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2022 China (Xuzhou) Solar Photovoltaic Conference and comprehensive energy exhibition

Chemical / Energy / Environment


2022/07/23 - 07/25 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Xuzhou · Jiangsu Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center ChinaJiangsuXuzhou No. 47, Yuntai Road, Xuzhou, China


Organizer: Beijing Huawei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Henan Huawei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Beijing Huawei International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Henan Huawei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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*** *** *** For China's new energy industry, this is no different from a historic moment. The goal of carbon neutralization will force China's energy transformation to accelerate significantly. In the 14th five year plan and even longer period, the growth rate of new energy will be much higher than in the past. Photovoltaic is one of the main forces of new energy in China. By the end of 2019, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic} power generation in China has reached 204.3gw, ranking first in the world for five consecutive years. At the same time, the photovoltaic development mode is also changing significantly, and the integration and development with other industries is one of the main trends, such as the integration of wind light hydrogen storage, optical storage and charging, etc. However, the development of photovoltaic industry still faces many challenges, and the land} problem will become a more and more serious constraint. Therefore, more exploration needs to be done in improving land use efficiency, such as innovative technology application of large-size modules, tracking and double-sided modules, water light complementarity, photovoltaic + agriculture, etc. On the other hand, the vigorous rise of green buildings conforms to the important strategic transformation of the transformation trend of the world economic growth mode, and conforms to the three strategies of national energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial development and new urbanization construction. As an important direction of green building development, BIPV perfectly realizes the integrated application of "photovoltaic + green building", which is highly in line with the development trend of global green building.


Manufacturing equipment of solar energy and photovoltaic products
Crystalline silicon, thin film, glass, backplane and other photovoltaic innovative technology products
Inverter, bracket, tracking system and other innovative technology products
Innovative technology of design and construction management of photovoltaic system and photovoltaic power station
Energy storage system technology, products, related equipment and materials
Innovative technology products of smart grid and smart energy system
BIPV building integration technology and products
Distributed industrial and commercial and household photovoltaic brand enterprises

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