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Five industry exhibitions in Dubai, Middle East, 2019
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2019/11/25 - 11/28 (Mon To Thur Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia UAE Dubai World Trade Center, UAE AsiaThe United Arab Emirates Dubai World Trade Centre,P.O. Box 9292


BIG5, which was founded in 1980, is an influential exhibition of architecture, building materials and services in the Middle East. At the same time, its derivative exhibition, big 5pmv, is a professional exhibition focusing on construction equipment, machinery, tools and vehicles in the Middle East. Nowadays, the fierce and sustainable development of the construction market in the Middle East has driven a strong demand for construction equipment, materials, construction machinery and vehicles, and also attracted global attention. The 2016 Dubai Middle East five industry exhibition will be held in Dubai World Trade Center, UAE, from November 21 to 24, 2016. It will continue to provide a face-to-face business exchange opportunity for the global suppliers of construction equipment, machinery, construction vehicles, equipment and materials, as well as a new profit platform for Chinese Enterprises.
Previous reviews:
The five major Middle East industry exhibitions and Dubai building materials exhibition with large scale and strong professionalism in the construction and manufacturing industry in the Middle East and the Middle East concrete and heavy industry machinery exhibition held in Dubai World Trade Center from November 21 to 24, 2016. Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum, deputy chief of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of that day. During the four-day exhibition period, the scale record of the exhibition was renewed again. The net area of the exhibition increased by 12 billion yuan over the same period of 2014, reaching 48610 square meters. More breakthrough attracted 74474 participants from 150 countries around the world, 23.4 billion yuan more than the same period of 2014, from 57 countries around the world (including 28 countries 2742 exhibitors (2371 in 2013) of the building industry. At the same time, the 2015 Middle East concrete and heavy industry machinery exhibition also had a 13,5-year-on-year growth compared with the same period in 2014.


Doors: wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, security doors, ecological doors, iron doors, paint free doors, industrial doors, windows, other categories, supporting doors and windows, glass doors, wooden doors, molded doors, fire doors, maintenance accessories, waste materials, plates
Ceiling: integrated ceiling, gypsum board, ceiling sun board, keel, other ceiling, aluminum gusset board crane, top partition / partition, wall ceiling, soft film ceiling, plastic steel ceiling, plate, metal ceiling
Glass: art glass, sliding door glass, decorative mirror, glass mosaic, home glass, other glass, glass supporting
Marble and stone: marble, granite, natural stone, prefabricated stone, reconstituted stone;
Hardware: decoration hardware, plumbing hardware, hardware tools, fasteners, heavy shelves, hooks and hanging devices, wall frames, railings, handrails, furniture hardware accessories, locks and accessories;
Construction chemical industry: coating, paint, adhesive, silica gel, sealing, sound insulation, protective coating, powder, insulating material, etc;
Building materials: aluminum alloy frame and structure, adhesive and sealant, aluminum-plastic plate, galvanized plate, pipe, pipe fitting, ceiling, decorative materials, coating, building finishing products, building materials, steel, building system and technology, building tools, doors and windows, engineering and design services, environmental protection equipment, exterior wall, glass and inlaid glass, gypsum products, interior decoration products, scenery Garden decoration, door lock and handle, brick and stone, nut, bolt and screw hinge, prefabricated concrete structure, bracket and beam, pump, safety protection tool, cleaning device, scaffold and formwork, safety protection system, solar energy system, molded concrete, iron products, road installation (signboard and road sign), swimming pool and accessories, wood, wall decoration, thermal insulation and waterproof layer, wood products house Surface, cladding and exterior wall technology: roof system, false ceiling, canopy, plastic aluminum plate, building steel plate, glass assembly, roof tile, aircraft shed, shed, industrial roof solution, cladding, skylight, solar energy technology, chimney, etc;
HVAC: air conditioning fan, electric fan, refrigeration accessories of ventilation equipment, etc
House, building template, building support system, scaffold; building chemical industry; building Electromechanical, elevator, building intelligence, safety protection, electrical automation system; electrical equipment, cleaning, fire fighting, property and other equipment; electrical communication, power generation, distribution facilities, electricity meter, switch, cable, optical cable, cable support, civil control and automation system; lighting, solar energy Systems and products.
Construction and engineering machinery and vehicles: lifting equipment, transmission device, excavator, loader, road machinery, construction vehicle, engineering vehicle, municipal vehicle, concrete equipment, lifting equipment, building material production equipment, building material processing machinery, construction machinery and equipment, mechanical parts

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5. Overseas itinerary, hotel accommodation and other arrangements have always been reasonable and convenient, and have been well received by exhibitors and business inspection enterprises!   
6. Professional group leaders who are familiar with the situation of local countries.  
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