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2021 Guangdong (Foshan) International Machinery Industry Equipment Expo

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2022/08/25 - 08/28 (Thur To Sun Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong · Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center China Guangdong Foshan No. 1 Gongzhan Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province


China Machinery Industry Federation, Guangdong Manufacturing Association, Foshan Machinery Equipment Industry Association, Zhenwei International Exhibition Group


Guangdong Tanzhou Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhenzong Exhibition Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Haiminghui Expo Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

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The 2022 Guangdong (Foshan) International Machinery Industry Equipment Expo (referred to as "Guangdong (Foshan) Industry Fair"), hosted by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., a global comprehensive exhibition service provider, will be held at the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition in Foshan from August 25 to 28, 2022. Held by the center and co-organized with the Guangdong "Internet +" Expo, it provides a high-quality platform for the exchange and exchange of industrial technologies between the north and the south of my country, and creates a comprehensive event that brings together industrial Internet thinking and modern intelligent manufacturing equipment, providing a one-stop service for enterprises. intelligent manufacturing upgrade plan.

The predecessor of Guangdong (Foshan) Industry Fair is Tianjin International Machinery Industry Fair hosted by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. After 17 years of accumulation of industry resources, it is an international brand exhibition certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). Enterprise resources in the fields of industrial manufacturing design and technology such as robotics, laser processing, industrial automation, hardware electromechanical, intelligent manufacturing, industrial interconnection, smart factories, etc., with a complete industry database and resource management service system, and in-depth service to more than 3,000 industry enterprises every year More than 1,000 well-known brands such as Haas, Tornas, Litz, Chengtai, Siemens, Schneider, Fanuc, Panasonic, Guangshu, Xinsong, Qianjiang, Han's Laser, Dineng, and Huagong have participated in the exhibition for many years. . The exhibition is expected to have an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, 1,400 exhibitors and 200,000 professional visitors.

The Guangdong (Foshan) Industry Fair will deeply explore the market resources in South China, integrate the needs of cluster industries, and create a highly accurate and efficient procurement supply and demand platform. International seminars are integrated to create a one-stop exhibition platform to promote global industrial upgrading.

【Conference Highlights】

Exhibition height: more than 1,000 brands such as Haas, Tornas, TRUMPF and Siemens have built complete manufacturing lines.

The level of discussion: more than ten summit forums, bringing together government, industry, academia and research to inspire thinking and broaden horizons.

Focus on actual results: The manufacturing "trillion club" city exerts its strength, and the 100 billion procurement market sends demand.

Connecting to the frontier: Industrial manufacturing is connected with the industry "Internet +", and promotes the upgrade of "Foshan Smart Manufacturing".

Docking resources: Integrate upstream and downstream resources of the manufacturing industry, and accurately connect with buyers "one-to-one".


【Machine Tool Exhibition Area】Concentrated display of metal cutting machine tools, CNC machine tools, machining, lathes, milling machines, boring machines, boring and milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, planers, sawing machines, broaching machines, engraving machines, EDM/Wire cutting machine tools, metal cutting machine tools, Gear processing machine tools, special machine tools, etc.;

【Laser Exhibition Area】Concentrated display of laser cutting, sheet metal equipment, forging machinery, laser cutting machine, marking machine, welding machine, stamping machine tool, sheet metal cutting machine tool, CNC punching machine, water jet, hydraulic press, shearing machine, bending machine machine, plate rolling machine, pipe bending machine, riveting machine and peripheral equipment, etc.;

【Robot Exhibition Area】Concentrated display of complete industrial robots, service robots, robot machine vision, robot development platform and software technology, robot functional parts and components, robot application products and solutions, intelligent production line logistics, etc.

【Automation Exhibition Area】Concentrated display of automation technology, transmission and control, transmission logistics, system integration, industrial Internet, non-standard automation, automation solutions, classification and feeding systems, workbench accessories, industrial automation information technology and software, industrial information technology service system, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Booth Specifications

Domestic enterprises

International firms


Standard booth 9㎡



Including carpet, three-sided hoarding, company name lintel, one consultation desk, two chairs, two spotlights, and one power socket.

Luxury standard exhibition 9㎡


USD 1,500/个

The overall 3.5-meter-high luxury booth highlights the corporate logo. There are corporate propaganda slogans on the left and right sides of the booth to strengthen the corporate image.

Open space from 36㎡


USD 150/㎡

The empty space does not carry any display racks and facilities. Exhibitors can arrange special decoration by themselves or entrust the construction company recommended by the organization unit.


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