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2019 Shanghai International Gifts and promotional products exhibition

Toys / Gifts / Crafts


2019/07/25 - 07/27 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd


Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd



Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an influential exhibition organizer in China's gift home industry and a member company of Reed Exhibitions (the leading international exhibition and conference organizer) in the UK.

Every year, Reed Exhibitions holds seven exhibitions of gifts, general merchandise and household goods in North China (Beijing), East China (Shanghai), South China (Shenzhen) and West China (Chengdu). The gift, department store and home furnishing series of Reed Exhibitions has become the industry's leading event

Buyer invitation scheme of Shanghai Gift Show:
Direct mail invitation to buyers - more than 200000 buyer invitation letters and exhibition information will be sent to tens of thousands of professional visitors through direct mail, followed by one-to-one notice, invitation and reminder of each professional audience to visit the exhibition.
Call the buyers - 86 customer service specialists of the call center call the buyers to visit three months before the exhibition.
E-mail exhibition Newsletter - 200000 exhibition newsletter e-mails will be sent to the target audience in the database in stages.
SMS invites and reminds buyers to arrive - covering 200000 pieces of industry data + 300000 terminals in the database..
Professional media -- the exhibition will join forces with popular TV stations in Shanghai, such as Oriental satellite TV, Shanghai news integrated channel, entertainment channel, documentary channel, Xingshang channel, first financial channel, etc.; it will join forces with well-known local newspaper media in Shanghai, such as Xinmin Evening News, morning news, Wenhui Report, weekly online TV, Metro express, etc.; it will make use of new media Wave, Tencent, Baidu and other websites cover the information circle, Sina Weibo, wechat, today's headlines, Tencent, Sohu News, Sina News and other apps fully cooperate with the on-site broadcast, professional and accurate telephone, SMS, email invitation, outdoor and subway media coverage, to create the exhibition vertical publicity, so that the exhibition information is unimpeded.

[last audience and target purchasers]
According to the data of last buyer's attendance, the number of visitors reached 37500, and the number of professional buyers reached more than 25000. Among them, 70% are Chinese visitors, 30% are foreign visitors, 43.26% are gift companies, manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters, wholesalers, agents and retailers, 15.52% are public relations planning companies, banks, insurance, securities, multinational companies, groups, advertising companies and creative design companies, and 15.52% are department stores, supermarkets, counters, boutiques, franchise chains and gift shops The proportion is 12.21%; the proportion of online shopping malls, online distribution and purchasing offices is 11.00%; the proportion of product designers and high-end consumers is 9.20%; the proportion of foreign embassies and trade offices, local tourism bureaus and scenic spot purchasers, star hotel purchasers, villas and other high-end properties and real estate developers, and the proportion of Shanghai private clubs, senior clubs, personalized restaurants and personalized stores is 7.56% 。 Among them, the arrival of VIP special guests and professional VIP buyers from some end customers of the company who visit the exhibition, let the gift customization suppliers who come to the exhibition, reap the opportunity to expand the order cooperation of key customers.

[here you can reach the following people]
*Gift company, PR planning company, advertising company, creative design company (mainly in East China)
*Agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers (mainly in East China)
*Department stores, supermarkets, counters, boutiques, franchise stores
*Online shopping mall, online distribution
*Product designers, high-end consumers
*Major star hotel purchasers, villas and other high-end property and real estate developers
*Shanghai private clubs, senior clubs, personalized restaurants, personalized stores, etc
*Embassies and consulates, collectors at home and abroad
*Domestic local tourism bureaus and scenic spot purchasers
*Bank, insurance, securities, decoration company, multinational company, group company, pharmaceutical, automobile 4S shop, etc
*Some company end customers visiting the exhibition
Bank of China, Shanghai Volkswagen, Canon, China mobile communications, China Telecom, Pudong Development Bank, Coca Cola, China Construction Bank, IBM, McDonald's, BMW, LG, COFCO, Kodak, Honda, Panasonic, HP, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Mitsubishi, Gome, Suning, Jingdong, Wal Mart, Amazon, etc


Promotional advertising
Craft gifts
Crystal and glassware
Jewelry and fashion accessories
Packaging and paper products
Luggage and leather goods
Sports and leisure tourism products
Household goods
Home decoration
Home textile products
Beauty and health care products
Small appliances and digital products
Stationery and stationery
Food category
Gift category
Hardware tools

Costs & Precautions

9 square meters standard booth, 8800-10600 RMB
Advertising expenses


scaleN3 Hall


  • Telephone:0755-33989301-301
  • Truename:Mr. Hao
  • Mobile:13267209354
  • Fax:0755-33331168
  • E-mail:1920800417@qq.com
  • QQ:2851603195
  • Address:Room 1801 and 1802, Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Center, Fuhua Third Road, downtown Shenzhen
  • Zipcode:518048


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