted.  

Exhibition scope:
Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, leather shoes, rubber shoes, fashion shoes, sports shoes, indoor shoes, labor protection shoes, vulcanized shoes, slippers, boots, rain shoes, beach shoes, bags, leather goods, handbags, dance shoes, leisure shoes, shoe materials, shoe machines, etc

Exhibition subsidy:
All exhibitors who join our group and meet the conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to obtain the subsidy from the national small and medium-sized enterprises for international market development. The subsidy amount is different in different provinces, and the specific amount is called for consultation. A minimum of 15000 yuan.

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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