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2022 the 6th Qingdao International Heating Exhibition

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2022/08/18 - 08/20 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Qingdao · Shandong Qingdao International Convention Center ChinaShandongQingdao 9 Miaoling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong


Organizer: Shandong Jinnuo International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shandong Jinnuo International Exhibition Co., Ltd



Qingdao International Heating exhibition, as a sister exhibition of Shandong International Heating Exhibition (Jinan exhibition), is professionally operated by the original team of Jinan International Heating exhibition and has been held for five consecutive sessions. The exhibition was strongly supported by Shandong gas and heat Association, Shandong urban water supply and Drainage Association, Shandong refrigeration society, Shandong Environmental Science Society, Guangdong gas heating and water heater chamber of Commerce and Jinan Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade. City city and city one belt, one road of Qingdao, Shandong, China, the main economic zone of the New Asia Europe continental bridge, the city's main node of the New Asia Europe continental bridge economic corridor, and the strategic location of the strategic cooperation of the maritime cooperation. It is our responsibility to build an industry business cooperation platform, interpret industrial policies, lead the healthy development of the industry and help enterprises grow. Give full play to the role of the exhibition in helping the development of the industry, and dedicate a "high-quality, international, professional and whole industry" HVAC industry solution event to the industry every year.
As the core city of Shandong's new and old kinetic energy conversion Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Qingdao shoulders the important task of accelerating the transformation, development and growth of the eastern part of the country. In the context of national efforts to create an internal economic cycle, closely combined with the current new economic normal, closely following the market demand for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, the exhibition sincerely invites excellent HVAC industry partners to jointly build a three-in-one promotion and cooperation structure of "entity + online + Mobile", so as to better, faster and more accurately recommend high-quality enterprises and high-quality products and services to the market, and provide three-dimensional and comprehensive services for industry enterprises, Provide comprehensive online and offline exposure services, vigorously expand the influence of enterprises and boost the development of the industry.
The 6th Qingdao International Heating exhibition will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 18 to 20, 2022. The exhibition will open a scale of 30000 square meters, so that the exhibition can fully cover the main equipment and relevant supporting parts in three major heating industry fields: Civil (domestic heating, domestic hot water, etc.), commercial (schools, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, etc.), industrial (textile, tobacco, printing and dyeing, breeding, sludge and food). In 2022, the conference will continue to work with Shandong gas heating Association, Shandong urban water supply and Drainage Association, Shandong HVAC industry association, Shandong refrigeration society, Shandong Environmental Science Society, Guangdong gas heating and water heater chamber of Commerce and Jinan Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade to focus on building urban clean heating zone, air conditioning and heat pump dual supply zone, new energy heating zone and urban water affairs zone, Provide visitors with complete technology and service solutions for the whole industry chain of HVAC industry across three major fields: municipal, civil and industrial. In addition, the conference will continue to launch more than 10 high-level special forums and activities, so that the audience can discuss the innovative solutions of the industry face-to-face with senior experts and peers in the industry.


Boiler · wall mounted boiler
Technologies and products of oil and gas boilers, industrial pulverized coal boilers and waste heat boilers; Wall hanging furnace; Burner, thermal equipment and technology, etc
New energy heating
Heat pump and drying, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, etc
Regional energy
Heating, refrigeration, energy efficiency management, etc
Heating end products
Floor heating equipment, heating radiator, etc
intelligent control
Heat metering, controller, building technology, etc
Pipe pump valve exhibition area
Pipes, pipe fittings, pumps, valves, etc
Comfort system
Fresh air, air purification, cooling and heating comfort system, etc
Smart heating · central heating zone
Waste heat utilization
Waste heat utilization and heat treatment; Heat exchange, heat conduction, heating, heat preservation, fire prevention, refractory materials and equipment, etc.
Environmental monitoring and instrumentation
Water governance, water resources protection and utilization
Urban water supply and drainage, water conservancy projects and services
Smart environmental protection, solid waste, soil, atmosphere and resource regeneration

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  • Address:Room 1104, block B, east ring International Plaza, No. 3966, East 2nd Ring Road, Jinan
  • Zipcode:250100


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