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2020 theone Milano international textile clothing and leather exhibition, Milan, Italy
Industry: Clothing / Leather / Textile
Time: 2020/02/20 - 02/23 (Thur To Sun Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Italy EuropeItaly Fieramilanocity Exhibition Center, Milan, Italy
Sponsor:Shanghai Hengtian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


2020 theone Milano international textile clothing and leather exhibition, Milan, Italy
The only Italian fashion show open to the Chinese market
[exhibition time] February 20-23, 2020
[venue] fieramilanocity Exhibition Center, Milan
[products] men's, women's, children's, underwear, leather, fur
[official authorization] Shanghai Hengtian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (exclusive agent)
Registration hotline: 15902127760
[scope of exhibits]
Clothing, clothing accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc;
The one Milano in Milan, Italy, is hosted by ente fieristico mifur, an Italian exhibition enterprise. The one Milano exhibition combines the mipap ready to wear exhibition and the international fur and leather exhibition of mifur, with a history of over 15 years. At present, it is the only official Italian Trade Exhibition with a large scale, which is open to Chinese enterprises in ready to wear, clothing and accessories exhibitions in the Italian market.
The one Milano international fashion show in Milan, Italy will give new meaning to the concept of fashion trade show. Its modern form integrates information and business in one place, so that buyers and exhibitors can establish a long-term, stable and customized business relationship.
The one Milano international clothing exhibition is held in February and September every year in Milan, Italy. The exhibitors are mainly from Italy, France, Britain, Spain, Germany, Poland, the United States, Canada, China, Japan and other countries. Each exhibition attracts about 12000 buyers, 37% of whom come from Italian cities and 63% from other countries. The exhibition not only provides a good trade platform for exhibitors and visitors, but also enables exhibitors to keep up with the latest market information and maintain trade contact with customers through various channels.
The one Milano international fashion show in Milan, Italy, offers a complete range of fashion products, including textiles, leather and fur clothing, knitwear, accessories and jewelry. At the exhibition site, a variety of boutiques, department stores, concept stores and professional international chain brand buyers are gathered. The exhibition is a combination of innovation and tradition, presenting the characteristics of fashion manufacturing industry in Italy and all over the world.
The one Milano international fashion show in Milan, Italy is uni ISO 9001:2008 certified, and the number of buyers entering the exhibition is strictly verified by DET Norske Veritas, a third-party market research company. At the same time, the exhibition will maximize the publicity and market development for all exhibitors through traditional media advertising, online advertising, and social media.
[local market profile]
Italy is a big producer and consumer of textiles and clothing, and fashion industry is the pillar industry of Italy's national economy. Its main City Milan is recognized as an international fashion and trend indicator in the production and design of clothing and fabric industry, leading the latest trend of world fashion. Milan Europe's fashion center, well-known textile manufacturers, clothing brands, senior designers have their own flagship stores in Milan. Milan is the leading center of Italian fashion. There are many famous brands in the industry. Top brand products such as Versace, Gucci, Zegna and Prada lead the global fashion trend.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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