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2022 China (Hangzhou) international medical device Expo

Biology / Medicine / Health


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2022/09/24 - 09/26 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Hangzhou · Zhejiang Hangzhou International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangHangzhou 353 Benjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou


China Medical Education Association


Enterprise society Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd



In order to thoroughly implement the outline of the health development plan during the 14th Five Year Plan period, comprehensively promote the construction of a healthy China, accelerate the improvement of the health system, enhance the institutional guarantee of people's health, strengthen the construction of public medical and health institutions, strengthen the construction of medical centers, regional medical centers and county-level hospitals, and speed up the expansion of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced layout. Facing the new situation of medical and health development in the new era, China (Hangzhou) international medical device Expo, based on a new starting point, strives to promote the innovation, agglomeration, integration, opening and improvement of Zhejiang medical industry, effectively enhance the competitiveness and influence of the medical industry, and strive to build a new exhibition platform integrating innovation highland, industrial manufacturing highland, digital development highland and high-quality medical service highland.

With the theme of "medical reform in the digital + era", 2022 China (Hangzhou) international medical device Expo will be opened in Hangzhou International Expo Center from September 24 to 26, 2022. At that time, more than 600 medical device enterprises will carry more than 20000 popular medical products and innovative products for on-site centralized display. Cimde will hold the innovation and development conference of domestic medical devices, the docking conference in the high-tech field of international medical equipment More than 20 "Online + offline" activities, such as new product and technology press conferences and special training sessions on procurement transactions, recorded a record number of exhibitors and the scale of displayed products.

China (Hangzhou) international medical device Expo (cimde) is an influential professional exhibition in the medical device industry in China and even East China. The scale of the exhibition is expanding year by year, and the exhibitors are increasing. Every year, tens of thousands of professionals from the medical device industry at home and abroad, such as traders, research institutions, government departments, hospital procurement and management departments, are attracted to visit. Adhering to the tenet of high-end products and academic authority, cimde is committed to building a unique boutique exhibition in China's medical equipment industry, becoming a stage for the appearance of international advanced products and technologies and a platform for the intersection of cutting-edge medical theory and practice.

Concurrent activities · forum # activities:
1. Cimde innovation service and product investment promotion conference
2. Dealer procurement matchmaking meeting
3. Cimde new technology and Achievements Exhibition Conference
4. Zhejiang medical equipment procurement policy forum
5. Zhejiang beautiful hospital construction and Development Conference
6. Zhejiang smart hospital construction and Development Forum
7. Hospital Logistics Informatization Construction Development Forum
8. High quality development forum of rehabilitation aids industry
9. Rehabilitation aids industry innovation and future Summit Forum
10. Medical care and health care service Summit Forum
11. Conference on innovation and development of domestic medical devices
12. International medical equipment high technology docking Conference
13. New product and Technology Press Conference
14. Special training session on procurement transactions

Exhibition feature:
♦ Cimde, a well-known brand in the industry and the first choice for professional exhibitors, is becoming more and more well-known, professional, forward-looking and authoritative, attracting international well-known enterprises to choose cimde and display the most advanced medical equipment.
♦ Procurement and selection exhibition, efficient promotion of centralized procurement - for the national head of medical equipment, the procurement and selection exhibition of medical system.
♦ Professional buyers group and on-site negotiation between the supplier and the demander - the organizer specially invites professional buyers from medical institutions with clear purchase needs to visit the exhibition, communicate and negotiate with exhibitors on site, and build a trade platform for both parties to obtain business opportunities.
♦ Business matching, efficient and accurate - build a communication bridge between exhibitors and buyers, accurate positioning and smooth communication, so that both sides can obtain rich benefits.
♦ The academic conference will be held at the same time, and the participation of exhibitors and participants is correct - the experts of the academic conference gather to hold high-level academic seminars in various fields, and the exhibitors actively participate in them, so that the new products and technologies on display can be accepted and spread among professionals as soon as possible.

Audience invitation:
1. Hospitals / medical institutions: heads of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical universities, centers for Disease Control and prevention, blood stations and other professional medical institutions and groups;
2. Dealers / agents: dealers, agents, trading companies, distributors, application providers, etc;
3. Associations and government units: medical associations, chambers of Commerce, business, economic and trade units in China, medical associations and organizations of various countries;
4. Foreign trade channel system: dealers, agents, trading companies, distributors, application providers, etc;
5. Related occupations: professors, doctors, scholars, scientific research institutes, medical practitioners.

Publicity program:
1. Call center, PC end and mobile end publicity: promote the exhibition information one-to-one to the 100000 professional audience database of the conference through telephone invitation of professional call center, e-mail push, direct SMS, wechat circle of friends display on mobile end, efficient centralized publicity of short video media matrix, display and targeted promotion on the home page of mainstream search engines such as Baidu and 360 on PC end.
2. Media publicity: invite and organize more than 100 industry media, mass media and social media at home and abroad to comprehensively report and publicize the exhibition.
3. Advertising: subway, bus, TV station, building, community gate, access control and other all-round publicity exposure exhibition.

Exhibition schedule:
Exhibition arrangement time: September 22-23, 2022
Exhibition time: September 24-26, 2022 (09:00-16:30)
Withdrawal time: September 26, 2022


• medical imaging: CT, Dr, medical X-ray system, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, magnetic resonance equipment, tumor treatment machine, medical film and processing system, medical 3D printing equipment, etc;
• remote mobile intelligent medical monitoring: sleep monitor, remote ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature detection, cloud sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, wearable medical and health cabin, etc;
• mobile medicine: telemedicine, app, big data cloud, physical examination, rehabilitation, precision medicine, home medicine, wearable medical electronics, sports health, massage / physiotherapy, medical beauty electronics, intelligent elderly care service platform, scheme, etc;
• cryotherapy equipment, dynamic analysis equipment, etc;
• surgical instruments: electric knife and consumables, stapler, stapler, suture needle / thread, laser surgical instruments, ultrasonic surgery, etc;
• ward nursing equipment and appliances: beds, cars, tables, cabinets, racks, motors and controllers for medical instruments, etc;
• design and manufacture of medical parts and components;
• disinfection supplies: medical air sterilizer, vacuum sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning system, disinfectant / agent, etc;
• auxiliary products: oxygen generator, ventilator, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, thermometer, potential therapeutic instrument, medical elastic socks, ray protective articles, oxygen production and supply equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, special equipment for the disabled, etc;
• medical protective and sanitary materials: medical textiles, medical bandages, gauze, masks, surgical clothes, medical ointment, wound stickers, cotton balls, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesives, applicators, disposable syringes, infusion sets, etc;
• operating room: emergency room, consulting room equipment and appliances, orthopedic consumables, etc;
• medical information technology: software and electronic medical records, hospital telemedicine system, hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system, hospital pharmacy automation equipment, etc;
• special vehicles: ambulances, blood collection vehicles, medical vehicles, sampling vehicles, emergency command, disease control, health supervision, family planning services, etc;
• household medical treatment: household oxygen generator, human health scale, healthy sleep, wearing medical electronics, massager, meridian grab, cervical vertebra instrument, eye health instrument, thermometer, health cabin, physiotherapy equipment, etc;
• medical care for health: Traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, Moxa Moxibustion, health care for the elderly, chronic disease management, joint paste, health care real estate, characteristic diagnosis and treatment equipment of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, etc;
• emergency medical treatment: PCR release laboratory equipment, mobile nucleic acid inspection equipment, emergency medical reserve materials, etc;
• biomedical health: genetic testing, biomedicine, quantum health, medical tourism, assisted reproduction, etc;
• hospital construction: the overall planning and design scheme of the hospital; Medical care furniture, life support system, cleaning engineering, hospital logistics support, energy management, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Exhibition charges/to configure|Pay Service

• standard booth:(9㎡)¥7800element/individual

Booth configuration:1Zhang information desk2A folding chair2Branch light source1individual220VPower socket1A garbage basket, company lintel, carpet.

• luxury standard exhibition:(9㎡)¥8800element/individual

Booth configuration:1Zhang information desk2A folding chair2Branch light source1individual220VPower socket1A garbage basket, colored lintel, raised lintel, carpet.

• light floor special installation:(36(from m2)¥800element/

Booth configuration: only the corresponding open space area is provided, and the enterprise can build it by itself.

• technical exchange/Press conference: assembly field¥8000element/10′; Special session for Enterprise Independence:¥15000element/30

Advertising expenses
Advertising location cost
$160008000 yuan / third envelope
back cover12000 yuan Color inner page 5000 yuan
Title Page10000 yuan Color cross edition 7000 yuan
Black and white content 2000 yuanText introduction 1000 yuan

matters needing attention
Exhibition rules
1. If you want to sign up for the exhibition, please ask the Organizing Committee for the "Exhibition Application Form" and carefully fill in and stamp it and return it to the organizing committee. After the exhibition application is accepted, the organizing committee will confirm the application by email or telephone;
2. The exhibitor shall remit the exhibition expenses to the account of the organizing committee within the specified date. If the exhibitor fails to pay the relevant expenses as required, the organizer will not retain the confirmed booth position;
3. After confirming that the enterprise has fully handled the exhibition expenses, the organizing committee will issue the exhibitor manual to guide the exhibitor's preparation work. The exhibitor will check in according to the time and place and start the exhibition arrangement;
4. The booth is arranged according to the principle of "application first, payment first and distribution first".
5. The organizer reserves the right to finally adjust the booth location according to the overall image of the exhibition;
6. Without the approval of the organizing committee, it is not allowed to transfer the booth or display products unrelated to the exhibition content without permission, otherwise it will be disqualified from participating in the exhibition.
the measure of area: 20000 square meters


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  • Address:353 Benjing Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou


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