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2021 the 21st China Chengdu international public security products and Technology Expo
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Time: 2021/06/17 - 06/19 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chengdu · Sichuan Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center ChinaSichuanChengdu 198 shijicheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Sponsor:Chengdu Public Security Bureau
Organizer:Chengdu Shengshi Qianqiu Exhibition Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Sichuan security products manufacturing Association
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The 21st China Chengdu international social public safety products and Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as: Chengdu International Safety Expo, English abbreviation: CCPSE) will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 17 to 19, 2021.
Since its establishment in 2001, Chengdu International Safety Expo has been held once a year and has been successfully held for 20 consecutive times. It is committed to "ensuring the safety of one party and promoting economic development", comprehensively displaying the latest scientific and technological achievements and development trends of the industry, and supporting industry special forums, technical exchanges, science and technology popularization and other activities, providing comprehensive and multi-functional services for Sichuan online, offline, during and after the exhibition The free consultation service of the industry of Yuanhua and the establishment of an integrated cooperation platform for R & D, production, demand and application, based in Chengdu and radiating to the southwest, has gradually become the only large-scale professional security event in Southwest China, providing high-quality services for countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road Initiative".
2020 is an extraordinary year. The ferocious outbreak of new crown pneumonia has hit the world, causing a serious impact on people's work and life. Under the wise leadership of the Chinese government, the Anti Japanese War epidemic has achieved remarkable results, while encouraging enterprises to return to work and production. The Organizing Committee of Chengdu International security Expo will actively respond to the call of the state to hold the 20th Chengdu International Security Exhibition from May 14 to 16, 2020 According to statistics, nearly 400 well-known enterprises from home and abroad have signed up for the exhibition, with more than 8000 technologies and products; the exhibition area is 25000 square meters; there are more than 800 booths in total, of which the special booths account for 61.5%; for example, telecom, Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywell, central control wisdom, lyad optoelectronics, Zhuohua optoelectronics and qiangliju In the post epidemic era, the exhibition has achieved the most in many aspects. With the strong participation of exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition successfully ended on the 29th. At the same time, it has been supported by the relevant administrative departments, enterprises and institutions, purchasing groups and visitors of Sichuan government Strong support, a total of 28476 people came to exchange and purchase.
2021 CCPSE actively responds to the implementation of relevant national policies, leads the industry upstream in the post epidemic economic era, keeps pace with the torrent of national scientific and Technological Development and the continuous innovation of Internet mode, integrates the development of new generation information technology such as artificial intelligence, 5g and industrial Internet with the manufacturing industry, and promotes the multi scene, multi system, three-dimensional, information-based and intelligent social security industry Control system construction to help build a safe society.
Sichuan is located in the hinterland of Southwest China. It has a long history, vast territory and abundant resources, and the largest population in the West. Since ancient times, it has enjoyed the reputation of "land of abundance"; the economy of Sichuan in rapid development accounts for nearly a quarter of the 12 provinces in the West, and is the sixth largest economic province in China; Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, is the economic center, foreign exchange center, Western science and technology center, and education center of the central and western regions The center, as well as the hub of transportation and communication, is the intersection of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" and the Yangtze River economic belt, and an important transportation corridor connecting Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Chengdu ranks first in China's new first tier cities. It builds the city brand of "three cities and three capitals", improves the city's cultural communication ability and global communication ability, and ranks among the top 100 cities in the world. Its comprehensive ability in economy, science and technology is second only to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
With the theme of "safety comes from prevention", the exhibition aims at "three-dimensional safety, focusing on prevention", and aims at "serving the society, building a platform and leading development", to build a "supply and demand service platform for Sichuan three-dimensional safety prevention exhibition"; through the combination of scientific and technological innovation online and offline display, interaction and procurement negotiation, the exhibition shows the latest development of social public safety in the new era It is of great practical significance for new products and concepts to promote the in-depth integration and development of police equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire industry, network security, Internet of things and big data among regions in the new era, and to promote the construction of "three cities and three capitals" in Chengdu.
We sincerely invite you to participate in the 21st Chengdu International Safety Expo. We are looking forward to joining you in the grand event of "charming Tianfu" in the hinterland of Southwest China! Thank you for 20 years, 21 years from a new start, from the heart, looking forward to your continued support and participation!
Activities of the 21st China Chengdu International Security Exhibition Forum:
Sichuan security industry annual award ceremony
The purchasing group went to Sichuan famous enterprises for on-the-spot investigation and docking activities
2021 big data cloud and Intelligent Security Summit Forum
Win win Forum on cooperation and development of security technology and prevention industry of Southwest University
International emergency rescue and intelligent fire industry development seminar
Urban safety construction and application practice sharing meeting
Sichuan government big data Development Forum
2021ai landing big Security Innovation Application Forum


Smart city construction
(intelligent transportation scheme, intelligent medical scheme, intelligent community scheme, intelligent building scheme, intelligent education scheme, intelligent Jinrong scheme, cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, 5g)+
Safety precautions
(video monitoring scheme, anti-theft alarm, building intercom, smart home, access control card, public broadcasting)
Police equipment
(law enforcement equipment, protective equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, security inspection and explosive disposal, technical investigation equipment, traffic, lamps, communication equipment, vehicles)
Intelligent fire emergency rescue
(explore detection equipment, safety and life-saving equipment, demolition equipment, communication command, life-saving equipment, escape equipment, demolition equipment, medical first aid, fire fighting equipment)
Biological recognition (fingerprint recognition system, face recognition system, vein recognition system, iris recognition system, intelligent recognition system, intelligent tracking system, intelligent detection system)
Information security protection technology and products
Artificial intelligence technology and products (special robots, artificial intelligence robots, UAVs)
LED display
Labor safety protection products and equipment

Costs & Precautions

A. International brand image exhibition area:
Indoor space: 36 m2; joint venture, foreign enterprise: 280 yuan / m2; domestic enterprise: 1000 yuan / m2
International standard booth: 3mx3m = 9m2 joint venture, foreign enterprise US $2200 / 9m2 domestic enterprise: RMB 9800 / 9m2
(the international standard booth is equipped with three display boards, 0.7 5m higher color picture lintel, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220 V socket, business card box, sign in book, pen and three exhibition cards)
B. Exhibition area for independent innovation of famous brands:
Indoor space: 36 m2; joint venture, foreign enterprises: US $220 / m2; domestic enterprises: RMB 900 / m2
International standard booth: 3mx3m = 9m2 joint venture, foreign enterprise USD 1980 / 9m2 domestic enterprise: RMB 8800 / 9m2
(the international standard booth is equipped with three display boards, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220 V socket, business card box, sign in book, pen and three exhibition cards)
C. Comprehensive exhibition area:
Indoor space: 36 m2; joint venture, foreign enterprises: US $200 / m2; domestic enterprises: RMB 800 / m2
International standard booth: 3mx3m = 9m2 joint venture, foreign enterprise USD 1680 / 9m2 domestic enterprise: RMB 7500 / 9m2
(the international standard booth is equipped with three display boards, one table, two chairs, two spotlights, one 220 V socket, business card box, sign in book, pen and three exhibition cards)
D. Open space outside the exhibition hall: 50 m2, domestic enterprises: 600 yuan / m2
Note: the open space is not equipped with any equipment, which is designed and built by the exhibitor himself (the height of wooden structure is limited to 5 meters, and the height of truss is limited to 4.5 meters). The application for entering the exhibition hall is handled by the construction company, and the management fee of carpet, water, electricity, rental and special decoration is 20 yuan / m2.


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