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BTE 7th Guangzhou International Biotechnology conference and Exhibition (BTE 2022)

Biology / Medicine / Health


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2022/09/15 - 09/17 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong · Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong


China protein drug quality Alliance


Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Association

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[BTE 2022 annual international biotechnology conference]
With the breakthrough of biotechnology and the guidance of policies, the concentration of China's biological industry has gradually increased. The development tide of artificial intelligence and Internet will also drive the biological industry to develop in the direction of intelligence and digitization. As a highly recommended professional platform in South China, BTE Guangzhou International Biotechnology conference is promoting the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and is building a high-level scientific and technological innovation carrier and platform around the coordinated development, exchange and integration of biological industry clusters in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.
BTE 2022 is expected to reach 200 + exhibitors at home and abroad, 10000 + professional visitors, 60 + special forums, 60 + speakers and 15000 + square meters of exhibition area.

[create a feast of ideas and build a technical carrier together]
BTE 2022 will be comprehensively upgraded on the basis of traditional exhibitions, focus on the efficient connection of technology application and ideological theory in the form of "exhibition with exhibition", focus on improving the innovation ability and industrialization level of biotechnology industry, and encourage the full display of innovative industries in multiple dimensions.
BTE 2022 will focus on topics such as biological antibodies, immunotherapy, innovative drugs, precision medicine and biological manufacturing, share the latest industry information such as policy needs, technology research and industrial planning through dozens of meetings and forums held by authorities from national government agencies, pharmaceutical enterprises and biotechnology company executives at home and abroad, and sincerely invite you to witness the annual event of China's biotechnology industry!
[meeting topics (proposed)]
(1) Concomitant molecular diagnosis Forum
Application of metagenomic two generation sequencing in the diagnosis of infectious diseases
② New challenges in genetic tumor gene detection
③ Role and current situation of molecular pathology in concomitant diagnosis
④ Study on detection status and immunoassay methods of Helicobacter pylori
⑤ Mass spectrometry assisted blood drug concentration monitoring
⑥ Clinical application and progress of MRD in solid tumors
⑦ In depth analysis of tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment and biomarker discovery of cell genomics
⑧ Concomitant diagnosis promotes the clinical development of new drugs for tumor immunotherapy
⑨ Current situation and future of cell genomics technology and detection application
(2) Gene testing Industry Development Summit Forum
① Discussion on the problems and trends of current gene testing market
② Development of high throughput sequencer: from localization to internationalization
③ Domestic high-density gene chip platform helps the development of gene testing industry
④ Application of high quality DNA synthesis technology in gene sequencing
⑤ Big data diagnosis technology and application based on third generation sequencing
⑥ Digital marketing upgrade driven by doctors' behavior insight
⑦ Building a healthy China in an all-round way and the future prospect of genetic testing
⑧ Fast gene therapy vector development
⑨ Application of high throughput sequencing in reproductive genetics
⑩ Application of ngs in tumor precision medicine
Clinical application of 11 gene detection in tumor immunotherapy
Application of 12 sets of learning techniques in infectious diseases
13 key obstacles and barriers of tumor liquid detection (ctDNA)
Challenges and breakdowns of gene testing in clinical application
(3) Antibody drugs and new drug R & D Innovation Forum
① Development strategy choice of domestic human vaccine enterprises in the post epidemic Era
② Targeted tumor immune factor
③ A simple and effective technology platform for antibody drug removal from ADCC / ADCP
④ ADC drug research and development and latest progress
⑤ Case study on the world's advanced intelligent biopharmaceutical factory
⑥ Multi parameter stability analysis platform to accelerate the development of biological products
⑦ Study on quality comparability of process change or process amplification of antibody drugs in different development stages
⑧ Development, application and selection of serum-free cell culture as the core technology of biomedicine
⑨ Characterization technology of antibody drugs and related application strategies
⑩ Challenges and important considerations of clinical analysis of new biotechnological drugs
Application and popularization of biosynthesis technology in biomedicine
12 quality management in plant construction
(4) Forum on targeting and cellular immunotherapy
① Gene editing and cell therapy: from basic to translational medicine research
② Key common problems to be solved in the research and development of car-t cell therapeutic drugs
③ Troubles and Countermeasures of car-t research and development of solid tumor
④ Research and development of the world's first universal car-dnt cell drug
⑤ Current situation, challenges and future prospects of cart treatment
⑥ Global progress and challenges of car-t cell new drug research and development
⑦ Preliminary study on the safety and efficacy of humanized anti BCMA car-t cells in the treatment of recurrent / refractory multiple myeloma


 laboratory technology and equipment: cell culture system, biochemical analysis instrument, biological imaging system, biochip, HPLC, separation and purification system, reagents, accessories and consumables, laboratory information management system, GLP / GMP, disinfection and clean room equipment, etc.
 biotechnology services: gene testing, stem cell technology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology services, biochip services, cro / CMO, technical training services, immunology services, staffing services and other contract services.
 medical examination and IVD: diagnostic instruments, diagnostic reagents, auxiliary devices and supplies in the fields of biochemical diagnosis, immune diagnosis, molecular diagnosis, microbial diagnosis, urine diagnosis, cytological diagnosis and POCT.
 engineering and technical equipment: fermentation tank, cell reactor, cell culture equipment, saccharification equipment, separation and filtration, extraction and purification, instrumentation and industrial automation equipment, sanitary fluid equipment, environmental protection technology and equipment, etc.
 quality control and safety: quality management analysis, particle measurement equipment, comprehensive evaluation system, sugar chain / carbohydrate analysis system, viscometer, stability evaluation equipment, amino acid analysis system, etc.
 biopharmaceutical ingredients: biopharmaceutical raw materials, APIs, enzymes, auxiliary materials, additives, stabilizers, test kits, antibodies, starch sugars and sugar alcohols, yeast and its derivatives, amino acids, organic acids and natural extracts, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth

Domestic enterprises:15500RMB/individual/Single opening16000RMB/individual/Double opening

Booth configuration: it is built uniformly by the general assembly, including three coaming boards, company name lintel and consultation table1Folding chair2Handle and spotlight2Branch220V/500WPower supply socket11. Carpet

Luxury booth

Domestic enterprises:16300RMB/individual/Single opening16800RMB/individual/Double opening

Foreign enterprises:30000RMB/individual

Booth configuration: it will be built by the general assembly in a unified way3.5Migao, located in the core area, highlights the enterpriselogo, strengthen the corporate image, including coaming, company name lintel, consulting desk, folding chair, spotlight220V/500WPower supply socket1Complete facilities such as furniture, carpet, etc

Open space booth

Domestic enterprises:1500RMB/square meter

Foreign enterprises:2200RMB/square meter

Booth configuration: open space booths are distributed in important areas of the conference without any facilities. They are designed and built by the enterprise itself or entrusted to the construction service provider recommended by the conference. The enterprise shall bear the construction management fee and electricity fee charged by the exhibition hall.

Advertising expenses

Speech:15000element/20Minutes, on-site advertisement of the conference, handbag of the conference, etc

Dinner party, outdoor advertisement, Conference Journal, print advertisement, etcContact: 13710163299 Gong man qq2850965539

the measure of area: 10000 square meters


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