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2022 South China (Haikou) prefabricated building and Green Ecological Home Expo

Construction / Decoration / Hardware


2022/08/21 - 08/23 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Haikou · Hainan Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHainanHaikou 258 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province


Undertakers: quanfanglian (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingda Juli Technology Holding Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Gaode Lvjian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd...


Quanfanglian (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Qingda Juli Technology Holding Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Gaode Lvjian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd...

91Days To Go


1、 Build a theme area of construction industry achievements in South China

2、 With the strong support of the Ministry and provincial government departments, it was jointly held

3、 Professional forum, heavyweight experts to feel the pulse, practical and feasible project on-site promotion

4、 Tens of thousands of professional visitors and high-quality buyers came to the scene

5、 Dozens of mainstream media lineups, full attention and full coverage

6、 Held in Hainan free trade port, fully in line with international standards, and the import and export of products enjoy preferential tariffs ?

7、 Six provinces and regions in South China are integrated, focusing on the coordinated development of intelligent construction and building industrialization

8、 Create a "national Tesco consumption season". Achieve immersive exhibition experience


1. Prefabricated architectural design: scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design, component deepening design, design software, AEC software, BIW consulting and data processing system
2. Prefabricated building structure: prefabricated concrete structure, prefabricated steel structure, modular building, prefabricated wood structure, prefabricated sealing system, finished prefabricated components, prefabricated comprehensive pipe gallery, prefabricated component production equipment, links, embedded parts and accessories
3. Green prefabricated houses: light steel house series, integrated house series, modular house series, container house series, wood structure house series, aluminum alloy House series and prefabricated tent house series
4. Assembly decoration: integrated wall system, light partition system, assembled integral toilet and customized integrated kitchen system
Unified, integrated ceiling and whole house customization system
2、 Intelligent architecture
1. Intelligent building technology: IOT technology, AI technology, 5g, big data, 3D printing technology, edge computing, etc. (enabling BIM system, CIM, GIS) 2. Intelligent building system and equipment: weak current and generic cabling system, communication automation system, building automation system, office automation system, security automation system, fire automation system, HVAC automation system, etc
Intelligent building technology and intelligent parking system solutions
4 cutting edge design and technological innovation achievements: cutting edge design concepts and project achievements in prefabricated buildings, green buildings, super high-rise buildings, smart buildings, urban renewal and transformation of existing buildings: research results of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment of green buildings:
5. Display and docking of innovative achievements of architectural design enterprises, universities and research institutions;
6. Classic project display and demand docking of real estate development enterprises.
3、 Smart city
Intelligent infrastructure, urban operation supervision, emergency command center, Internet of vehicles, smart government, smart energy, smart transportation, smart security, smart medical treatment, smart education, smart Park, smart community, smart home (smart appliances), smart logistics and other management systems and solutions.
4、 Green building materials
Including but not limited to building structure, enclosure, protection, etc.: basic building materials: new environmental protection ground materials: new wall
Bulk material; New interior and exterior wall architectural coatings: waterproof and fireproof materials: sound absorption and sound insulation materials: vibration isolation and damping materials: environmental protection decoration materials.
5、 Building energy conservation
Building new energy system and equipment; Photovoltaic building integrated system and equipment; Roof and curtain wall insulation system: energy-saving doors and windows; Building shading products; Passive house heat recovery and fresh air ventilation system; New thermal insulation materials and sealing materials: new energy-saving coatings: water and electricity saving products: green and intelligent lighting products; Green building certification consulting services: energy efficiency evaluation and energy conservation acceptance services; Green building software, etc.
6、 Comfort system
Refrigeration and heating systems and equipment; Central fresh air ventilation, air purification, central dust collection, constant temperature and humidity system; Building water supply and drainage system and equipment; Building power supply and distribution system and equipment; Electrical automation and related equipment accessories: Elevator and related equipment accessories, etc.
7、 Comprehensive solutions for building implementation
1. Brand and comprehensive solutions for the whole life cycle of green building project planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance: 2. Construction machinery and equipment:
3. Green construction technology and equipment;
4. New formwork frame, climbing formwork and climbing frame system;
5. Smart construction site: dust and noise monitoring system; Dust and noise reduction equipment; Environmental monitoring system; Special equipment monitoring; Engineering vehicle monitoring system: safety management system: sewage discharge monitoring: intelligent construction equipment, etc.
8、 Sponge City
Surface ecological road application materials; Rainwater collection and reuse equipment; Underground comprehensive pipe gallery technology and equipment: water and water industry equipment; Municipal water supply and drainage system and equipment; Urban water security; Planting roof system; Urban landscaping and construction.

Costs & Precautions the first five rows of hall 8 are 980 yuan / m2, and the last five rows are 880 yuan / m2

The standard booth is 12000 yuan each


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  • E-mail:hepahainan@126.com
  • Address:17 / F, Fujian building, No. 76 Binjiang Road, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province


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