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2024 China Beijing International New Energy Battery Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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2024/07/17 - 07/19 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) ChinaBeijingShunyi District 88 Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing


Shanghai Zhenghong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd


Shanghai Zhenghong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd


Shanghai Zhenghong Exhibition Services Co., Ltd



2024中国北京国际新能源电池技术及设备展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

Exhibition Overview

The 2024 China (Beijing) International New Energy Battery and Technology Equipment Exhibition is part of the 13th Beijing International Automobile Manufacturing Expo and will continue to be held in July 2024 at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall). The exhibition area is expected to reach 30000 square meters, with over 350 domestic and foreign exhibitors. We will showcase power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions on site. More than 200 visiting groups and over 35000 visitors will come to visit and exchange ideas. Seizing new opportunities in the development of the new energy vehicle industry, sharing market dividends, the Expo adheres to a global perspective to build a cooperative and win-win bridge for industrial transformation and upgrading, and becomes the forefront of new products and innovative technologies for domestic and foreign brand enterprises.

Exhibition advantages

——Global buyer group visits and procurement effectively achieve supply-demand integration

The organizing committee is committed to creating a comprehensive service platform that integrates brand display, technical exchange and trade cooperation, publicity and promotion, and conference discussions. It invites well-known enterprises and global buyers from public transportation, rail transit, wind and solar energy storage, smart grid, aerospace communication and other fields to visit and purchase in groups, effectively achieving supply and demand docking. In addition, the exhibition has received high attention and strong support from government units at all levels and industry associations.


Exhibition scope

1、 Battery (Cell&PACK) Exhibition Area

Various types of square, cylindrical, soft pack lithium-ion power batteries, cells, modules and PACKs, all solid and mixed solid-liquid electrolyte batteries, sodium batteries, air batteries, as well as battery warehousing and logistics services;

BMS protection board, battery control system, thermal management system, fuses, fire extinguishing devices, battery monitoring system, etc;

2、 Energy storage technology exhibition area

Energy storage batteries: sodium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium polymer batteries, smart batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, renewable fuel cells

Energy storage systems and solutions: new energy storage cabinets, container energy storage power station systems, portable mobile energy storage, outdoor energy storage, household energy storage, commercial energy storage, energy storage ESS systems, off grid/grid connected energy storage systems, microgrids, distributed energy, EMS, BMS, energy storage inverters, energy internet technology, UPS systems, photovoltaic energy storage systems, integrated photovoltaic energy storage and charging systems, as well as embedded energy storage, flywheel energy storage, pumped storage, etc;

3、 Exhibition area for battery materials and accessories

◇ Lithium battery (solid-state battery) materials include positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, electrolytes and additives, solid electrolyte materials, conductive materials, battery separators, aluminum-plastic films, protective films, copper foils, aluminum foils, tapes, sealants, insulation materials, as well as material processing equipment, grinding and dispersion, filtration and separation equipment, analysis and testing instruments;

◇ Graphene, nanomaterials, graphene preparation technology and equipment, instruments, etc;

◇ Battery casing, pole ears, caps, brackets, connectors, nickel strips, wiring harnesses, chargers, and component processing equipment;

4、 Battery equipment exhibition area

 Lithium batteries are used for grinding, stirring, coating, rolling, slitting, slicing, winding, assembly, baking, shell insertion, dehumidification, liquid injection, sealing, welding, formation, as well as intelligent module lines, PACK sorting, machine vision, spot welding, coating, grading, assembly, testing, packaging, environmental protection equipment, storage and transportation equipment, etc.

5、 Battery recycling exhibition area

◇ Waste battery collection, storage, and transportation technology; ◇ Waste battery recycling and dismantling equipment and assembly line system;

◇ Retired power battery cascading utilization; ◇ Recycling of waste batteries, etc.

6、 Capacitor Industry Exhibition Area

Various combination and stacked capacitors used in energy storage, automotive, electronics, new energy and other fields;

Capacitor production and manufacturing equipment, materials, testing and experimental instruments, etc;

7Exhibition area for battery swapping and charging facilities
  Battery swapping technology equipment: low-speed electric vehicle swapping stations, swapping cabinets; Commercial/private vehicle battery swapping systems, battery swapping technology and equipment, battery swapping packages, battery swapping shells, battery swapping modules, battery swapping brackets, battery swapping robots, visual inspection systems, and other supporting equipment and systems, as well as operators.
     Charging facilities: charging piles and supporting components, charging machines and power systems, integrated optical storage and charging systems, etc.

eightHydrogen Energy and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry Exhibition Area

Hydrogen preparation, storage, and safety testing technology and equipment, hydrogen refueling station equipment, etc;

Various fuel cells and system applications, fuel cell vehicles;

Fuel cell materials, supporting devices/systems, production and processing equipment, testing and analysis technology and equipment.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024中国北京国际新能源电池技术及设备展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com


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