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2022 the 11th Beijing International Ecological Tourism Industry Expo
Industry: Travel / Hotel / Catering
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2022/03/26 - 03/28 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Daxing District · Beijing Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaBeijingDaxing District 6 Rongchang East st, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing senmeijiayuan Trading Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing senmeijiayuan Trading Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:China Forest Farm Association, State Forestry and grassland administration, National Innovation Alliance for forest health, ecological residence and camping branch of China Forestry Industry Federatio...
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2021 Beijing International Ecotourism RV camping Industry Expo was grandly held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall from May 22 to 24, 2021! Nearly 200 related enterprises from home and abroad dress up for the exhibition, and the exhibits involve various tourism supporting products of the ecological tourism and camping industry chain. In the three days of the exhibition, more than 15000 visitors were received, and the on-site trading volume reached more than 89 million. The enterprise gained a lot. Most of the exhibits were destroyed on site
Sales or mass customization and continuous tracking of many intended customers. An ecological sojourn dinner ended perfectly, and 96% of exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition! The outline of the 14th five year plan proposes that economic and social development should take promoting high-quality development as the theme, and unswervingly implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. At the same time, China's global tourism and smart tourism, which are coordinated by ecological construction and ecotourism, are developing healthily and rapidly. Rural tourism has gradually become a new hot spot, new trend and new model of high-quality tourism. A new era of residence and vacation is ready to go. The market prospect of forest health care, home stay, characteristic town, leisure resort hotel, ecological camp, ecological park, rural tourism and other service formats such as operation management, planning and design, network reservation and so on is very broad. The new business format with prefabricated wooden house, Trailer / self-propelled RV, living landscape room, mobile wooden house, prefabricated bamboo house, container Hotel, tent Hotel, yurt, module room, sunshine room and other living vehicles / rooms / outdoor leisure products as the carrier of leisure tourism accommodation welcomes major development opportunities.
Grand occasion of this exhibition:
The exhibition is newly upgraded to "Ecological Living Industry Expo". With the theme of green, low-carbon, innovative development, cross-border integration and better living by living, it provides green, environmental friendly, healthy and comfortable outdoor living for the majority of tourism enthusiasts and self driving groups in China. It has become a popular new bright spot in the tourism and accommodation industry in the post epidemic era and condenses the development trend of leisure and vacation industry New kinetic energy. "The 11th Beijing International Ecological Tourism Industry Expo 2022" will be grandly held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 26 to 28, 2022! It is expected that the exhibition area will be more than 30000 square meters, 300 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, and the exhibition will be set up with indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, which is expected to attract more than 50000 visitors to visit and negotiate. At the same time, during the exhibition, we joined hands with relevant associations, media, enterprises, design institutions, project parties, experts and scholars to hold more than 20 rich and colorful high-end activities around the upstream and downstream industrial chain of ecological residence, leading industry development, expanding industry influence and enterprise brand publicity, and comprehensively building a one-stop service platform for supply and demand trade exchange and procurement. We believe that with the economic downturn The continuous development and the improvement of people's living standards promote the continuous increase of tourism demand, the rapid development of tourism and the rapid recovery of the development of the industrial chain, which will certainly present a more effective and wonderful industry festival for the industry!
Advantages of this exhibition
Highlights of the exhibition:
Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, the venue of the exhibition, has convenient and fast transportation. There is Rongchang East Street Station on the subway Yizhuang line, and the "Yizhuang Ti line" goes out to the exhibition hall. The square at the main entrance of the exhibition hall has a wide view, which is very suitable for outdoor exhibition of ecological residence, campsite and forest health products.
At the end of March every year, when the flowers bloom in spring and the climate is pleasant in Beijing, it is also the golden period for the procurement of ecological tourism and camping sites and forest health products in China. It is also a post epidemic era and a year with favorable national policies for global tourism and Rural Revitalization. The number of landing projects continues to increase and the demand increases.
The organizers and supporting units of this exhibition are industry organizations with excellent reputation in the industry, with strong appeal and cohesion, which can play an important role as a bridge for the development of enterprises.
This exhibition will bring together the whole industrial chain products such as China's eco-tourism and camping sites, rural tourism and forest health care. It is a b-end customer procurement platform. Buyers, landing and effectiveness fully meet the one-stop procurement of eco-tourism, camping and health care projects.
March 2022 · meet high-quality business opportunities here

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B & B and Rural Revitalization industry innovation and Development Forum


1. RV:
Various domestic and imported self-propelled / trailer RV, various customized RV, art RV and RV supporting products, RV club, RV rental company, etc;
2. Residential housing:
Mobile wooden house, prefabricated wooden house, prefabricated bamboo house, prefabricated steel wood structure, modular prefabricated house, aluminum prefabricated house, container room, prefabricated tent room, bubble room, space room, star room, landscape room, various intelligent assembled houses, integrated houses, sunshine room and house related supporting products;
3. Camp education products and services:
Camp educational institutions, teaching materials and AIDS, sporting goods, characteristic courses and robot education
4. Campsite supporting facilities:
Various tents, tent hotels, outdoor integrated kitchens, mobile dining cars, unpowered amusement facilities and equipment, ATV / UTV all terrain off-road vehicles, rainbow slides, inflatable amusement facilities, outdoor rescue equipment, water and electricity piles, ecological public toilets, various camp lighting facilities, solar photovoltaic, solar power generation bags, solar energy storage lamps, solar street lamps, tools, sleeping bags and moisture-proof mats , hammock, camping lamp, lawn lamp, folding tables and chairs, picnic bag, mobile hot pot, barbecue oven, outdoor heating equipment, shower box, intelligent mosquito control equipment, spray landscaping facilities, etc;
5. Ecotourism projects and planning, design / operation management:
Domestic and foreign relevant scenic spots, ecological parks, campsites, home stay, construction planning and design institutes, scenic spots / campsites / landscape planning and design, investment and financing institutions, operation management, network reservation, etc;
6. Supporting products and outdoor leisure products in the scenic spot:
Sightseeing bus, cableway, small train, scenic spot landscaping, ticket management system, entrance and exit gate, self-service vending machine, mobile vending car, lockers, charging facilities, solar energy storage lamps, solar street lamps, solar power generation facilities and equipment, viewing platform, jungle crossing, wanghong bridge, glass suspension bridge / slide, suspension bridge equipment, water fun bridge, track slide, signboard and lights Light show, outdoor musical instruments, landscape lighting, linen, process modeling, outdoor leisure furniture, various outdoor pavilions, park chairs, outdoor sunshades, flower boxes, garbage cans, sewage treatment systems, ecological intelligent toilets, mobile toilets, simulated animals, simulated plants, etc;
7. Swimming pool, massage spa pool, Jacuzzi, etc;
8. Other products and technologies related to ecological residence, campsite, forest health care, home stay and other industries
Relevant principals of investment developers / planning, design / construction units such as relevant competent departments of provincial and municipal governments, scenic spot management departments, scenic spots, forest farms, tourism real estate, leisure resorts, health care complexes, characteristic towns, various parks, guest houses, ecological parks, campsites and pastoral complexes came to the exhibition site to interact and negotiate with you.

Costs & Precautions

Exhibition expenses:

Booth typeDomestic enterprises (RMB) foreign-funded enterprises (USD)

Bare land((from 36 m2) 1200 / m2 # USD400 / m2

Standard booth(9m (2) 12000 yuan / piece} USD 400 / piece

Luxury standard booth(9m (2) 16000 yuan / piece} USD 5000 / piece


1. The double opening booth of the standard booth is charged 10%, and the equipped equipment includes lintel marked with the company name, two spotlights, carpet, two folding chairs, a long table and a power socket (5A / 220V).

2. The bare land shall be built by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted contractors. The above exhibition expenses do not include "electric box fee + construction management fee + Construction deposit + facility rental fee".

3. Foreign currency shall be settled at the exchange rate on the payment date

matters needing attention
Exhibition Description:
1. If the enterprise decides to participate in the exhibition, please fill in the exhibition application form or sign the contract, affix the official seal or special seal for contract, scan or mail it to the exhibition organizing committee. Once the application form is signed and sealed, it will have the effect of the contract (fax and wechat are also valid). Exhibitors who have completed the receipt form or signed the contract shall remit 50% of the deposit or the full amount to the account designated by the organizing committee within five working days from the date of signing the contract, and scan and send the remittance voucher to the Organizing Committee for checking;
2. After receiving 50% of the deposit or full payment of the booth, the organizing committee will arrange the booth for the exhibitors according to the booth arrangement principle of "first application, first payment, first arrangement", and pay the deposit to the enterprise. The balance shall be paid before February 22, 2022, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to transfer the booth until its qualification to participate in the exhibition is cancelled;
3. If the exhibition cannot be held as scheduled due to force majeure (war, natural disasters, epidemic situation and administrative orders, etc.), the organizing committee has the right to change the exhibition period or venue.

the measure of area: 50000 m2


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