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2021 the 40th western international medical device Exhibition
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Time: 2021/08/05 - 08/07 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Xi'an · Shaanxi Xi'an Silk Road International Exhibition Center ChinaShaanxiXi'an Exhibition 1st Road, Baqiao District, Xi'an City
Sponsor:Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Association, Shaanxi health promotion and Education Association
Organizer:Xi'an Qujiang Shixin Xinghua Exhibition Co., Ltd
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The western international medical device exhibition is one of the three major medical device regions in China. It has successfully held 39 sessions and attracted more than 5800 medical device manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. After more than 20 years of careful cultivation, the Western medical device exhibition has become a professional platform for product trading and technology exchange based on Shaanxi, facing the northwest and radiating the western provinces. The last exhibition was held in Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 25 to 27, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters and 928 exhibitors, attracting more than 20000 professional visitors from Shaanxi, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Henan.
The 40th western international medical equipment exhibition will be held in Xi'an International Exhibition Center from August 5 to 7, 2021, with an exhibition area of 10000 square meters. The 39th western international oral equipment and technology exhibition will also be held at the same time. The exhibition will be upgraded in many aspects such as exhibition area planning, publicity and promotion, forum activities, audience organization and venue services to give new and old customers new experience. At present, the conference has been launched, warmly welcome new and old customers to join.


1. Medical imaging equipment: radiation products, ultrasound products, nuclear medicine products, molecular imaging, interventional products, etc;

2. ECG and EEG monitoring and wearable devices: telemetry monitoring system, blood pressure and blood glucose equipment, skin electrical conduction, sleep movement respiratory system, brain activity, blood oxygen level, heart monitoring, posture correction, body circumference monitoring, fetal monitor, exercise treadmill ECG system, ambulatory blood pressure, EEG, EMG, evoked potential, blood oxygen saturation monitor and auxiliary diagnosis Cut off equipment, etc;

3. Dental equipment: dental diagnostic equipment, dental mobile phone, periodontal examination system, dental operation equipment, dental anesthesia equipment, oral health products, dental cleaning products and orthodontic / periodontal materials, etc;

4. Laboratory medicine and laboratory diagnostic equipment: blood analysis system, clinical chemical analysis / diagnostic system, immune analysis system, cell analysis system, urine analysis system, clinical medical laboratory auxiliary equipment, laboratory apparatus, reagents, test apparatus, blood transfusion apparatus, overall laboratory solutions, home diagnostic equipment, biochemical and automatic biochemical analyzer, etc;

5. Rehabilitation physiotherapy area: household medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, auxiliary equipment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, physical therapy equipment, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, pain massage equipment, medical high-frequency equipment, etc;

6. Artificial intelligence and intelligent medical area: artificial intelligence technology, rehabilitation robot, surgical robot. Mobile and telemedicine: intelligent application (APP), system operator, telemedicine consultation, telemedicine education, telemedicine bed monitoring, etc;

7. Auxiliary equipment: 3D printing equipment, in vitro medical devices (medical models), medical rescue vehicles, various medical beds, operating tables, special equipment for the disabled, respiratory anesthesia equipment, oxygen supply system and oxygen making equipment, emergency equipment, disinfection and sterilization equipment, sanitary materials and primary supplies, etc;

8. Medical consumables: disposable medical bag, disposable medical catheter, wound dressing, wound care materials, medical tape, adhesive tape, medical gauze, medical bandage, orthopedic splint, medical disinfection sheet, medical sponge, injection and infusion equipment, puncture needle, biopsy needle, indwelling needle, medical suture materials and equipment, blood collection and blood transfusion equipment, operating room protection and isolation sanitary products, interventional radiology Other medical polymer materials;

9. Other equipment: ophthalmic equipment, orthopedic equipment, ENT diagnosis and treatment equipment, neurological equipment, operating room equipment, Chinese medicine decocting machine, plastic and beauty equipment, family planning equipment, health care equipment, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Red zone

Luxury corner exhibition is 8800 yuan / piece, bare land (within 36 m2) is 780 yuan / m2, bare land (above 36 m2) is 680 yuan / m2

Blue area

Corner stand 7800 yuan / piece, bare land 680 yuan / m2

Note: 1) the red area is a special exhibition area, which must be a special booth or a luxury corner Exhibition (luxury corner exhibition refers to the standard booth heightening 1 meter, including the photo of the heightening part, and other configurations are the same as the standard booth).

2) The standard booth consists of three white panels (2.4m high), lintel, two spotlights, one consultation table, two chairs and one power socket (220v5a).

3) The exhibitor who orders the bare space shall be responsible for the design and decoration of the booth at his own expense (see the exhibitor's Manual for details).


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