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The 24th (Die Casting Exhibition - Die Casting Exhibition) Guangzhou International Die Casting Exhibition in 2024

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2025/05/11 - 05/13 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceGuangzhou CityHaizhu District No. 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City


Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd

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The 24th (Die Casting Exhibition - Die Casting Exhibition) Guangzhou International Die Casting Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The 24th (Die Casting Exhibition - Die Casting Exhibition) Guangzhou International Die Casting Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

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The 24th Guangzhou International Die Casting, Casting and Industrial Furnace Exhibition in 2024

Exhibition time: May 11-13, 2024

Exhibition location: First Floor, Zone C, Pazhou Exhibition Hall, China Import and Export Fair (No. 980 Xingang East Road, Guangzhou)

Organizer: Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. China Die Casting Network China Casting Network

Exhibition consultation: Lu Feng 156 2601 9944 (same WeChat account)

The Guangzhou Julang International Die Casting and Industrial Furnace Exhibition is composed of raw materials, processing technology equipment, and products, with a large scale and strong professionalism. The products of participating enterprises are interdependent, exerting a huge industrial chain effect and achieving significant economic benefits. All previous exhibitions have become annual grand events for businesses to make collective appearances and global buyers to negotiate procurement, and their scale is one of the influential exhibitions in Asia. The 2024 Guangzhou International Die Casting, Casting and Industrial Furnace Exhibition will be jointly organized by Guangzhou Julang Company, China Die Casting Network, China Foundry Network, and others. With strong cooperation, it will undoubtedly become the most valuable exhibition event in the global die casting industry.

Previous exhibitions have received strong support from well-known enterprises in the industry and various industry associations, such as Buhler, Germany Fulai, Lijin, Yizhimi, Toshiba Machinery, Zhengao, Ruida, Xingxing, Ube, Aluminum Precision Machinery, Baoyang Machinery, Liande Machinery, Yidela, Mingcheng Die Casting Machine, Taiwan Yaqiao Precision Die Casting Machinery, Guangda Die Casting Machine, Shijiaoxi, Plateau Furnace Industry, Hongxing Industrial Furnace, Jinlitai Electric Furnace, Jinda Crucible, Baidun Crucible, Jindi Crucible, Xinye Crucible, Tianfu Crucible, Chuanwang Crucible, ABB, Zongxuan, Plex, Songqing Automation, Rizhao Automation, Longsheng Automation, Huisheng Automation, Shenzhen Frank, Anmei Technology, Renchang Chemical, Fuzhou Weishi, Qinze Machinery, Shenzhen Chenda Die Casting Machine Accessories, Platinum Yue Instrument, Chongqing Rilian, Wuxi Chuangxiang, Shimadzu, Yixing Huajing, Mingqiang Machinery, Weilun Machinery, Lixinglong Electromechanical, Guangzhou Jinbang, Zhejiang Wanfeng Technology, Guangzhou Mingyang, Zhuhai Runxingtai, Guangdong Hengcheng, Guangdong Yuema, Foxconn (China), Yujiang Die Casting, Xinghe, Zhaoqing Power, Foshan Yueyin, Anycasting, Dalian Wantong, DISA, MAGMA, Dynamast, South Korea Dudang, American Hunter, Fuji Electric, Yingda China, Shandong Kaitai, Shanxi Haider, Baodingwei, Shandong Jindun, Linyi Tuoma, Shenzhou Electric Furnace, Shandong Shengquan, Suzhou Xingye, Zhuhai Fulian, Fujian Duoleng, Beijing Yijia 3D, Weijie China, Fenghua Zhuoli, Liantai, Platinum, Guangdong Foundry Industry Association and other exhibition booths are exciting and diverse. There are many die casting enterprises, such as Huizhou Xianglian Metal, Guangdong Wencan, Yian Technology, Dongguan Hongtu, Nainacas, Zhaoqing Honda, Honda Metal Technology (Foshan), Shunjingyuan, Huaxinda Hardware, Jingzhuo Industry, Xiongxin Die Casting, Hongzhe Hardware, etc Grees Metal, Lishan Hardware, Dongcheng Weichang Aluminum Alloy Processing Factory, Fujian Jinrui High tech, Zhenghan Die Casting Factory, Yulong Hardware, Jibang Industry, Lingyun Die Casting, and so on

Promotion and invitation to buyer organizations:

The Organizing Committee will place advertisements through various professional media, industry websites, radio stations, newspapers and magazines, e-mail, WeChat, mail, outdoor advertising, highway billboards, industrial park billboards, microblog, Tiktok and other means. The exhibition is an excellent display and exchange platform between domestic and foreign casting and die casting industry production and trade enterprises.

1. The conference approved the publication of Die Casting World UK, Foundry Business UK, Metal World India, Casting magazine India, Iron and Steel Metallurgy India, International Metallurgical Equipment and Technology Germany, Metal Casting Technology Australia, Industrial Heating Magazine America, Industrial Parts World Taiwan, China, Casting, Greater China, Machinist, Global Metals, Casting Today, Metal Heat Treatment, China Metallurgy, Casting Equipment Research, World Nonferrous Metals, Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys, Industrial Furnace and other authoritative magazines in the global die casting industry furnace industry Advertising.

2. Advertisements are posted on dozens of professional websites, including China Foundry Network, China Die Casting Network, First Die Casting Network, Australian Metal Casting Technology Network, British Foundry Journal Network, Guangdong Die Casting Network, China Casting Network, International Die Casting Network, China Metal Casting Information Network, China Machinery Network, China Hardware Network, Global Hardware Network, QC Testing Instrument Network, China Die Casting Network, Huicong Metallurgical Network, China Die Casting Mold Network, and Casting Trading Network.

3. The exhibition company has set up a 20 person dedicated promotion team to release the exhibition advertising information through telephone, fax, SMS, email, mail, professional magazine websites, newspapers, television stations, WeChat, Weibo, Tiktok and other channels. It plans to send 150000 invitations, 500000 invitations and 600000 tickets to domestic and foreign enterprises. We will focus on inviting domestic and foreign enterprises related to the industrial chain of die-casting and casting industrial furnaces (automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, machinery, communication, kitchen and bathroom accessories, pumps and valves, construction, ships, transportation, textiles, aviation, medical, lighting, electromechanical, hardware), including die-casting and casting industrial furnace dealers, traders, die-casting and casting industrial furnace importers and exporters, manufacturers, relevant government departments, association organizations, etc., covering design, research and development, procurement Professionals from production to sales departments.

4. Tour promotion: Select more than 10 similar professional exhibitions with larger scale and influence in China, distribute visitor cards, directly promote and promote to professional merchants, and organize professional audiences.

Exhibition fees

Brand Exhibition Hall: Starting Rent for 36 ㎡ Booth Domestic Exhibitors: Standard Booth RMB 12800/Full Exhibition Period/No. 9 ㎡ Empty Space: RMB 1280/㎡, Starting Rent for 36 ㎡ Booth (Exhibition Construction Management Fee of RMB 28 per square meter) Foreign Exhibitors: USD 3800/Full Exhibition Period/No. 9 ㎡ Empty Space: USD 380/㎡ (Exhibition Construction Management Fee of RMB 28 per square meter)

Booth configuration: three side panels, Chinese and English lintels, one negotiation table, two chairs, one trash can, and two fluorescent lamps. A 3A power socket

Product launch event, technical seminar/RMB 5000 per session

Advertising project for the conference

The journal of this conference is in 32 Kai (210mm) × 140mm imported copperplate paper, hardcover printing, distributed to visitors during the conference


Exhibition content

1: Die cast parts:

1. Various types of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and copper alloy die castings.

2. Automotive die-casting parts: transfer case assembly, sprocket chamber, transmission assembly, transmission, clutch housing, wheel tube, sleeve, pump body, oil pump housing, splitter, gearbox housing assembly, gearbox housing cover, cover, transmission housing, brake grain, wheel housing, radiator, oil pan, cylinder head, cylinder block, intake manifold, cover, suspension control arm, gravity steering joint, intake pipe, turbocharger intake pipe, compressor outlet pipe Generator bracket, aluminum bracket, generator air conditioning compressor bracket, gear cover, etc.

3. Motorcycle and electric vehicle die-casting parts: crankcase body, crankshaft body, clutch cover, lampshade, crankcase front cover, transition box, power cover, motor cover, motor accessories, engine body;

4. Various types of die-casting products such as lighting fixtures, communication, medical, valves, household appliances, instruments and meters, computers, motors, etc.

2: Castings:

1. Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings, non-ferrous alloy castings, aluminum castings, copper castings, ductile iron castings, wear-resistant castings; (Precision casting, sand casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting, high/low pressure casting, special casting, etc.).

2. Castings for automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, ships, wind power generation, engineering machinery, rail transit, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, general machinery, power transmission and transformation, electronic communication, petrochemical industry, building hardware, pipeline pumps and valves, pipe fittings, municipal engineering, urban art, and aluminum/magnesium/zinc/copper alloy die castings.

3: Die casting equipment; Smelting equipment; Die cast alloy; Die casting coating; Die casting molds; Process control and squeeze casting; Low pressure casting; Gravity metal mold casting; Centrifugal casting; Continuous casting; Shell casting; Lost foam casting

4: Sand treatment equipment; Sand removal equipment; Shaped core making equipment; Shot blasting cleaning and strengthening equipment; Metal mold casting equipment; Melting and injection equipment; Molded equipment; Conveying equipment; Testing equipment; Timely processing equipment; Coating equipment; Core drying equipment; Special casting equipment; Casting furnaces and accessories; Burners and iron nozzles; Non destructive testing; Refractory materials; Casting materials; Auxiliary products such as casting resins, casting repair materials, and equipment; Control equipment; Testing instruments (thermometers, etc.).

5: Forging equipment; Die forging equipment; Free forging equipment; Squeezing, rotary forming, cutting, bending and twisting forming equipment; Mechanical press; Automatic forging press; Hydraulic press; Automatic forming equipment; Ordinary molding equipment; Forging hammer; Forging machine; Shear machine; Bending correction machine; Unwinding and leveling equipment for coil sheet materials; Riveting machine; Other forging equipment and accessories; Industrial furnaces and energy-saving technologies for forging; Forging automation control equipment.

6: Heat treatment furnace; Auxiliary equipment and accessories for heat treatment furnaces; Quenching cooling device; Ion nitriding equipment; Induction heating equipment; Flame spraying equipment; Heat treatment production line; Mechanized device for continuous operation furnace; Vacuum furnace and vacuum controlled atmosphere heat treatment technology; Thermal instruments; Automatic control and testing equipment for heat treatment; Combustion equipment; Heating materials and equipment; Quenching medium; Thermal insulation materials; Refractory materials, etc.

7: Dust removal and purification system; Water treatment equipment and technology; Nitrogen production technology; Gas separation and recovery technology.

8: Ventilation equipment (energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning, negative pressure exhaust fans, fans)

Costs & Precautions

The 24th (Die Casting Exhibition - Die Casting Exhibition) Guangzhou International Die Casting Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com


  • Company:Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:13710285337
  • Truename:Lu Feng
  • Mobile:15626019944
  • Address:3A04-3A06, Block A1, Xinghuiyuan, No. 29, Huaming Road, the Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


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