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2022 the 4th China (Kunming) southeast Asia · South Asia fire safety and emergency rescue equipment exhibition

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2022/07/15 - 07/17 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Kunming · Yunnan Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaYunnanKunming Huanhu East Road, Guandu District


Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Yunnan fire protection association, Yunnan smart city integration service provider Association


Yunnan Wanlong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

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The 4th China (Kunming) southeast Asia South Asia fire safety and emergency rescue equipment exhibition in 2022, guided by Yunnan emergency management department and supported by Yunnan Department of Commerce, and jointly sponsored by Kunming Bureau of Commerce, Yunnan fire protection association and Yunnan smart city integrated service provider Association, will be held in Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center (Huanhu East Road) from July 15 to 17. During this period, the 5th China (Kunming) South Asia social public security science and Technology Expo will be held at the same time.
With the theme of "science and technology makes Yunnan safer and smarter" and guided by scientific and technological innovation, this exhibition promotes the development of fire emergency safety in our province, and comprehensively creates an integrated business exchange and cooperation platform for production, learning, research and use. While improving the exhibition scale, this exhibition pays attention to the introduction of new fire emergency technologies and products. The exhibition form and content combining exhibition, experience, new product release and procurement negotiation will be adopted to fully display the latest technologies, products and concepts in the fields of intelligent and digital fire emergency technology, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief equipment, fire equipment, UAV, fire early warning and alarm, communication, ventilation and rescue at home and abroad. Focus on promoting the communication and contact between professional clients and clients in the field of fire emergency safety, help exhibitors deeply cultivate the Yunnan market, and make positive contributions to helping the professional and intelligent level of fire emergency construction in our province and building a safe China.
During the exhibition, 6-8 professional and authoritative forum meetings will be held to enable government departments, scientific research institutions, industry associations, enterprise representatives, experts and scholars to share the latest policies, regulations, solutions and scientific research achievements through policy release, industry planning prospect, technical exchange and other activities.
Since the establishment of Kunming international fire emergency exhibition in 2016, with the strong support of the government, the association and enterprises have successfully held three sessions in accordance with the idea of internationalization, specialization and marketization. The organizing committee has always adhered to the principle of being the competent departments, operators, integrated service providers, design institutes, distribution agents, experts and collaborators of fire rescue, emergency management, public security and business With the purpose of building a communication and cooperation window with domestic and foreign product suppliers and a discussion platform for cutting-edge ideas, the exhibition scale and industry influence have increased year by year, and has become a professional brand exhibition supported by the Commerce Department of our province. The main organizer of this exhibition will invite the heads of provincial government units such as fire rescue and emergency management and more than 10000 key fire safety units to visit and purchase, and will widely invite domestic and foreign experts, scholars, relevant associations and industry personnel to discuss and exchange new technologies and products in the field of fire emergency rescue. We sincerely invite all units to participate in this Kunming international fire emergency exhibition, display the latest achievements and promote excellent technologies and products.
Colorful Yunnan, harmonious Kunming, looking forward to your arrival!

Concurrent activities
1. The 5th China (Kunming) South Asia social public security science and Technology Expo;
2. Yunnan fire and emergency safety industry conference;
3. The 4th China (Kunming) South Asia Smart Security Summit Forum;
4. Digital Yunnan Development Summit;
5. Yunnan smart parking Summit Forum;
6. Yunnan Road Traffic Safety Summit Forum.


Emergency rescue technology and products: natural disaster monitoring, accident disaster monitoring, emergency command and communication, information perception, 5g information technology, Internet of things sensing, artificial intelligence, satellite navigation and positioning, remote sensing technology, on-site support, life rescue, engineering rescue, aviation rescue, emergency medical technology and products, epidemic prevention materials and equipment, decontamination products, labor protection and campus safety Technologies and equipment such as fire rescue and protection, safety production protection, professional rescue tools such as demolition (support) and professional emergency rescue team;
Fire protection technology and equipment: fire alarm equipment, fire detection and alarm, automatic fire extinguishing equipment, fire vehicles, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hoses, fire warning signs, fire doors and windows, pump valves and pipelines, coatings, ventilation equipment, flame retardant materials, UAVs, emergency equipment, etc., all kinds of advanced fire protection technology and equipment;
Smart fire protection: urban fire alarm linkage system, fire visualization, Internet of things, smart fire cloud platform, fire informatization, location service, fire cloud security service platform, GIS technology, information transmission, mobile measurement technology, smart fire supervision platform, etc;
Integrated applications: operators, integration service providers, engineers, urban construction units, etc.

Costs & Precautions

The standard exhibition (3mx3m) is 8800.00 yuan / piece, including three side coaming, company lintel, one consulting table, two chairs, two spotlights and one 220V / 5A power socket.
The specially decorated booth (starting from 36 square meters) is 980.00 yuan / m2. It does not provide any exhibition equipment and facilities. It is designed and built by the exhibitor. The booth construction fee, exhibition hall construction management fee and electricity fee shall be borne by the exhibitor.


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