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Maanshan Sports Exhibition Center

Address:The intersection of Hunan Road and Huolishan Avenue, Huashan District, Ma'anshan City, diagonally opposite Rongbang Lingxiu International
Area:61200 M²
Location:China-Anhui Province-Maanshan-Huashan District


Located in the huge building complex of Xi'an New District Sports Convention and Exhibition Center in Ma'anshan City, there is another single building starting to join, this is Ma'anshan Convention and Exhibition Center.

Maanshan Convention and Exhibition Center with an investment of 354 million yuan and a total construction area of 61,200 square meters has become another landmark building in Maanshan. More importantly, as Maanshan's first professional convention and exhibition center, its completion will end the city's history of not being able to host large-scale exhibitions.

Spread a rendering of the Ma'anshan City Sports Convention and Exhibition Center. On both sides of the main stadium, the stadium, tennis hall, swimming pool and exhibition center are symmetrically arranged.

Along Huolishan Avenue, the Convention and Exhibition Center will “swell out” along the winding road, like a giant fan. "The overall concept of the Sports Exhibition Center is to provide the city with a beautiful 'urban exhibition board.'" Liu Defeng, director of the project department of the Sports Center of the Ma'anshan Key Bureau, told reporters that the facade of the exhibition center will use horizontal metal shutters and glass curtain walls in combination, horizontal The façade of the directional facade will be full of dynamics as the lighting and exhibits in the interior are changed. In addition, the entrance of the exhibition center will be arranged along Huolishan Avenue in order, and the color will be mainly red to enhance the sign of the entrance.

Metal roofing will increase the dynamic of the entire convention center. The roof of the Sports Exhibition Center adopts aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy upright hem metal thermal insulation roof. The three-piece roof will correspond to the indoor functional space. In addition, the use of continuous roofing will also make the overall building more aesthetically pleasing.

The exhibition hall area reaches 15,000 square meters

Ma'anshan Convention and Exhibition Center has a total construction area of 61,200 square meters and 4 independent exhibition halls. In addition, it also includes a sports training center with an area of about 7,500 square meters, a multi-functional hall of 845 square meters, and 4 supporting small conference rooms.

The entire convention and exhibition center will include three functional areas. The three functional areas are the conference center, the exhibition center, and the sports training center. The functional zones are clearly divided and the resources are shared. Urban complex supplemented by fitness.

As the main function area of the exhibition center, the exhibition center will have 4 independent exhibition halls, 784 standard booths, and the exhibition area will reach 15,000 square meters. The exhibition hall can be "divided and combined" according to the different scale needs of the exhibition, and at the same time take into account functions such as exhibition display, demonstration and performance.

室外 There will also be outdoor exhibition venues outside the Convention and Exhibition Center. Outdoor exhibition venues along the lake provide ample space for large outdoor exhibitions.

In terms of the conference center, the conference center will be equipped with multi-function halls and conference rooms. In addition, two sports training halls will be set up, including a hand court, two tennis courts, three basketball courts, four badminton courts and eight table tennis courts to meet the daily fitness needs of citizens.




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